12 Random but Useful Products PureWow Staffers Bought in December

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If you haven’t noticed from our obsession with life hack-y TikTok purchases and genius organization items, we love a good random but useful product—and so do our coworkers. So, we asked them to share the best things they discovered during their recent online shopping hauls. From a sweatshirt/blanket hybrid to a plant self-watering system, here are 12 random but useful products PureWow staffers couldn’t get enough of this month.

The 12 Best Home Organization Products on Amazon, According to the Neatest PureWow Staffers

random but useful december 1

1. pado Cm-07 Dual Motor Massager

Director of special projects Rachel Bowie says this percussive massager works wonders for her TMJ-induced neck pain. It comes with eight different attachments and features multiple different vibration and percussion levels that can be adjusted depending on the area you’re treating. “Think of it like a more exact Theragun,” she explains. Reviewers say it helps with everything from plantar fasciitis to sciatica pain.

random but useful december 2

2. liba Back And Neck Massager

Speaking of massagers, managing editor of branded content Rachel Gulmi recently got this self-massage tool, and she’s been using it almost daily. “I get the worst knots in my shoulder blades from sitting at the computer all day and a tennis ball just isn’t cutting it anymore. I love this massager so much,” she says. It’s designed to relieve tension from pressure points and work out knots like a masseuse’s knuckles would.

random but useful december 7

3. tushy Classic Modern Bidet Attachment

You might think bidets are reserved for upscale European hotels, but according to senior manager of strategic partnerships Brynn Conway, you should seriously consider investing in one of your own. She says setting up the Tushy, which is made to attach to all standard toilets, was extremely easy. As in, it only took her five minutes. “I was hesitant to try it but now I’m hooked,” she admits. Buyers say they’ve never felt cleaner, and it’s a great way to cut down on toilet paper use.

Buy It ($99; $79)

random but useful december 3

4. the Comfy Wearable Blanket

Executive editor Dara Katz is so in love with her Comfy, she wrote an entire review about it, dubbing it “the most essential piece of quarantine fashion you could possibly own.” The sweatshirt/blanket hybrid is, as its name suggests, extremely comfy thanks to its ultra-soft sherpa interior and oversized fit. Yup, it’s the ideal Netflix bingeing uniform.

random but useful december 4

5. prociv Eye Masks For Dark Circles And Puffiness

If your eyes are feeling sore and dry from staring at a screen all day, director of audience development Mary D’Alessio has a solution: These soothing eye masks. They begin to warm up upon application (no microwaving necessary) to promote blood circulation to your eye area. D’Alessio says they’re a great way to let your eyes rest after a long day...and an excuse to unwind, since you can’t exactly do much of anything (aside from listening to a podcast or audiobook) while wearing them.

random but useful 6

6. ostrichpillow Heatbag

Fashion director Dena Silver relies on this soft, soothing microwaveable heat bag to keep her warm on nights when the temp drops below 30. It’s made up of eight layers of natural clay that hold onto heat and ensure that it’s released slowly to prevent accidental burns. It can also be chilled, so you can use it to ice your knee after your five hundredth at-home workout, she adds.

random but useful december 5

7. simplehouseware Stackable Can Rack

D’Alessio is also a fan of these stackable can racks. She says they’ve been a total game-changer when it comes to making the most of her limited cabinet space. Each one stores up to 36 cans, a feature which came in handy when her boyfriend decided to stock up on soup before the second wave of the pandemic.

random but useful december 8

8. casper Glow Light

“This magical little light has solved the issue of my partner going to bed early while I’m a total night owl,” says audience development strategist Ali Brown. She puts it on the gentle night light setting so she can move around the bedroom after midnight without waking her boyfriend (or stumbling into the dresser). Psst, you can also sync the Glow Light to an app and program it to wake you up by gradually getting brighter in the morning.

random but useful december 9

9. ocushield Anti-blue Light Screen Protector For Macbook Air 13’’

Between busy season at work and shopping for Christmas presents, managing editor Catrina Yohay spent a ton of time on her computer in December. And this blue-light blocking screen totally saved her from the eye strain, headaches and blurry vision she used to deal with. Best of all? It was super easy to apply to her laptop screen.

random but useful december 10

10. seabedee Bark Bites Cbd Dog Treats

As a new dog owner, Yohay says she couldn’t have made it through December without these CBD-infused dog treats. After getting the OK from her pup’s vet, Yohay fed them to her Australian Shepherd puppy, Murphy, to help him calm down before his first time flying. They’re made from all-natural ingredients and contain just five milligrams of CBD, so you don’t have to worry about overdoing it.

Buy It ($17)

random but useful december 11

11. terra Ties Biodegradable Hair Ties

One last random but useful product Yohay swears by lately? Terra Ties’s biodegradable hair ties. “I have really thick hair, so any kind of physical activity (especially running or HIIT) involves not one, not two, but three normal hair ties to keep my ponytail from falling down. These Terra Ties are super thick, so I truly only need one to keep my hair secure and out of my face,” she explains.

random but useful december 12

12. blumat Classic Plant Watering Stakes (set Of 4)

Here’s my personal pick. I decided to stay at my parents’ house from Thanksgiving until Christmas to limit my travel, and since my monstera and philodendron aren’t exactly portable, I couldn’t bring them on the Amtrak with me. So, I set them up with this long-term self-watering system before I left. You put a stake in each plant’s soil and stick the tubes in a bucket of water so they can drink it up as needed. According to my roommates, my plant babies have been thriving thanks to the setup.

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