The Best Houseplant for Every Room in Your Home

Nothing adds life, color and all-around delight to a space quite like a houseplant. But if you put in a little research, you can actually tailor your plant choices to aid your physical well-being (in addition to your decor scheme). From all natural sleep aids for the bedroom to focus boosters for the office, here, the absolute best plant for every room in the house.

These 5 Houseplants Are Scientifically Proven to Put You In a Better Mood

mint plant kitchen

Kitchen: Mint

Haven’t you always wanted a pretty lil’ windowsill herb garden? Start with potted mint, which is the easiest-growing herb to cultivate. It also adds a light, invigorating scent to the kitchen, and of course, provides fresh garnish for all your culinary needs. Batch mojitos, comin’ right up.

aloe plant bathroom

Bathroom: Aloe

In addition to serving as A) a first aid kit and b) moisturizer in a pinch, nature's miracle plant is a potent air purifier—and has proven itself effective at clearing the air of icky chemicals and carcinogens (like the ones found in common household cleaners).

jasmine plant home

Bedroom: Jasmine

This exotic, flowering plant will make a lovely addition to your dresser or windowsill. Better still? German researchers found that jasmine's heady fragrance can be as effective as Valium at easing anxieties and promoting better snooze time. P.S. It’s also rumored to be an aphrodisiac. Hubba hubba.

english ivy plant

Living Room: English Ivy

Spoiler: Upholstery sucks up dust, pet dander and other allergens. So why not consider a plant that clears the air of them? Like the spore-sucking English ivy plant. Hello, sneeze-free Netflix bingeing.

orchids on table

Dining Room: Orchid

For the dining room, our plant considerations are twofold: something fragrance-free (as not to interfere with food aromas), and something that’s impressive when entertaining. To that end, we say splurge on a potted orchid or two (and take care of them this time) and you’ll never have to buy a table arrangement again.

succulents on windowsill

Playroom: Succulents

These inexpensive crowd favorites are low light, low water and are virtually indestructible. Which is why we love the idea of adding them to the kids’ room to teach little ones about responsibility in a fun way. (Just ask Joanna Gaines.)

bird of paradise plant

Office: Bird Of Paradise

A 2011 study found that houseplants in an office setting can seriously prevent fatigue and improve your attention span. We say, scale up here and bring in all the productive vibes—via a leafy, happy floor plant like the Bird of Paradise. Crushing productivity and the decor game? You got this.


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