The Easy, All-Natural Way to Make Your Bathroom Smell Like a Fancy Spa

You know how high-end spas emit that telltale aroma that somehow coaxes you into depleting your savings on ridiculous facials?

Well, said scent isn’t black magic, guys: It’s eucalyptus. And you can create your own all-natural “diffuser” on the cheap and easy at home. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Grab a bundle of fresh eucalyptus greens at your local farmers’ market/Trader Joe’s/bodega.
2. Gather the ends together and tie tightly (with rope or twine).
3. Affix behind your showerhead, just out of the direct stream of water.
4. Shower as usual and enjoy the heavenly scent released when the leaves react with the heat. 

Energizing, congestion-easing and, yep, downright spa-like, this quick trick even doubles as festive decor for your bathroom.

(Above, eucalyptus hangs in the shower of PureWow Coterie member Rachel Hollis.)


Home Editor

From 2014-2019 Grace Beuley Hunt held the role of Home Editor covering interior design, styling, trends and more.