The Art Mistake You’re Probably Making (According to Bobby Berk)

From flipping disgusting man caves on Queer Eye to dreaming up hella-chic wallpaper (hey, PureWow HQ!), we trust Bobby Berk’s design advice to the ends of the earth. Which is why, when Berk teamed up with to educate on art hanging and selection, we jumped at the chance to chat with him.  

“There aren’t really many mistakes you can make when hanging art,” explained Berk. “I’ve been seeing gallery walls starting at the floor, lines of art leaned against the wall and it all looks great!” But the biggest pitfall he does see? “Art that’s the completely wrong size for a space,” he said. “A piece that’s too big will make things feel cramped, and something too small will look a bit desolate.”

As a rule of thumb for large artworks, Berk suggests five to seven inches of breathing room around each side, and for small art additions, he says the key is balancing it out with other pieces to fill in the space or, alternatively, hanging it near small furniture—like a desk or end table—so it looks proportional. 

If anybody needs us this weekend, we’ll be re-binge-watching QE seasons 1 and 2 and redoing our gallery walls. 

Image A gloriously-scaled gallery wall in a dining nook by Nicole Davis. Photography courtesy of Alyssa Rosenheck.

3 Mistakes We All Make When Hanging Art


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