Chris Harrison Just Posted a Pic of Peter Weber and *That* ‘Bachelor’ Producer

Season 24 of The Bachelor might be winding down, but the theories are heating up. (Seriously, have you read this Hannah Ann Venmo one?!) But perhaps the most interesting theory about who Peter Weber ends up with is the one involving a producer on the show. And Chris Harrison just fueled the fire with his most recent Instagram post. 

If you didn’t know, the Reddit theory purports that the 28-year-old pilot doesn’t end up with one of his many female suitors. Instead, it argues that Weber ultimately professes his love for Bachelor producer Julie LaPlaca. Stay with us here. 

Each Bachelor/Bachelorette and contestant is assigned a personal producer upon arriving on set who supports the contestant or Bachelor/Bachelorette and also makes sure they’re creating opportunities for really good TV. Well, rumors started swirling when photos of LaPlaca and the Weber family celebrating a New Year’s Eve lunch surfaced and again when LaPlaca shared a photo of herself in Times Square on New Year’s Rockin’ Eve where Weber is seen in the background. 

It wasn’t long before ABC executive Rob Mills was asked about the Peter/Julie theory and he didn’t outright deny it (he didn’t confirm it either). And now, it looks like Chris Harrison wants in on all the action. On Tuesday, the TV host shared a pic of himself, Weber and LaPlaca (and a mystery man) hanging out BTS at what looks to be the airport.

“Knowin nothin in life but to be legit... New album cover came out great! #TheBachelor,” he captioned the post.

Coming from the man who claims every season is “the most dramatic yet,” we’re not surprised he’s trying to stir the pot. Never change, Chris Harrison.