Peter Weber Reveals the Unaired Truth About #ChampagneGate on ‘The Bachelor’

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Who could forget the magic of The Bachelor’s #ChampagneGate? There were tears, there was theft, there was a bottle of champagne exploding in contestant Kelsey’s face. Simply put, it was incredible. But, as Bachelor Peter Weber revealed in a recent interview, there was another priceless facet to #ChampagneGate that fans didn’t get to see.

The 28-year-old pilot stopped by Buzzfeed to chat about all of his Bachelor drama and answer a few fan questions. Our favorite? “What was going through your head when the whole Champagne incident happened with Kelsey?”

Without missing a beat, Weber replied, “WTF. I legit had no idea what was going on. I remember I was sitting there with Hannah Ann and Kelsey comes up to us and obviously she’s visibly upset. I’m like, ‘What’s going on?’ And we find out that Hannah Ann inadvertently took her bottle and it ended up being just a mistake. It wasn’t on purpose.” (Thanks for the recap, Pilot Pete.)

He went on to dish on a little action that got cut from the episode entirely, saying, “They didn’t show this but I remember then trying to make Kelsey feel better when we went, eventually, to have our conversation and the Champagne exploded in her face [he stopped here to laugh]. I took the rest of the Champagne and I poured it all over my face. I remember, you know, just trying to make the moment a little bit better. This was kind of a weird thing but thank God, #ChampagneGate is in the past.”

Also in the past? Weber’s relationship with Kelsey. ICYMI: He sent the professional clothier packing this week after hometown dates because he felt further along with his other relationships (like his hot mess of a situation with Victoria F., apparently).

Way to try to make it all better, Peter. 


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