7 Ways to Make Your Apartment Feel More Organized Right This Second

You’ve already figured out how to use every inch under your bed to store your sweaters and air mattress. But what about the stuff you’re using regularly? Here are seven easy ways to keep the chaos at bay. 

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Create an Entryway
Yep, it’s possible even in a studio. A designated spot for your shoes, coat, purse and keys ensures you’re not scrambling on the way out the door and creates a comforting “I’m home!” ritual when you return. A few wall hooks are all you need—but if you have the space for a mirror and a small bench, even better.

Color-Code Your Closet
Pick up a multi-pack of hangers, then sort in whatever way makes most sense to you: by occasion (work, casual, dressy), by frequency of wear or by actual color. And be sure to set aside a designated spot, like the back of the door, for tomorrow’s outfit. (If tackling your closet is an Everest-level feat, enlist outside help: The pros at Fitz specialize in exactly that.)

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Get Your Dishes in Order
We all know that precarious ten-bowl stack is a disaster waiting to happen. These adjustable racks expand to fit the width of your shelves so you can always find what you need without a major balancing act.

Store Things Where You Use Them (or as Close as Possible)
Think about it—if your bathroom cleaning supplies are shoved under your bed, you’re going to be less likely to dig out the tile scrubber as often as you should. If there’s just no room under the sink, invest in a chic storage box to keep them within arm’s reach.

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Put a Basket on It
Be honest: The space under your sink is basically a free-for-all. Keep your most-used tools and products within easy reach but still out of sight with an over-the-door caddy. (Stick-on hooks also work.) 

Embrace Clothing Organizers 
You tried the KonMari folding technique…and three days later, your drawers were a disaster again. No prob. Tidy up those piles of sweaters with shelf dividers, or DIY your own drawer organizers with shoebox lids.

Minimize Clutter with Trays
Inevitably, some things are going to have to be stored on the counter, whether it’s kitchen utensils or toiletries. Placing them on a decorative tray doesn’t technically gain you any space, but it visually tidies up the area and keeps overflow in check. (Plus, it’s pretty.)

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