8 Design Trends We’re Ready to Say Goodbye to in 2019

Yes, yes—your home should be a reflection of who you are. But as with fashion, there’s no harm in knowing what’s de rigueur, eh? To that end, here are eight decor trends that are officially spent for 2019. 

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cactus trend


Cactuses are the new fiddle leaf figs—by which we mean, the houseplant so ubiquitous, it’s become a cliche. (The whole Southwestern boho vibe is looking a little tired, TBH). 

live edge trend

Live-edge Furniture

Back in the day, these silhouettes were the height of fashion. But nowadays they’ve become emblematic of the “rustic” look that’s better suited to coffee shops in the Pacific Northwest. 

decorative ladder trend 1

Decorative Ladders

Beloved by disciples of modern farmhouse and Scandinavian design alike, what once looked quirky is now reading more basic, thanks to popularity across the Tumblr-sphere. 

macrame wall hanging

Fiber Art

Macrame had its moment. (That moment has now expired.) 

mudcloth trend


We know, we're sad about it too—but this domino-toned textile got severely overplayed in 2017

copper metals trend


Single-finish metal situations are on the fritz overall (helloooo, mixed metals), but copper metallics in particular scream "trendy in 2016." 

mattress on floor trend

Scandi Beds

The “mattress-tossed-on-the-floor” look suggests a sexy European ease that we were glad to co-opt stateside. But 2019 is seeing a big move toward more traditional design (read: proper bed frames). 

midcentury overload trend
KatarzynaBialasiewicz/Getty Images

Midcentury Overload

Don’t get us wrong A quality mid-century piece (or several) is forever chic. But midcenturyeverything, not to mention themass-producedmidcentury-styleitems you can now buy at every bargain retailer, is no longer a fresh look.

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