7 Low Maintenance Houseplants You Absolutely Can't Kill

A few well-placed plants can brighten up your space (and mood) instantly. Can’t keep plants alive—ever? These seven low maintenance house plants are so easy to look after, they practically take care of themselves.

These 5 Houseplants Are Scientifically Proven to Make You Feel Better

split leaf philodendron

1. Split-leaf Philodendron

Craving a little warmth in your life? (Um, always.) The split-leaf philodendron lends a tropical vibe to whatever space it inhabits. Make sure it gets ample--though not direct--sunlight, and water it whenever the soil starts to feel dry. Unsurprisingly, these jungle-like plants thrive in humidity, so give the leaves a light misting once a day to keep them green and perky.

peace lily
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2. Peace Lily

Who wouldn’t want to wake up next to one of these serene-looking blooms? With creamy white flowers and glossy leaves, this fetching pick does well in low sunlight--in fact, the darker the better. (Hi, bedside table.) Keep soil moist at all times, but don’t overwater, as these guys are susceptible to root rot.

jade plant
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3. Jade Plant

Because jades retain moisture in their adorable, rounded leaves, you can easily tell when they are over- or under-watered. If they look a bit wrinkly and sad, they need H2O. If they look a bit yellow, let them dry out a little before feeding them again.

moth orchid
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4. Moth Orchid

You can find these elegant plants in most grocery stores and flower shops, in a variety of colors. Once you get them home, position them in a north- or east-facing window of a relatively bright room. When the top inch of soil feels dry, run the pot under lukewarm water and let it soak through to the bottom drain holes.

african violet
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5. African Violet

Pick a bright spot—say, a kitchen window—for this vibrant plant and keep it in a squat pot or a medium-sized teacup to accommodate the shallow roots. Careful not to overwhelm them with water (only when the soil is bone dry!) and try not to get the leaves wet.

air plant

6. Air Plants

Also known as the most Instagrammable plants ever, these little guys can grow anywhere--hanging from your ceiling, in a terrarium…on your wall. They just need fresh, circulating air (so no closed pots) and a nice soak once to twice a week. (Ah, to be an air plant.) Plop them into a small container of water for an hour, shake them off and let them dry before putting them back in their airy homes.

calamondin orange
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7. Calamondin Orange

A perky potted tree with dark green leaves, white flowers, and golden fruits, a calamondin is pretty damn pleasant. (And yes, you can eat the fruit, though it’s a bit tart). Keep them in a sunny room and water weekly until the summertime--which is about when you should let them outside anyway.

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