Kelsey Is Doomed on ‘The Bachelor’ & Here’s Why

We have so many thoughts after last night’s episode of The Bachelor, which revolved around the pettiest fight, now dubbed #ChampagneGate. Still, one thing’s for sure: Kelsey Weier has already sealed her fate.

Here’s what you need to know: In season 24, episode two of The Bachelor, Kelsey showed her true colors. While Peter Weber hasn’t sent her packing (at least not yet), we’re not convinced she’ll stick around much longer, and it has everything to do with her attitude in last night’s episode.

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It all starts when Kelsey tells a group of women that she’s been saving a bottle of Champagne for a super-special occasion, and she wants to drink it with Weber. So, she arranges a sit-down date near the fireplace, so they can “pop” the bottle together.

The problem? Kelsey doesn’t babysit her bottle of Champagne. When Weber and Hannah Ann walk over to the fireplace, they spot the bottle and open it thinking it’s fair game. Classic mix-up!

Kelsey’s reaction to this moment is where she starts digging her grave. She confronts the pair, says “Excuse me?” and then storms off in tears, refusing to speak to Weber when he tracks her down to apologize.

After Kelsey calms down, Weber tries to fix the situation by offering her another bottle of Champagne. Kelsey plays nice and suggests they drink it with no glasses. “I’m not a classy b**** all the time,” she jokes before drinking from the bottle, which explodes in her face, soaking her face and hair. (While we don’t think this particular moment will hurt her chances on the show, it’s definitely worth a mention.)

The next day, Kelsey’s fate is further sealed when Hannah Ann accuses her of “bullying” after the Champagne incident. When Weber confronts her, Kelsey denies any wrongdoing, though she’s adamant that Hannah Ann purposely drank the bubbly.

Of course, the episode concluded with Weber not making a decision, but we have a pretty good idea about how this will play out. First, it’s clear Hannah Ann is a frontrunner—Kelsey’s not. So, we wouldn’t be surprised if Weber takes Hannah Ann’s side, since Kelsey was responsible for several red flags during episode two.

Although Weber remained calm during Kelsey’s tantrum, we can only imagine what’s going through his head. Like, does he really want to marry someone who throws a fit over a bottle of Champagne and then locks themselves in a bedroom?

Guess we’ll have to wait until The Bachelor returns to ABC next Monday, January 20, at 8 p.m.


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