Spring-cleaning is the New Year’s Eve of home health: a chance refresh your space, reset your intentions and otherwise whip your house into the chic and organized hub you always knew it could be. Below, five genius tips for streamlining your efforts. 

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Inventory Your Supplies

Before you embark on this journey, take a supplies role call and make sure you have all the physical tools you’ll need in one central command station. (See: rubber gloves for heavy-duty scrubbing, donation boxes for your cast-offs, contractor bags for garbage.) Because nothing derails a productive morning quite like an emergency run to the grocery store for grout cleaner.

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Make Sure You Have a Focus

Refreshing your home for the season can feel daunting and even random if you don't have a clear vision in mind. Our suggestion? Focus on a certain feeling you want your house to evoke—light and airy, for example—and make sure all your changes check that box. Take scent: The new Glade® Plugins® Scented Oils air freshener in the Clean Linen® fragrance practically screams fresh. You can adjust the strength of the fragrance to fit the size of your room, and it comes in a sleek, modern design that won't add to any clutter.


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Purge Your Surfaces

The dining table resembles an accountant’s desk. The kitchen catchall has become a shrine to dead batteries and rubber bands. Before you can start spring-cleaning, you need the physical surface space and breathing room to do so. Begin with a ruthless decluttering spree (papers to the shredder! junk to the dump!) to get those surfaces ready for business.

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Stow Off-Season Swag

Next up? Move all the items you won’t need anytime soon into off-season storage. (Think: ski gear to the garage, holiday paraphernalia to the basement.) By relocating these bulky duds, you’ll better understand your immediate closet and drawer space—and you’ll be able to spring-clean accordingly.

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All those little projects that have been lingering on your TDL? Friendly reminder that you don’t have to do them alone. Write out a petite laundry list for your spouse/roommate/kiddos and hold them accountable. P.S. If your budget can stomach it, we’re big proponents of splurging on a little professional help early on. (Think: carpet cleaning or installation of those roller blinds you ordered months ago.) Success begets success!