Kelly Ripa Gave a Rare Glimpse Inside Her Home on Yesterday's Episode of ‘Live’

For those who didn't know, Live with Kelly and Ryan is looking a little different this week, as our two hosts, Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest, are filming from the comfort of their homes (and we're getting major deja vu).

However, while we're missing the Live set, we are loving the opportunity to get a peek inside these stars' homes. Earlier this week, the pair kicked off the New Year by filming from what appeared to be their respective bedrooms. As the episode started, Ripa joked, “Don't adjust your dials. We're coming to you from the studio, which we made to look like two separate bedrooms. It is January 3, 2022.” To which Seacrest said, “Are you sure? It seems like January 3, 2021 because we're back at home, under an abundance of caution.”

Throughout the week, the duo has continued to film remotely, and just yesterday, we were treated to a rare glimpse at Kelly Ripa's living room.

The 51-year-old host was seen snuggling up by her fireplace in a red and black dress. As she lounged in an olive and cream colored armchair, viewers could see her large fireplace right beside her, as well as a gorgeous set of white built-in bookshelves.

While we can't exactly make out what's on Ripa's shelves, it appears to be a variety of knick knacks, ranging from a shiny golden ball and wooden pieces of art to photo frames and books.

In the past, we've been gifted with other shots of Ripa's home, like the time she cut Michael's hair with kitchen scissors or revealed she was borrowing her daughter's clothes.

We're just happy to be getting more of an unofficial house tour from Kelly.

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