5 Design Secrets of Women Who Live in Small Spaces

Think decorating a big home is impressive? Hah! Try fitting everything you need—stylishly—into 400 square feet. We checked in with NYC-based designer and organizer Megan Hopp to learn which “secret tricks turn her own cramped quarters into a functional jewel box. 

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Courtesy of Megan Hopp

They Maximize Vertical Space

“The smaller the space, the higher I want to hang things on the walls. Whether that’s shelving, art or mirrors, hanging pieces higher and higher will visually grow your space. I chose to hang a large brass mirror above my TV to fully fill the wall and draw the eye upward.”

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Courtesy of Megan Hopp

They Know When To Say Goodbye

First things first: You’re going to need to let certain things go. You’ll enjoy your home more with fewer priority pieces (versus trying to squeeze in everything)Here we prioritized an open seating area, as opposed to fitting in a dining table. We only would have had room for a two-seater, which ultimately would have been too small to enjoy, so we skipped the table altogether and designated the space for a comfortable armchair.” 

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Courtesy of Megan Hopp

They’re Not Afraid Of Wall-mount Furniture

“I cannot sing the praises of wall-mounted furniture enough. It gives you all the benefits of a traditional stand-alone piece without giving up any coveted floor space. Don't be intimidated by drilling into your walls—it's not permanent and frankly not that big a deal. Mounted furniture also gives you an elevated ‘built-in look’ without the price tag.” 

small space secret 4
Courtesy of Megan Hopp

They Swear By Closed Storage

“Even one extra drawer can add some highly valuable hideaway space. Above, I opted for this small inlay cabinet as a side table, which provides a nice little home for some art supplies that I otherwise would not have a spot for.”

small space secret 2
Courtesy of Megan Hopp

They Buy Big(ger) Furniture

“The worst thing you can do to 'make the most' of a small home is to match small-space living with small-space furniture. Larger pieces will actually trick the eye into seeing the room as larger, whereas, if you put a small piece in a small room, you'll be left with something along the lines of a grown-up dollhouse. Bonus points: Your furniture will likely be more comfortable, too!” 


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