Peter & Victoria F.’s Pre-Fantasy Suite Date Does Not Appear to Go Well in New ‘Bachelor’ Promo…

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First, we learned that Madison storms off during her date with Peter Weber after she gives him an ultimatum ahead of the Fantasy Suite. And now, this brand-new promo proves that Madison isn’t the only contestant in hot water.

Entertainment Weekly recently released an exclusive trailer for season 24, episode nine of The Bachelor, and it confirms what we already saw coming: Victoria F. is (probably) going home.

In the clip, the couple sits down for dinner, and Victoria F. wastes no time addressing the drama from last week’s episode.

“I feel like we need to have more of a conversation,” she says. “We need to talk about communication because communication is probably the biggest thing in a relationship.”

Victoria F. goes on to blame Weber, claiming that she doesn’t know what he wants from her. “So, I want you to tell me everything that I need to give you,” she adds. “Spell it out.”

Weber sounds like a broken record, saying, “What I need is that 100 percent confidence in knowing that I can always count on you. It’s no secret that at some points you have tried to push me away and tried to walk away.”

Victoria F.’s response? “I don’t know.”

Again, she continues, “I don’t know. I just question everything, I guess. I don’t know.”

Um, has Victoria F. been ignoring Weber this entire time? For weeks, he’s been asking her to communicate better. And now, even while trying to do just that, she can only muster up vague, confused answers? Yikes.

If only we had a dollar for every time Victoria F. said, “I don’t know.” The Bachelor returns to ABC next Monday, February 24, at 8 p.m.

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