Chris Harrison Confirms ‘Intimate Relationship’ Between Peter Weber & ‘Bachelor’ Producer

Based on recent gossip, we’ve been growing more and more suspicious about Peter Weber and his Bachelor producer, Julie LaPlaca. Although it seems far-fetched for the pilot to end up with a crew member, Chris Harrison just opened up about the relationship and confirmed that it is, in fact, “intimate.”

The Bachelor Nation host, 48, recently sat down for an interview with Access and discussed the controversial photo he posted last week, which featured himself, Weber and LaPlaca (and a mystery man) hanging out at what appears to be the airport. Although rumors were already swirling about the pilot and his producer, Harrison admitted that he didn’t mean to stir up any drama. (We call BS.)

“Actually, I didn’t mean to do anything other than the fact that we spend a lot time together, we travel the world together,” he said. “Julie, an amazing, talented, smart producer that works for us—works on the show, so she’s with Peter. And she’s with all of us.”

When asked about the nature of Weber’s relationship with LaPlaca, Harrison confirmed what we all saw coming. “It’s an intimate relationship,” he added. “You spend that much time together we all get close. Sometimes those lines get blurred.”

“Intimate?” While it’s very possible that Harrison is referring to an “intimate” friendship, we can think of a billion different adjectives that would have been more suitable if that were the case. (Especially since Weber used the word “intimate” to describe his overnight stays with Hannah Ann and Victoria F. in episode nine.)

If you’re thinking, Is Weber even allowed to date a producer?, Harrison revealed that there are no “rules,” just as long as the pilot ends up happy.

“The only rules are: Peter needs to have the best opportunities to find love,” he continued. “If something were to mess that up, then we would step in.”

We’d love to hear what Hannah Ann has to say about this.


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