7 Genius Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Seem Larger

In a perfect world, we’d all have palace-sized powder rooms (with magically refilling Kiehl’s products). But alas, a tiny bathroom is a reality for a lot of us. Here are seven tricks to make yours feel a little more spacious.

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Keep The Palette Light

White and other pale tones feel expansive to the eye; darker colors do the opposite. Likewise, small, busy patterns feel like they’re closing in on you (something no one understood in the ’70s, apparently). Go for airy, monochromatic white to really open the space visually.

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen/Houzz

Swap Out Your Shower Curtain For A Glass Door

An uninterrupted space gives the illusion that there’s more of it. You may be tempted to get frosted glass for the privacy and lower maintenance, but completely clear glass will have the biggest impact. If you can get away with just a partial barrier, even better.

Mark Reilly Architecture/Houzz

Use White Tile And White Grout

Black grout with subway tile may be trendy, but all those visible divisions can have a crowding effect. For maximum space-boosting, white on white is the way to go.

Make Use Of Vertical Space

Since the toilet already occupies part of the floor (and isn’t going anywhere), the wall above it is a prime spot for open shelving. Just be sure to always close the lid so nothing falls in.

Tamara Magel/DecorPad

Add Creative Lighting

Don’t rely solely on the super-bright overhead light, which can overexpose small spaces. Vanity-style sconces make even the smallest room feel more inviting (and come in extra handy when you’re putting on makeup).


Don't Have More Storage Than You Need

If your bulky cabinet is filled with expired Claritin and random mini shampoos, it’s time to downsize. Figure out what you actually use on a near-daily basis and get appropriately sized fixtures (like space-saving corner units). Everything else can be stored elsewhere or tossed.

Sarah Sherman Samuel

Make Mirrors Your Best Friends

One over the sink is a given, but think about finding an oversized version that takes up a good percentage of the wall. In addition to instantly expanding the room, at least visually, it’ll also reflect any light (especially useful if you’re lucky enough to have a window).