10 Wedding Invitation Trends That Prove Snail Mail Is Still the Best

What’s the first thing anyone sees of your wedding? The invitations. Give guests a peek into what the main event will be like by using colors, textures and type to depict your design choices. (Plus, it's a fun excuse for snail mail!) We went to Pinterest to find the latest buzzy designs. Here, ten wedding invitation trends that are coming to a mailbox near you. And check out our Pinterest board for even more wedding inspiration.

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Amanda Megan Miller (Photo) Made Divine (Design)

Laser Cut

This paper-cutting method allows you to create 3-D designs and unexpected shapes, like beautiful little leaves.


An organic way to nod to the wedding motif that’s to come, watercolor painting is a gorgeous yet simple invitation accent.


Wedding invites are the perfect excuse for typography fans to showcase their love of fonts. Go big and hierarchical without any graphics and let the type speak for itself.


Bring metallics into play with this technique. The gold really pops against both dark and light color schemes.


These are the Wes Anderson movies of the invitation set. Let your personality show through by working closely with an artist to create your and your beloved’s likenesses.

Pirrip Press


Graphic and clean, this is a perfect marriage of visual elements and straightforward text.

Lilly & Louise (design) Photo: Lavender & Twine

Casual Cursive

These relaxed large cursive letters are unexpected and fun. We especially love the treatment of the RSVP, which feels warm and welcoming.


These swirled masterpieces are natural and glamorous all at the same time--meaning they’re a home run in any of your wedding details, from paper goods to your cake.

Artful Florals

Florals for a wedding are (we know) not groundbreaking, but done in this smart and type-driven way, with just the right petal-to-leaf ratio, it’s a winner.


Outdoorsy types will be all about this one. Mountain imagery paired with wood, butcher paper and twine feels fun and DIY--while still remaining upscale.