What’s the Last Thing You Bought on Amazon? 16 PureWow Editors Tell All (and It Ain’t Pretty)

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You can tell a lot about a person from what’s in their Amazon cart. We order pretty much everything from Amazon these days, so taking a look at someone’s recent purchases is almost like reading through their text messages—but better. Here, we asked 16 PureWow editors to dish on their latest Amazon orders. And yes, this voyeuristic exercise was just as revealing as we’d hoped.

The Beauty Splurges Our Editors Spring for Again and Again

pw editor bridget jones diary

Lauren Gniazdowski, Vp Of Content Operations

“Sometimes I just need to watch Bridget Jones’s Diary. And since it’s not available to stream anywhere, I thought buying it was a worthy investment. Thanks, Prime!”

Shop the product: "Bridget Jones's Diary" HD ($5)

pw editor candace

Candace Davison, Executive Editor

“I bought a five-piece pop-up play tent with a ball pit. This is my $50 trick to entertain half a dozen toddlers at my daughter’s first birthday party. Once it’s all set up, your living room (or basement, or backyard) basically turns into Chuck E. Cheese—minus the creepy characters. Then I also bought Philips Hue smart light bulbs. Before you’re all ‘Who actually needs smart light bulbs?!’ think about the last time your hands were full and you wanted to turn on a light. Or consider that annoying pull cord you have to use for the basement or the hall closet. With a simple ‘Hey Google, turn on the lights!’ I can turn any or all on at once. I’m obsessed.”

Shop the products: Hide N Side 5-Piece Kids Ball Pit ($56); Philips Hue Smart Bulb 4-Pack ($50)

pw editor katherine

Katherine Gillen, Associate Food Editor

“I bought this four-pack of panang curry paste. Panang curry is one of our go-to weeknight dinners because it’s so simple. My preferred recipe? Half of one of these cans, a can of coconut milk, veggies and chicken. So. Easy.”

Shop the product: Maesri Thai Panang Curry Paste ($10)


Mary Kate Mcgrath, Chief Content Officer

“I have an 8-year-old son. So naturally, it was a Beyblade.”

Shop the product: Beyblade Burst Evolution Single Top Pack Betromoth B2 ($12)

pw editor jill

Jillian Quint, Vp Of Content

“Well, first I got two twin mattress protectors because we’re trying to get away from nighttime diapers. I also got ponytail holders for my daughter and gloves for cleaning the bathtub. Sexy.”

Shop the products: RECCI Premium Bamboo Mattress Protector ($15); J-MEE Baby Hair Ties for Kids ($9); Mr. Clean Gloves ($7)

pw editor trin

Catrina Yohay, Associate Managing Editor

“I’ve been following Tieghan Gerard of Half Baked Harvest for years now, so when her newly released cookbook went on sale for 40 percent off, I had to pick it up immediately. Psst, it’s still on sale!”

Shop the product: "Half Baked Harvest Super Simple" ($18)

pw editor rachel

Rachel Gulmi, Associate Managing Editor

“I ran out of my previous bottle of Thayers facial toner and had to re-purchase ASAP. I've used a bunch of facial toners in the past, but this one is truly the best. The light rose scent isn’t overwhelming and it makes my face feel soft and clean. Best of all, it doesn't dry out my skin.”

Shop the product: Thayers Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel Facial Toner ($8)

pw editor abby

Abby Hepworth, Associate Editor

“Oh, man, it’s weird. I bought a new phone case, a used book about what to expect when climbing Mount Rainier and an ingrown toenail pain reliever kit. It all made sense at the time—I’d just bought a new phone, so I needed a case to protect it from my clumsy tendencies; I hope to summit Rainier next year and wanted to do some research; and I wanted to fix my toe before running the marathon without having to schedule a doctor’s appointment.”

Shop the products: Spigen Liquid Crystal Case for Samsung S9 ($13); "Mount Rainier: A Climbing Guide" ($25); Dr. Scholl’s Ingrown Toenail Pain Reliever ($9)

pw editor spicy shelf

Dara Katz, Senior Editor

“I was in dire need of more space for all my spices, so I bought this Spicy Shelf Deluxe. I liked this because it increases the total surface area of my shelf while using negative space to store more spices than I’ll probably ever need.”

Shop the product: Spicy Shelf Deluxe ($28)

pw editor dena

Dena Silver, Fashion Editor

“I was invited to a last-minute Halloween party—in November, no less—and figured I’d get creative but not too creative with my costume. Which led to me dressing like ‘the color pink.’ This hot pink wig fit the bill and arrived on my doorstep with hours to spare. Bless you, Amazon.”

Shop the product: eNilecor Short Bob Hair Wig ($16)

pw editor stief

Sarah Stiefvater, Editor

“The last thing I bought on Amazon were these noise-canceling headphones. I’ve always been resistant to jump aboard the giant-headphones train, but I finally took the plunge and I’m obsessed. They’re so comfortable and the perfect amount of noise-canceling—meaning I can hear some things but not to a distracting degree.”

Shop the product: COWIN E7 Active Noise Canceling Headphones ($60)


pw editor kara

Kara Cuzzone, Assistant Commerce Editor

“My last Amazon order was for this Frazier fir-scented candle, which smells so amazing that I’ve been burning it every single night. I also got these biotin supplements. My hair has been feeling dry and brittle lately, so I’m hoping they’ll help.” 

Shop the products: Sand + Fog Frazier Fir Scented Candle ($30); Sports Research Biotin ($15)

pw editor bri

Brianna Lapolla, Commerce Editor

“I just bought a fiddle-leaf fig tree at the farmers market and wanted a mid-century planter to house it in. However, most ceramic pots cost upwards of $100 and I couldn’t justify that expense. Then I stumbled upon this one from Amazon’s home collection, Rivet, and I immediately Primed it to my door. It came with an iron stand and fit my plant perfectly.”

Shop the product: Rivet Mid-Century Ceramic Planter ($45)

pw editor alexia

Alexia Dellner, Senior Seo Editor

“I just bought radiator keys. My husband and I have no idea how to bleed our radiators, but we realized that we’re coming up to our third winter in our house and I think that means it’s time to do it? I have no idea. Can someone please help?”

Shop the product: COMOK Square Hole Gold Tone Radiator Plumbing Bleed Key ($8)

pw editor bert

Roberta Fiorito, Editor, Branded Content

“I bought these velvet pumpkins to decorate my apartment for fall. They look so chic when grouped around sleek tall candlesticks, and I’m so excited to host a Friendsgiving in order to really show them off.”

Shop the product: Your Heart's Content Velvet Pumpkins ($32)

pw editor corley

Corley Miller, Manager, People Operations

“I recently bought this storm glass on Amazon. I got it for Gallery Media Group’s chief content officer Mary Kate’s birthday, since I always used to entertain her with facts about the weather back when I was her executive assistant. I wanted to get her something that seemed out of the box, fun and like I was paying attention!”

Shop the product: Blue Storm Storm Glass Weather Predictor ($19)

purewow author

Assistant Commerce Editor

From 2019 to 2021 Kara Cuzzone held the role of Assistant Commerce Editor covering sales and deals across beauty, fashion, home and wellness.