34 of the Best Valentine's Day Gifts on Amazon to Give Your Sweetheart

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They say the best gifts come from the heart, but we're going to let you in a little secret: Sometimes, "from the heart" actually means "from Amazon." Sure, it's great to give something handmade (cookies, anyone?), but you don't have to be a craft whiz or a baking connoisseur to make a lasting impression—especially since the mega-retailer has just launched an entire Valentine's Day gift shop chock-full of presents that will not only delight your significant other, your closest pals or your fam, they're more likely to arrive on time (particularly if you happen to be privy to that two-day Prime shipping).

What Is the Most Popular Gift on Valentine's Day?

While you might expect jewelry and flowers to top the list when it comes to Valentine's Day gifts, it's actually chocolate that holds the reigning title as the most popular physical present barring dinner, according to a 2020 study by Statista. Whether you want go for the tried-and-true sweet treat or you're planning to dip your toe into more creative territory with a sentimental poem book, a candle-making kit or a scrapbook, you're likely to find it here. We've combed through all of Amazon's best holiday offerings to ensure you aren’t left scrambling for ideas at the last minute. Keep reading to check out 35 of our—and shopper—faves.

The Best Valentine's Day Gifts on Amazon at a Glance

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v day gifts s

Best Valentine’s Day Gift for Her

Give her a symbol of your everlasting love with this infinity double heart pendant necklace. Featuring two mixed metal hearts that are intertwined—just like the lives of two people who are truly committed to sharing their love with each other—and lined with Swarovski pavé crystals, it's a sweet (and gorgeous!) way to show her just how much you care. It also comes in a gift box, so you won't have to worry about packaging.

valentine s day gifts amazon acorn2

Best Valentine's Day Gift for Him

For all those mornings he selflessly takes the dog out to pee before 7 a.m. so you can get your extra beauty rest (that's true love, y'all), takes the trash out or brings in the mail on a snowy day, there are these warm and cozy Acorn moc slippers. With a fuzzy interior and a cushy memory foam cushion, they'll feel great on his feet, but they've also got an outdoor-friendly sole that can be worn in the driveway or even down the block. Best of all, he can throw them right in the wash for the next time he wants to wear them inside. Note that they do run small, so sizing up is recommended.

valentine s day gifts on amazon baimei1

Best Valentine’s Day Gift for Friends

Who said Valentine's Day gifts had to only be for couples? Show your besties (and their skin!) some love with this rose quartz roller and gua sha set. Used to massage and relax the muscles in your face, promote lymphatic drainage and work product deeper into the complexion, these tools promote self-care—something every BFF should encourage for their pals. This particular duo comes in the stone of your choice (we're partial to the rose quartz, as it's cooling and symbolizes self-love) and has customers raving about how well-made it is.

valentine s day gifts amazon smirly

Best Valentine’s Day Gift for Foodies

There's nothing cheesy about this practical charcuterie board and serving set, which foodies will love serving their fromage—along with other delicious treats—on for romantic date nights. It comes with a full-sized attractive and sustainable bamboo tray, inside of which you and your partner will find a knife and serving tools for spreading soft cheeses and spearing slices of fruit with ease before feeding the delicious morsels to each other (too far?). You'll also find two bowls for sauces and dips, plus a booklet for creative display ideas.

valentine s day gifts on amazon public house9

Most Creative Valentine’s Day Gift

Spend some QT together while indulging your partner's creative side by gifting them with this popular candle-making kit. With it, they'll get all the fixings for three candles that the company claims will burn for up to 60 hours, including the jars and lids, wicks, essential oils (more specifically, three 15 milliliter bottles of Wild Lavender, Vanilla Caramel and Blood Orange and Grapefruit), the aluminum pot you'll need to melt your soy wax (also included) in and more. Beginners will find it easy to use, as the instructions are nice and clear, and everything is pre-measured for fool-proof results. Genius!

v day gifts knock knock

Best Cheap Valentine’s Day Gift

Let your loved one know how you really feel about their shining personality—whether that's silly, romantic, sexy or a combination of all three—with this super affordable fill-in-the-blank journal. Featuring the perfect prompts to help you express your emotions, it will guide you along until you're left with a book that puts to paper just how much you adore your significant other.

valentine s day gifts on amazon mom mug1

7. Kinrex Best Mom Ever Mug

Best Valentine’s Day Gift for Mom

Show your mom some much-deserved love on Valentine's Day with this adorable mug that will tell her you think she stands above all the rest. Adorned with sweetly scribbled hearts with a half-heart handle, it's right on theme for the holiday, but we'd be willing to bet she'll want to use it all year-round thanks to the high-quality ceramic materials that are also dishwasher-friendly. It even comes in a special red gift box, so you can simply pop a bow on top to gift it.

v day gifts dad

8. Best Dad Multitool

Best Valentine’s Day Gift for Dad

This compact and attractive multitool is both thoughtful and practical—just like dad. While it's small enough to pop in his pocket or keep in the car, it features 12 (yes, 12!) different tools, including a hammer, a screwdriver, several hex wrenches, pliers, a knife blade, a mini saw, a file, a bottle opener and even a fish descaler. It also has a safety lock and comes with a nylon pouch to make sure it's always safe, secure and ready to use.

v day gifts dash

9. Dash Mini Heart Waffle Maker

Most Functional Valentine's Day Gift

Treat your partner to some deliciously sweet heart-shaped breakfast in bed this Valentine's Day courtesy of this cult-loved mini waffle maker. With its dual nonstick surfaces, it's simple to use and even easier to clean up. It heats up in mere minutes and its compact build takes up hardly any space on your counter, so you can use it in even the tiniest of apartments. If you're on the fence, it also comes with a one-year warranty (though based on the reviews, we hardly think you'll need to use it).

v day gifts slime

Best Valentine's Day Gift for Kids

If a little one in your life are looking for Valentine's Day cards for their friends and classmates, check out these super-fun options, which come 28 to a pack. Not only are silly monsters featured on the four different designs found within, each one comes with tiny tubs of slime in four different colors: blue, green, pink and purple. It's nontoxic, so you won't have to worry about the kids going wild with it, and it'll give them something semi-constructive to do with their hands—a gift the teacher is sure to appreciate, too!

valentines day gifts on amazon kaja

Best Valentine’s Day Gift for Teenager

Teenagers tend to be up on their trends, and when it comes to makeup, there's no bigger fad than a dewy glow. This glow roller kit will be perfect for achieving that Euphoria-level shine this Valentine's Day thanks to the included cream highlighting balm and accompanying sponge applicator that will help them place it just so. It's also vegan and cruelty-free for animal lovers.

v day gifts woori

Most Classic Valentine’s Day Gift

Real flowers only last for a few days, but this faux floral arrangement can last for a lifetime. Fashioned into a bouquet from six gold-plated foil roses, it's meant to symbolize "the nobility of love" as a representation of eternal romance. Even more special is the fact that it's handmade and arrives in a sleek ribbon-adorned box.

v day gifts pablo

13. "love Poems" By Pablo Neruda

Most Romantic Valentine's Day Gift

Your Valentine doesn't have to be a literary expert to enjoy the writing of Pablo Neruda: The Chilean Noble Prize winner’s love poems are some of the most romantic, sensual and passionate prose they'll encounter. His book of love poems is an incredible Valentine's Day gift that be made even more special when you take some time to read selections from it aloud to each other.

v day gifts godiva

Best Valentine’s Day Chocolate Gift

Love is sweet, rewarding and brings a range of richness to your life—and the same can be said of chocolates. As the most popular Valentine's Day gift of the bunch, you'll have your pick of options, but you'll be sure to impress with this delectable box of assorted truffles. Available in boxes of four, 12, 24 and 36, each piece found inside is made of gourmet milk, white and dark chocolate that's taken to the next level with classic Belgian fillings.

v day gifts rose

15. Magifire 'beauty And The Beast' Rose

Best Disney Valentine’s Day Gift

Capture the magic of a Disney movie by giving the person you adore this rose inspired by the enchanted flower from Beauty and the Beast. Made of silk with a wooden base, it's lit with tiny LEDs with various lighting modes, so you'll be able to create the perfect romantic ambience to show it off in, too.

v day gifts artpix

Most Unique Valentine’s Day Gift

This durable K9 crystal photo box uses innovative 3D laser engraving to carve any image onto its surface. Each one is made up of thousands of intricate crystal dots to accurately depict the features of you and your loved one(s). To step things up a notch, you can even add a state-of-the-art LED base that will bathe its finer details with its light.

valentine s day gifts on amazon star map

17. Piratify Custom Sky Map

Most Thoughtful Valentine's Day Gift

Want to immortalize the night that you met or the moment you fell in love? Look no further than this custom star map. With the help of astrological data, the maker can track down how the stars and planets were aligned on certain dates and in certain locations, then make a map of the night sky from that time just for you and your loved one. You can also add both of your names and a custom title (up to 200 characters) for that special someone.

v day gifts game

18. "talk, Flirt, Dare!" Game

Best Valentine’s Day Gift for Couples

Choose from three levels of intimacy (the self-titled talk, flirt or dare) that you want to indulge in during this game that's designed to delight couples. The rules are fairlystraightforward: Take turns picking a card, then participate in the truth-or-dare style challenge by either answering the question that's posed or fulfilling the command, which will, of course, involve your partner in some way. Two to four players can get in on the action, meaning you can either have a little fun with friends or even indulge in a little throuple action.

v day gifts necklace

19. Nano Jewelry Love Necklace

Best Valentine's Day Gift for Travelers

How many ways can you say I love you? At least 120, according to this necklace. Featuring a sterling silver, cameo-style pendant frame hanging on an 18-inch chain, the 24k gold text showcases the inscribed phrase in languages from all around the world on its onyx center. If your partner loves to travel—or happens to be multilingual—then they'll surely treasure this unique piece.

v day cleverfy

20. Cleverfy Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

Most Relaxing Valentine's Day Gift

For those who love a luxurious shower, be it alone or with a partner, there are these aromatherapy steamers, which make for the ideal pampering gift. Each of the six included shower bombs is infused with essential oils. You can set the mood with soothing lavender, zesty watermelon or grapefruit, invigorating peppermint or menthol and eucalyptus mix, or, last but not least, sugary vanilla and sweet orange.

valentine s day gifts on amazon vahdam3

21. Vahdam Valentine's Day Gift Set

Most Soothing Valentine's Day Gift

This blush gift box will be ideal for those who appreciate relaxing with a hot beverage, as it includes three varieties of unique, loose-leaf tea blends: Sweet Himalayan detox green tea, saffron masala chai and Earl Grey masala chai. Each one comes in its own gold tin caddy. And, since they're made by a brand that has received Oprah's seal of approval, you can surely trust that they'll all be fabulous.

v day gifts bond

22. Bond Touch Bracelets

Best Valentine's Day Gift for Long-Distance Couples

If you or your partner work long hours or are in a long-distance relationship, then you already know how difficult it can be to be apart. These Bond Touch bracelets promise to make it a little easier by helping you to feel connected. When you both wear one, you'll be able to feel a vibration that imitates their touch when they want it to. You can also take part in what the company claims will be an encrypted and totally secure private chat through these devices. Wireless and battery-powered, the bracelet's bands even come in different styles to match your daily looks.

v day gifts funko

23. Funko Pop! 'star Wars' Valentine's Yoda Figure

Best Star Wars Valentine's Day Gift

Are you in love with a Star Wars fan? If so, they'll totally appreciate a collectible Valentine's Day-themed Yoda figure. At 3.5 inches tall, it's just the right size for displaying on a desk or side table, where they can draw from its force—and your love.

v day gifts zen

24. Zen Kitchen Heart Fondue Set

Cutest Valentine's Day Gift

Fondue for two is always a great date night idea and this set could not be more perfect for indulging. Featuring six heart-shaped folks and matching companion dishes as well as a larger heart-shaped pot, this glazed ceramic collection is designed to evenly distribute and retain heat—all so you and your love can enjoy a smooth, melted chocolate or creamy cheese dip. When you're done, you can put the pieces in the dishwasher for easy clean-up.

valentine s day gift on amazon fibron

25. Firbon Scrapbook

Best Handmade Valentine's Day Gift

If you want to put your own special touch on your lover's gift this year, this scrapbook is just the tool you'll need to help you do it. Its 30 pages can hold more than 120 (!) photos from your most special times together with your significant other or friends, but if that's not enough for your lifetime of memories, it's refillable pages will also allow you add and remove what you need. The sturdy cardboard cover, meanwhile, will keep them all safe.

v day gifts love

26. "love Lingual" Card Game

Most Intimate Valentine's Day Gift

Whether you never run out of things to talk about with your partner or are looking for new topics to spark an intimate conversation, this Love Lingual card game can help you open up to each other and explore new ideas. Its collection of 150 cards covers topics that touch on both individual matters and ones that relate to couples, as well as family, intimacy, the past and the future. Not just a one-time experience, this game is meant to be played again and again so that you can continue to stay connected.

v day gifts paint

27. Custom Paint By Numbers Kit

Best Personalized Valentine’s Day Gift

Give that special someone in your life a gift that's almost as special as they are in the form of this paint-by-numbers kit. All you'll need is a photo of the two of you or one that has a special meaning to you both that can be uploaded when you place your order. The company will do the rest, delivering lines of the image on a numbered canvas along with the paints your giftee will need to fill them in to create their own one-of-a-kind piece of art. An even better idea? Paint the piece together for an extra-special memory.

v day gifts date

28. 'date Night In: More Than 120 Recipes To Nourish Your Relationship'

Best Valentine's Day Gift for Home Chefs

If your significant other likes to whip up magic in the kitchen, then they'll love this book that's filled with more than 120 recipes for date night. They can make your mouth water (or vice versa!) with crostini with ricotta, prosciutto and peas before diving into tomato and fennel gazpacho with Dungeness crab. That's not to mention fabulous fennel-crusted lamb chops and delicious dulce de leche and nectarine creamsicles they'll find recipes for inside, either.

v day gifts kama

29. Kama Sutra Massage Tranquility Kit

Sexiest Valentine's Day Gift

Help your partner get in the mood with this set of massage oils. Packed with five different blends in 2-ounce bottles, this set allows the two of you to enjoy unique options like Soaring Spirits, Pleasure Garden, Serenity, Healing Blend and Sweet Almond, all which have an almond oil base. The set also comes in a travel bag, so that you can take it with you on your next romantic getaway.

v day gifts lovebox

30. Lovebox

Most Sentimental Valentines Day Gift

The Lovebox works a lot like the Bond Touch bracelets mentioned above in the sense that it provides another way to send a special message when you're apart. While it looks like any other small box that can be kept on your bedside table or desk, it's got a app-connected screen inside that allows you to easily send texts, photos, drawings or animations to let your significant other know that they're on your mind.

valentine s day gifts on amazon airbnb

31. Airbnb Gift Cards

Best Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift

If you've waited until the last minute to find the perfect present for your loved one, don't freak out: Just nab an Airbnb gift card. Available in increments that are anywhere from $25 to $200, your card will be delivered via email, so you don't have to worry about waiting around for it to arrive in the mail. Different designs are available, including one that says "love anywhere"—just the vessel for a Valentine's Day gift that promises a future romantic vacay!

v day gifts silk

32. Colorado Home Silk Sheet Set

Most Luxurious Valentine's Day Gift

If you're looking for a Valentine's day gift that's both sensual and luxurious, then you can't go wrong with these 100 percent silk sheets from Colorado Home. Sure, they're a splurge, but if the reviews are any indicator, your partner won't be able to get enough of this collection, which includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet and two pillowcases that "glide across the surface" of your bed—and your skin. Since silk is a natural temperature regulator, they'll also prevent them from overheating, even on those extra-steamy nights.

valentine s day gifts on amazon capri blue1

33. Capri Blue Volcano Candle

Best Smelling Valentines Day Gift

Capri Blue's famed Volcano candle, which is currently available in a chic pink glass that fits with the holiday at hand, is said to burn burn as long as 85 hours. Beyond that, however, it's made with essential oils of grapefruit, tangerine and sandalwood—a powerful combination of three different scents that are believed to be aphrodisiacs. Need we say more?

v day gifts eterluck

34. Eterluck Docking Station Organizer Bundle

Most Functional Valentine’s Day Gift

Make your giftee's life a little easier while showing them how much you care with this engraved docking station. With room for a phone, watch, keys and more, it will be the perfect addition to a desk or nightstand—especially since it's got a built-in reminder of your love. This bundle also comes with a handy vegan leather earphone case, as well as a tray that's also engraved with a special note.