Get the Margaritas Ready, Alayah & Mykenna Are Reportedly Heading to ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Simply put: Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor has been bananas (B-A-N-A-N-A-S). We’ve had ex-girlfriends of Bachelorettes past return, Champagnegate, Hurricane Alayah and even house flipper Tammy flipping out. It’s been one for the record books, and as we near hometown dates and the fantasy suite, we’re kind of already in mourning. The plus side? Two of the 28-year-old pilot’s former flames are said to be confirmed for Bachelor in Paradise. We’ll toast to that.

According to a Reddit thread allegedly from a source close to a Bachelor producer (definitely take that with a grain of salt, people), “Alayah and Mykenna are 99.9% confirmed for BIP.”

Although this intel is definitely exciting, it’s not necessarily shocking. Both Alayah and Mykenna developed reputations as pot-stirrers this season and that’s what Bachelor in Paradise is all about. Alayah was branded as controversial when Peter started hearing things from the other contestants that she was two-faced and putting on a persona for the camera. She also asked fellow pageant friend Victoria P. to pretend not to know her for fear that they might lose their shot at the series (which makes absolutely zero sense). After she was sent home, she came back for one last hurrah that ultimately ended up in her being eliminated yet again because of the drama she brought to the mansion.

Mykenna was more of a slow burn. She started the season off as being one of the many girls with a penchant for complaining and worrying about their lack of time with Peter. As the season progressed, however, she found a new hobby: getting involved with house drama and making a lot of facial expressions during rose ceremonies. Ultimately, she and Tammy clashed majorly and both of them were sent home. Mykenna’s monologue upon her departure (“At the end of the day, I am proud of who I am, Tammy. Kindness wins. Love wins. Bringing people down never wins…”) was reason enough for her to be cast on Bachelor on Paradise. Also, let’s not kid ourselves—Mykenna’s facial expressions deserve more screen time.

Now, let’s hope this “source close to a Bachelor producer” has their facts right.

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