Does This ‘Bachelor’ Theory Accurately Predict the Ending? We Sure Think So

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Every year, we think about starting a Bachelor fantasy bracket and every year we totally forget. But, if new speculation about who Peter Weber ends up with is correct, then we totally would have won the league. Dang it!

As you may know, TV blogger Reality Steve spoils the ending of each season of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise—except this time. As Weber’s season has progressed, the blogger has stayed mum on the finale, saying that things are different this year. “The bottom line to all this is whatever happened on final rose ceremony day isn’t over yet, the ‘ending’ of this season hasn’t technically happened yet, and that’s why there’s nothing to spoil as of now,” he wrote.

How is this season so different? According to Reality Steve’s theory, Weber eventually whittles his dating pool down to Hannah Ann and Madison. But, Madison learns he was intimate with one of the women in the fantasy suite and decides to self-eliminate (just as we predicted!). That’s why his mom is up in arms about him “bringing her back.” What’s not clear is if Madison stays in Australia (where the finale was filmed) or if she returns home immediately. The blogger did explain that he’s heard from multiple sources that Madison and Peter end up together but are not engaged.

Now, this isn’t a 100-percent solid theory, but we love that it matches up with ours. And since an ABC exec also recently hinted that the finale might not have happened yet, who’s to say Madison and Weber don’t get engaged in a live-taping of the finale? That would be incredible.

What say you, Chris Harrison?

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