Every Clue that Hannah Ann Wins Peter Weber’s Season of ‘The Bachelor’

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

To say this season of The Bachelor has been “dramatic” would be a total understatement. Now that Madison has seemingly self-eliminated herself from the competition, we’re putting our money on Hannah Ann as the person Peter Weber chooses as his future wife.

Keep reading for all the clues that Hannah Ann wins season 24 of The Bachelor.

bachelor winner hannah ann
ABC/Eric McCandless

1. She's Moving To Los Angeles

The Kentucky native is packing her bags and heading to L.A., which means she’ll only be a short distance away from Weber, who also lives in the City of Angels. Hannah Ann announced the news in a low-key comment on Instagram.

“Two more weeks until I will be living near you!!” she wrote in a response to her longtime friend (and former contestant) Hannah G. While it could be a total coincidence, we find it a tad suspicious that her move will coincide with The Bachelor finale in a few weeks.

hannah ann venmo theory bachelor
ABC/Eric McCandless

2. Her Venmo Account Is Causing Drama

Hannah Ann is apparently the only remaining contestant with a private Venmo account, which definitely seems suspicious. At one point, Hannah Ann and Weber were friends on Venmo, though that’s no longer the case (probably thanks to internet sleuths like us).

bachelor winner hannah ann night one
ABC/John Fleenor

3. She Has The Same Golf Bag As Peter Weber

We know, we know. It sounds like a stretch…but hear us out. In December 2019, Hannah Ann posted a photo of herself holding a red and black Callaway golf bag. We previously reported it’s the same exact carrier that Weber posted on his Instagram Story. Although they could be two different bags, we wouldn’t be surprised if the couple went on a secret getaway that included a trip to the driving range.

hannah ann peter weber the bachelor
ABC/Eric McCandless

4. Fans Think Peter Weber Traveled With Hannah Ann After The Finale

Earlier this month, social media went wild with rumors about Hannah Ann and Peter, who posted two eerily similar Instagram Stories captions. It started when Weber shared a snap that read, “We be on that island time.” Shortly after, Hannah Ann also used the phrase “island time” on her Instagram Stories.

While a closer examination shows that they were in different locations, could their matching messages be their fun little way of giving fans a taste of what’s to come in the finale?

bachelor winner hannah ann peter weber
ABC/John Fleenor

5. And He Made A Cameo In Her Instagram Story

Earlier this week, a Twitter user pointed out that Hannah Ann’s Instagram Story appears to feature a familiar voice in the background: Weber. Fans were quick to chime in, confirming the mystery man sounds an awful lot like the pilot. We’ll let you be the judge.

hannah ann wedding dress bachelor
ABC/Eric McCandless

6. Their Chemistry Speaks For Itself

From steamy make out sessions to the First Impression Rose, the chemistry between Hannah Ann and Weber is undeniable. (Don’t even get us started on that glass door scene during the Fantasy Suites.)

To top it off, she’s the only contestant who hasn’t caused drama for Weber. No offense, Victoria F. and Madison.


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