This Is the Kitchen Feature That Could Keep Your House from Selling

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Some time-stamped home additions (see: '70s terrazzo tile; Victorian-era chintz upholstery) are having a chic renaissance. One that's decidedly not? Walnut kitchen cabinets. Well, at least according to veteran real estate agent Noemi Bitterman of Warburg Realty.

We recently called up Bitterman to discuss the biggest red flag home features from an ROI perspective—and she had some very choice words on the subject of wood cabinets: “This kind of kitchen just screams ‘grandma’s house’ and begs for some yellow-flowered tea towels!" she said. See, kitchens are rooms that sell homes, and most buyers don't share Joanna Gaines's Fixer Upper outlook: They want move-in ready, clean and contemporary. "Buyers today want crisp white or light cabinets with smooth and modern lines,” she explained. 

But, wah! I love wood kitchen cabinets! Great, and we're totally with you—but when the time comes to sell your place, consider this your reminder that a gallon of white paint (and perhaps some new hardware!) can make allll the difference. 

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