‘Fairy Hair Is the Holiday Beauty Trend That Adds Just the Right Amount of Glimmer
Luna Locks

Ah, the holidays. Who doesn’t love the tinkling of silver bells, chestnuts roasting on an open fire and the opportunity to wear head-to-toe sparkles at every single end-of-the-year celebration? And we're talking literally head to toe—from our jazzy shoes and dresses to our accessories and—yep—even our hair.

It’s called fairy hair, and it's making our lives all the more festive. 

Not to be confused with hair tinsel, fairy hair is thin, colorful iridescent strands that attach to a single strand of your actual hair. Once applied, the strands can last anywhere from two weeks to two months, as they fall out when your actual hair does. It can even keep up with your daily activity — heat, water, sweat, you name it.

Our office had the opportunity to test it out thanks to Luna Locks, the New Jersey Hair Fairy. Needless to say, we all loved the extra shot of radiance and making passersby wonder if it was all a trick of light or if we actually did just shine bright like a diamond. 

(We shined bright like a diamond.)

Interested in getting dazzled up? Check out Finklepott Fairies. Just try not to upstage your tree this year, OK? 

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