Turn your home into a calm respite from the crazy world by embracing the simple, nature-centric vibe of desert decorating. Natural materials, open windows and weather-beaten surfaces are giving us the calm we need. Here are some mantras of the lifestyle from At Home in Joshua Tree: A Field Guide to Desert Living, the new lifestyle book by Sara and Rich Combs. (And bonus: You can Airbnb their gorgeous house yourself.) 

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Sara Combs and Richard Combs, 2018

Add Something Moroccan

A fuzzy rug or hammered brass pendant lamp—basically anything that looks like it was picked up at the souk (even if it was just a trip to World Market)—adds a sophisticated note to an other wise simple interior.

Sara Combs and Richard Combs, 2018

Don't Bother With Curtains

Desert style is all about being simple, earthy and warm. So forgo any fabric getting between you and the great outdoors (but maybe hang simple blinds if the hills have eyes).

Sara Combs and Richard Combs, 2018

Install a Leather Couch

Available in a wide range of earthy hues, leather couches are a signature desert decor element. Practically indestructible, they look cooler the more worn-in they get.

Sara Combs and Richard Combs, 2018

All Hail the Towering Cactus

They’re all over the desert and they want to come into your home, preferably in a groovy planter. (And these tough customers are easier to care for than that fiddle-leaf fig tree that died on you last year.)

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Joshua Tree Bedrrom Kilim Bench
Sara Combs and Richard Combs, 2018

Cover Something in Kilim

A colorful kilim rug used as upholstery on a bench or ottoman adds texture without looking too “done.” And, like leather, it’s way durable.

Sara Combs and Richard Combs, 2018

Built-In Furniture Makes Life Easy

An entry table, desk or banquette that’s attached to the wall is a design feature that bigwig mid-century architects loved for its usefulness and sleek lines. Today it’s just as practical and attractive to have fewer skinny legs breaking up a room’s visual flow.

Sara Combs and Richard Combs, 2018

Add a Hanging Chair (or Hammock)

An open-weave rattan swing chair or even a hammock in a quiet corner creates a focal point for the room that reminds you to chill out, even if you don’t have time for a full-on siesta.

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