Olivia Rodrigo’s Hairstylist Reveals the Break-Out Trends for 2022

Y2K is here to stay. From TikTok to runways and red carpets, the appetite for early 2000s aesthetics doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. As Clayton Hawkins, a celebrity hairstylist and Tangle Teezer stylist ambassador, predicts: “The early 2000s revival will be bigger than ever in 2022. People are loving all the buns, braids and crimped textures from the era because they’re joyful—and we all need a little magic these days.”

Hawkins, who is behind many of Olivia Rodrigo’s Y2K revival looks, shows us some fun looks to bring back in the year ahead.

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1. Punk Rock Space Buns

This look may as well be straight from the pages of Tiger Beat circa 2002. To recreate it, split your hair into two equal sections, leaving a crisp center part. Then, gather each section on either side of your head and wrap the lengths of each pony into two buns, tucking the ends in with bobby pins to secure them in place. (Tip: If you have thin hair, here’s a clever TikTok trick involving a hidden scrunchie to fake fuller buns.)

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2. Quadruple Braids

Why wear one lonely braid when you can quadruple them? For a recent event, Hawkins styled Olivia’s long locks into quadruple braids, which is a nostalgic look for many a millennial. To get maximum mileage out of the look, try wearing the braids to bed. When you take them out in the morning, you’ll have naturally crimped waves sans heat.

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3. Classic Pigtails

We’ve got your three-day hair forecast ahead: day one is quadruple braids, day two is crimped texture, and on day three, you can eek out yet another style by putting those crimped waves (or natural curls) into two pigtails like Lizzo here.

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4. Volume Waves

For soft, airy waves like this, Hawkins advises using a smaller barrel curling iron than you would normally use. (He recommends a 1-inch barrel.) “Curl your hair early in the day and before you head out, spray it with tons of texturizing spray. Let the curls fall and loosen up into this romantic texture as the day goes on,” advises Hawkins.

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5. Statement Crimps

After going a little too hard with our crimping irons back in the day, we thought we’d sworn off ramen hair for good. Then again, maybe we could get down with just a few crimped strands in the front a la Olivia here. (Bonus: Crimp the under layer of your hair for a boost of volume.)

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