EXCLUSIVE: *This* Is the Most Common Closet Mistake, According to Marie Kondo

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One of the core tenets of tidying guru Marie Kondo’s philosophy? Every single item you own must have a home. (You know, as opposed to drifting around your space like an errant tumbleweed.)

But as Kondo recently shared with us on a visit to PureWow HQ, this consideration goes one step further when it comes to your closet. The issue she sees often? Many people designate “homes” that aren’t actually all that functional—or to scale for their needs.

For example, if you have a stack of favorite sweaters that resembles the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the issue might not be the quantity, but the fact that the home you picked for them isn’t functional. “By assigning a “home” for each of your items, you’ll be able to return it to where it belongs at the end of the day and maintain a tidy space”, reiterates Kondo. “But also ask yourself this: Is this set place large enough or does the item need a new home?”

Kondo recommends flipping your “storage floor plan” to best accommodate your neatly folded belongings: Switch up drawers, trade closet items for dresser items, add boxes to delineate different categories or consider investing in a new storage unit all together. By doing so, you’ll avoid overflow and mess—or in other words, the eponymous “clothes chair.”  


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