‘Bachelor’ Fans Are Convinced Peter Weber Just Made a Cameo in Hannah Ann’s Instagram Stories

From the beginning of this season of The Bachelor, Peter Weber and Hannah Ann have been very into each other. They’ve kissed on a catwalk, danced in the streets of Costa Rica and even exchanged middle school love notes. And, as the 28-year-old pilot’s chapter of The Bachelor is starting to come to a close, the duo have done quite a good job sending throwing fans on wild goose chases. First, they confuddled fans with their Venmo status and then they fake traveled together. Now, the plot thickens.

Today, Bachelor fans flocked to Twitter to hypothesize that Weber just made a cameo on the 23-year-old model’s Instagram account.

One fan (who doesn’t believe in possessive apostrophes) wrote, “Look at Hannah Ann IG story! Is that Peter voice in the back?????”

Others quickly chimed in with their thoughts, writing things like, “Really sounds like it” and “Peter has been [sic] awe fully quiet on SM the last couple days…wonder what’s up!”

In case you don’t avidly check Hannah Ann’s Instagram Stories, you’ll notice that in the video below a male’s voice emerges in a kind of boring conversation about the merits of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream over black cherry.

When Hannah Ann says black cherry is gross, the man quips, “Same! Yeah, you said black cherry and I was like, ugh.” (Riveting.) Honestly, we think it just sounds like a random dude, not necessarily Weber, but you can be the judge.

We leave you with this: Hannah Ann is the only Bachelor contestant that Weber is following. Still, to us it feels like the two are in cahoots with producers to make this season even more juicy.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens when The Bachelor airs tonight at 8 p.m. PT/ET on ABC.


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