8 Smart Ways to Organize a Small Kitchen

Keep calm and hang your pots

Whoever said good things come in small packages clearly never attempted a three-course dinner party in a tiny kitchen...that is, unless said kitchen was so impeccably, ingeniously organized that lack of square footage was a non-issue.

Here, eight crazy-clever ways to tidy up big and start loving your little cucina.  


Ditch What You Don't Need

Seems obvious, right? But how many spatulas (and good heavens, mugs) does one woman really need? Keep the essentials and donate the doubles or items you know--in your heart of hearts--you’re never going to use.


Downsize Appliances

So fine, you need a mixer but do you need that enormous Kitchenaid you saw on HGTV? (It's great for the mega-manse, dreadful for you.) Trade down for a compact and easily storable hand-mixer and say hello to new counter space.


Hang Up Your Cookware

Hang your batterie de cuisine on a rack or rod to free up major cupboard real estate--and look trés chic to boot. (Bonus points for matching copper pans.)


Magnetize Cutlery

When drawer and counter space are at a minimum, we love to stick our knives… on the wall.


Try Open Shelving

Bottom line: If you’re stuff is out on display (read: in your face 24/7), you’ll be that much more inspired to keep things neat and tidy. Plus, open shelves make a cramped kitchen appear lighter and brighter.  


And Squeeze Small Shelves Into Every Nook And Cranny

There’s no need to let usable square footage go to waste--the more, the merrier when it comes to slim, sneaky floating shelves.


Invest In A Bar Cart

Behold, the most stylish and storage-friendly addition your kitchen has seen yet. All of your prettiest kitchen things (linens, china, glassware, cookbooks etc.) and obviously your booze collection have found a fab new home.


Buy All The Cabinet Dividers

Even in the tiniest of kitchens, every item can have a designated home thanks to cheap and easy interior shelving. Shelves, hooks, baskets--if you can name it, the Container Store carries it.


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