The Biggest Garden Trends of 2018

Rejoice! The days are growing are longer and the air is getting warm again. In other words, it’s garden season. Here are the five backyard design ideas that will be huge in 2018. 

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secret garden dining
Courtesy of Marcus Barnett

Mid-garden Dining Rooms

Outdoor dining is no longer relegated to the patio right off the house. This year, expect to see chic little setups under pergolas and gazebos sited deeper into the garden. All of which creates a vibe that’s way more immersive—like this magical alfresco "room" by Marcus Barnett.

Groundcover 'lawns'

Want “less mowing, more growing”? Low-maintenance groundcover plantings are the ultimate alternative to green grass lawns. We love flowering varieties like blue star creeper, which offers gorgeous texture and color (seen here between pavers in an Elizabeth Everdell garden), as well as the ability to prevent erosion and lure bees and butterflies.

Luxe Veggie Planters

With the “grow your own” movement bigger than ever, nothing notates an au courant garden quite like a lush, healthy patch of lettuces, herbs and tomatoes. The elevated twist this season? Making them a focal point by opting for high-style, custom planters—like in this stunning terrace by Di Zock Design.

Winter-pretty Plants

Sure, everything’s springing to life now, but remember what your garden looked like a few weeks ago? Many landscape architects are noting this and prioritizing hardy plantings that look attractive even on those cold November days. Consider layered ornamental grasses (à la Dan Pearson Studio, above), evergreens like boxwood and juniper, or early bloomers like quince and witch hazel.

dahlia cutting garden trend
Courtesy of Janice Parker Landscape Architects

Dahlias, Darling

With both Anglo style and punchy color trending hard across the design world, it's no great surprise that flouncy, jewel-toned dahlias are the backyard bloom du jour(see this storybook cutting garden by Janice Parker). Bonus They make for an incredibly chic table arrangement in a pinch.

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