TikTok Taught Us These 5 Genius Tips for Thin Hair

Hair looking limper than usual lately? You’re not the only one. Hair loss—or more accurately—hair shedding was at an all-time high this past year due to the ongoing stress of the pandemic. Labeled “telogen effluvium” or TE for short, this mouthful of a term basically describes hair loss that is caused by any shock to your system—be it physical or emotional. This stress prematurely pushes your hairs into the “telogen” phase of its growth cycle, which causes excess shedding.

The good news is that TE-related hair shedding is usually temporary; you just might need to exercise some patience and try your best not to stress out about it. We know, easier said than done. In the meantime, we combed through TikTok’s treasure trove of tutorials to find you some quick and easy tips for styling thin hair that maximizes volume.

Losing More Hair Than Usual? It Might Be Telogen Effluvium

1. Double-decker Pony

Let’s start with this simple trick that will take a limp ponytail to new heights using just a hair tie. Pull your hair up into a ponytail as you normally would; now, split it into two sections so they’re stacked one on top of the other. Wrap the hair tie around the top half of the pony only, thereby camouflaging the second tail underneath it. Finish by pulling both sections taut to get that extra bit of volume and security at the base.

2. Low-teased Bun

For a dressier style, pull your hair into a low ponytail at the base of your neck. Use your fingers to pull apart a space that’s wide enough to twist the tail into itself. (This is one of those things that’s harder to explain in words, so we recommend watching the clip above here.) OK, now tease the tail with your brush before rolling it up and pinning the ends in. Give the bun a final fluff by gently pulling at it with your fingers one last time.

3. Scrunchie Space Buns

ICYMI: Everything that was cool in 2001 is trending again. This includes space buns—or Baby Spice buns, as millennials may remember them. One clever way to wear them in 2021 is to use two scrunchies that match closely with your hair to give each bun a boost. As Charlotte Palermino shows us, simply wrap your strands around each scrunchie and pin in the ends. This way, the scrunchie blends in with the rest of your hair and adds some covert bulking, so your buns look more bountiful. Slick down baby hairs or hairline fuzz (which is a common side effect of TE) with a dab of hand cream to finish.

4. 30-second Root Lift

You know when your hair is so flat that it’s sticking to your head, but you don’t have time for a wash? Grab a duckbill hair clip (aka the long clips your stylist uses in the salon to section things off) and slide it straight down your part, starting at the front of your head. Now give the sectioned off part a quick blast of heat with your blow dryer; 5 to 10 seconds will suffice. Let it cool for another 20 seconds, remove the clip, and run your fingers through to break things up and reveal instant volume at the roots.

5. Bang Booster

And if you, like us, got some curtain bangs recently, here’s how to style them so they look fluffy and full a la Farah Fawcett. Start by brushing them forward. Next, section them off to either side before picking up your flat iron. (An iron with larger plates and beveled edges will work best here). Twirl each section of hair up and away from your face until you reach the ends; repeat on the other side. Now gently brush them to either side to break them apart just so.

How to Style Curtain Bangs in 2021

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