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Stumped on what to get your guy for Valentine's Day this year? We don’t blame you—men are so hard to shop for. But trust us, a fancy watch or another bottle of cologne is not the answer. (Unless your husband specifically asked for those.) Here, we pulled together a list of 60 thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts for him that he actually wants. How do we know? Well, we asked real guys to share their past favorites, as well as what they’re secretly hoping to get this year, like a cookbook that explains all the intricacies of making bread for your partner who’s obsessed with The Great British Bake Off or a beginner’s skincare kit for your boyfriend who thinks it might be time to invest in some moisturizer. Whatever he’s hoping for, we’re willing to bet these gift suggestions will really hit the spot.

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1. Theragun Mini

For the Workout Obsessed

Whether your boyfriend is an at-home workout fanatic or just has a bad back from sitting at a desk for eight hours a day, he’ll appreciate having this compact percussive massager to work out kinks and relieve soreness. “I’ve been dropping hints that I really want a Theragun Mini. I’ve heard it’s just as effective as the classic design, but I like that it’s more portable so I can take it to the gym,” Nick, 31, tells us.

Buy It ($199)


2. Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch

For the Guy Trying to Be a Little Healthier

“With our local gym closed, my wife has finally gotten me to start running outside with her. I’m really starting to get into it, but I'd like to be able to track my distance and pace—so I’ve been dropping not-so-subtle hints about wanting a smart watch,” says Ed, 33. And while he didn’t specify exactly which watch he’s got on his eye on, this model from Fitbit is great for tracking workouts. Plus, the battery lasts upwards of six days off just one charge.

Buy It ($180; $130)

Urban Outfitters

3. Audio-Technica LP60X-BT Bluetooth Record Player

For the Retro Music Lover

“I love going to record stores and secondhand shops and buying up cheap records and listening to new music, but my current player isn’t the best. I’ve been considering investing in a new, higher-quality player for a while now but it would be great to get one as a gift so I can spend even more on the records themselves,” says Shenuque, 28.

Buy it ($299)


4. The Modern Tiffin: On-the-Go Vegan Dishes with a Global Flair Cookbook

For the Chef Looking to Expand His Horizons

Shenuque also named this cookbook—a globally-inspired mix of Indian, Mexican, Thai and Italian dishes, all of which make vegetables the star of the show—as a great way to mix up his go-to recipes and try new cooking techniques. “I’ve been meaning to expand my cooking repertoire and some of these recipes look absolutely delicious!”

$19 at Amazon


5. ThermoPop Meat Thermometer

For the Man Who Loves a Good Roast

“I have an instant read probe thermometer I use all the time, but this one can be left in a chicken or turkey or other roast to let me know at a glance when the meat has reached its optimal temperature,” Brian, 30, tells us. Indeed, this handy little tool also has a screen which rotates to allow you to read the temperature at any angle, and can be set to read either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Buy it ($35)

Outdoor Voices

6. Outdoor Voices CloudKnit Sweatpants

For the Comfort King

Yeah, you could get him a nice sweater or button-down, but he’d probably prefer something he can wear for a cozy night on the couch with you. “My partner got me these joggers for Valentine’s Day last year, and I’m pretty sure I’ve worn them every single weekend since. They’re basically my WFH uniform, too,” says Yaksha, 29.

Buy It ($88)

Available in sizes XS to XL

Uncommon Goods

7. Fitness Dice

For the Guy Sick of At-Home Workouts

“I tend to get super bored doing the same workouts over and over again,” Noam, 31, tells us. “So I thought it was really funny and sweet when my boyfriend gave me these workout dice last year.” These fun dice have a mix of exercises and reps on each side to give him a custom, random workout plan every time he rolls. It also comes with a book that explains each move in detail, alongside info on which muscles are being worked.

Buy it ($19)

Uncommon Goods

8. Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

For the Sriracha Lover

Trust us, your hot sauce aficionado will want to rip this box open ASAP and get experimenting. “My wife knows I love trying new hot sauces, so she got me this kit for my birthday. It comes with recipes so you’re not totally in the dark on how to make your own. I highly recommend it,” Fred, 46, says.

Buy It ($42)


9. Letters to Open When...

For the Long Distance Lover

If you’re in an LDR, these customizable letters will help lessen the pain of being apart. You can fill them out for occasions like “when you’re looking for inspiration” or “when you need a good laugh,” and then gift him the whole pack. Dan, 30, admits he’s a fan, saying, “I know it’s corny, but my favorite gift I’ve ever received from her is probably the “open when” letters she wrote me. I loved reading her messages, because it made it feel like she was right there with me.”

$15 at Amazon

Bed Bath & Beyond

10. MCI Folding Steel Personal Hand Truck in Silver

For the No-Fuss Practicalist

Butch, 64, raves about how this incredibly convenient little hand cart has made running errands in New York City infinitely easier. “It is not just a game-changer, it is the game-changer to end all game-changers. I’m too old to have to make four or more trips from the car to the apartment just to unload Christmas decorations or things from our storage unit, and this cart lets me load up as much as I want and just roll on down the block without hurting my back.” It also folds up for flat storage, another major bonus for small apartment dwellers.

Buy it ($37)

Uncommon Goods

11. History by Mail Subscription

For the Guy Who Knows Too Many History Facts

Your history-buff hubby already has 400 books about World War II (or WWI or the Wild West or Teddy Roosevelt’s life or basically any major moment in history), but he doesn’t have a replica of Albert Einstein’s personal letters to FDR. This monthly subscription will send him a new packet of painstakingly replicated documents from interesting moments in history. (P.S. Maybe pick up a few frames as well for him to put his favorite pieces on display.)

Buy it (from $40)


12. Champ Chest

For the Football Fan

Got a major football fan on your hands? He’ll lose it over one of these custom gift boxes filled with his favorite team’s gear. “My wife has told me I’m hard to shop for, but she totally nailed it for my birthday this year. She got me a Dallas Cowboys Champ Chest that came with a bunch of awesome stuff like a Cowboys T-shirt and beer koozie,” says Jamie, 51.

Buy It (From $80)


13. Tracksmith Fells Henley

For the Avid Runner

“I’m always itching for cool new running gear, but I especially like that this shirt could work off the track too,” says Thomas, 25. Tracksmith’s stylish design is make from Merino wool that’s specifically crafted to help wick away moisture and keep runners (or other athletes) warm and dry even during the coldest, hardest workouts. But the Fells Henley also has chic finishing touches, like a trip of buttons at the neckline and a soft, waffle-esque texture that make it a great option for everyday wear as well.

Buy it ($118)

Available in sizes S to XL


14. Brooklyn Candle Room Perfume Reed Diffuser

For the Guy Who Loves a Calming Candle

“I’ve slowly been turning my home into a little oasis and focusing on decorating with things that make me feel happy and calm as a way to try an combat pandemic stress and a gentle, elegant scent diffuser would make a perfect addition to my current set-up” Jay, 52, tells us. There are three lovely scents to choose from, but we’re partial to Sunday Morning which has notes of pear, bergamot, jasmine, gardenia and a base of amber woods.

Buy it ($42; $32)


15. National Parks Poster Set

For the Outdoor Adventurer

Sage, 31, received these artsy renderings of U.S. National Parks last year and is hoping to expand his collection again soon. Pick up a trio of posters representing his favorite vacation spots, or go aspirational and opt for the places at the top of his travel bucket-list. (Be sure to pick up some frames as well so he can hang them right away.)

Buy it (from $41)


16. Timbuk2 Lane Commuter Backpack

For the Bike Commuter

“My girlfriend got me this backpack four years ago and it is still my favorite gift ever,” says 30-year-old Brian. “It’s waterproof, super comfortable, has enough room for my laptop and tons of pockets to keep everything else organized, and it also has a reflective stripe so I feel better about having it on my back when I bike around after dark.” Even better, this backpack, just like all of Timbuk2’s products, comes with a lifetime warranty, so if the fabric starts to peel or a zipper breaks you can simply send it in for repairs rather than splurging on an entirely new bag.

Buy it ($179)


17. L.L.Bean Wicked Cozy Heated Electric Blanket

For the Man Who’s Perpetually Cold

“My girlfriend knows it gets cold in my apartment, so she got me this throw blanket as part of my gift last Valentine’s Day. It was my favorite gift because it was such a thoughtful idea,” explains Blake, 28. Now you’ll never have to listen to him complain about his drafty windows again.

Buy It ($219)


18. Yeti Hopper Backflip 24 Soft Cooler

For the Tailgate Aficionado

Something tells us your guy’s eyes will light up when he finds out this cooler backpack can store up to 24 cans of beer. At least, that’s what impressed one man we spoke to. “My wife got me this bag for our anniversary last year and it’s awesome. I use it for everything from tailgates to beach days and it really does keep my drinks ice cold for hours,” says Ted, 35.

Buy It ($300)

Uncommon Goods

19. 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

For the Film Buff

This scratch off movie bucket list features over 100 blockbusters, so you’re guaranteed to find a few that your favorite movie buff hasn’t seen yet. It includes classics like Casablanca and Jaws, plus newer titles like Moonlight and Up. In other words, you two won’t face the ‘what should we watch tonight?’ quandary for a while.

Buy It ($15)


20. Homwom Casino Poker Chip Set

For the Card Shark

“My fiancée got me this set a few years ago, and it’s still my favorite gift she’s ever given me. All of my buddies are really jealous,” raved Ryan, 31. Whether he hosts poker night every week or he’s new to the world of Texas Hold’em, he’ll appreciate the sleek design of this set.

$45 at Amazon


21. OHOM Ui Mug & Warmer Set

For the Coffee Lover

His WFH routine typically includes multiple trips to the microwave to nuke his lukewarm coffee. But once you give him this mug warming plate, he can stay comfy at his desk all morning long. Reviewers say it keeps their cup of joe warm for hours, plus the charging/warming plate can also be used as a wireless phone charger.

Buy It ($88)


22. The Comfy Oversized Blanket Sweatshirt

For the Man Who Prioritizes Comfort

Behold, your new excuse to cuddle up and watch Netflix all weekend, every weekend. Once he puts on this cozy sherpa-lined hoodie-blanket hybrid, he won’t ever want to take it off. Tim, 30, agreed: “My girlfriend already had one and knew I was jealous, so she surprised me with my own Comfy last Valentine’s Day. Best. Gift. Ever.”

$40 at Amazon


23. Brooklyn Brew Shop Everyday IPA Beer Making Kit

For the Guy Who Only Drinks Micro-Brews

“I’d always wanted to make my own beer, but I never got around to buying the equipment. My wife got me this kit last year, and I was able to churn out a surprisingly good IPA,” explains Sienni, 28. This particular set includes an IPA-making mix, a reusable glass fermenter, vinyl tubing and just about everything else he needs to start experimenting.

Buy It ($48; $32)


24. All-Clad Stainless Steel Waffle Maker

For the Sunday Brunch Fan

You might not think a waffle maker screams Valentine’s Day, but you know what they say about the key to a man’s heart. “The best gift my wife has given me so far was an All-Clad waffle maker,” says Steve, 30. “Waffles are my favorite food, and now we get to make them together all the time.”

$120 at Amazon



For the Guy Just Getting Into Skincare

Nope, Birchbox isn’t just for women. The OG beauty subscription service offers a men’s grooming box featuring a monthly assortment of high-end shaving, skin and hair products for him to test out. Here’s hoping he’ll finally stop stealing your face wash.

Buy It (From $10/Month)


26. Foxlyprints Custom Dog Portrait

For the Man Who Loves His Pup More than Anyone

The only thing he loves more than you? Your pup, of course. Jake, 29, tells us that his fiancé got him a portrait of their pitbull from this Etsy seller last Valentine’s Day and he immediately hung it in their bedroom. Now that’s a sure sign of a good gift.

Buy It (From $50)

Uncommon Goods

27. Shiitake Mushroom Log Kit

For the Wannabe Farmer

He already has an indoor herb-growing station or a blooming outdoor vegetable garden, but we’re willing to bet he has yet to try his hand at growing his own mushrooms. This at-home grow kit is incredibly easy to use—simply soak the salvaged wood, then store it in a dark, damp place—and in about six weeks he’ll have his very own shiitake mushroom harvest.

Buy it ($30)


28. Levain Cookies

For the Man With a Major Sweet Tooth

These delicious cookies are only sold in NYC, but lucky for us the bakery will ship almost anywhere in the U.S. (including Hawaii and Alaska, but sadly not Puerto Rico), so everyone can get in on the fun. You can hand-pick anywhere between four and 12 yummy cookies, so he’s guaranteed to love every bite. Hopefully, he also shares a few with his oh-so-thoughtful partner.

Buy it (from $27)


29. Framebridge Desk Picture Frame

For the Guy Who Has Everything Already

Sometimes the best Valentine’s Day gifts are the simple ones. Using Framebridge, you can upload a picture of you two and totally customize the size and style of the frame you want for it. “My girlfriend used Framebridge to frame my favorite picture of us and gave it to me for our anniversary last month. I leave it on my desk right next to my computer so I can look at it all day,” says Nick, 33. We suggest going with a 4x6 or 5x7 size so your guy can do the same.

Buy It (from $39)


30. ‘Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast: The Fundamentals of Artisan Bread and Pizza’ Cookbook

For the Great British Baking Show Obsessed

If he’s always cheffing something up, get him this best-selling cookbook from chef Ken Forkish. Matt, 23, says, “My partner and I looked through this cookbook together in a bookstore last weekend. I really hope she gets me it for Valentine’s Day so that I can start cooking for her more often.”

$17 at Amazon


31. Aberfeldy 16 Year Single Malt Scotch Whisky

For the Whiskey Expert

OK, so technically we talked to a girlfriend for this one, but she swears her boyfriend is gonna love it. “He is obsessed with whiskey and is even party of a ‘whiskey club,’ so I’m gifting him this really nice bottle of Aberfeldy this year. I can’t wait to watch him open it,” Catrina, 27, tells us.

Buy It (from $107)


32. Oculus Quest 2 Advanced All-in-One Virtual Reality Headset

For the IRL Inspector Gadget

This VR headset will keep him busy for hours, meaning you can finally watch The Bachelor without his constant commentary. Chan, 32, tells us his birthday is right after Valentine’s Day, so he’s hoping his wife might get him this immersive device as a gift for both (since it is a bit of a splurge). It allows you to play games, virtually attend live concerts and even work out inside a virtual world.

$299 at Amazon


33. Casper 15-Pound Weighted Blanket

For the Light Sleeper

Can we let you in on a little secret? Guys love weighted blankets. Seriously, three of the men we surveyed named a weighted blanket as the best gift they’ve ever gotten from their partner. This one from Casper provides 15 pounds of soothing pressure so he can feel like he’s getting one of your famous hugs all night long.

Buy It ($179)


34. Radiate Portable Campfire

For the Backyard Camper

This very cool design is, as the name suggests, a large portable candle-esque burner that can be used as a campfire without all the mess and hassle of gathering wood or sweeping up ashes. It also promises a smoke-free burn so he and his buddies won’t have to keep rotating around the fire in an attempt to get out of the way of billowing smoke. And, yes, he can still safely roast marshmallows or hotdogs over the open flame for a fabulous outdoor snack.

Buy it ($28)


35. Winc Wine Subscription

For the Guy Who Wants to Expand His Wine Tastes

Your husband considers himself a budding sommelier, so you may as well lean into the hobby by gifting him a wine subscription. Once he takes the six-question palate profile quiz, the experts at Winc will recommend four wines they think he’ll like. He can order the entire list of recommendations or make swaps and additions as he’d like. If you’re lucky, he might let you sample a bottle or two.

Buy It (From $13/Bottle)

Uncommon Goods

36. The Anniversary Journal

For the Sentimental Type

When you’ve been together for a while, the years start to blend together. So your sentimental hubby will love the idea of this anniversary journal. It allows you to keep track of how you celebrated your anniversary every year (for up to 60 years) plus favorite books, movies and activities you have together and new discoveries you’ve made in your relationship. And just think about how fun it’ll be to look back on what you wrote 10 years from now.

Buy It ($85)


37. Flowjo The Couple's Bucket List Date Ideas Cards

For the Creative Couple

Feel like date night has gotten a little predictable in pandemic times? This deck of 100 date idea cards will fix that. Jarrod, 40, said that since his girlfriend got him the Couple’s Bucket List for his birthday, they’ve been having a ton of fun together on the weekends. Ideas range from recreating your favorite date to doing a DIY project together, and there are special sections so you can separate out the ideas you’ve already used.

$50 at Amazon


38. Lululemon City Sweat Pullover Hoodie

For the Man Who Could Use a Wardrobe Update

Here’s a gift he probably wants, but would never actually buy himself. After all, most guys are too nervous to actually set foot in Lululemon alone. That’s where you come in. This hoodie is made from super soft, breathable French terry fabric, meaning it’ll quickly become the most-worn sweatshirt in his collection.

Buy It ($118)

Available in sizes XS to XXL

Uncommon Goods

39. Bond Touch Long Distance Touch Bracelets

For the Guy Who Travels Too Much for Work

Whether you two are in an LDR or he just misses you while you’re at the office all day, these smart bracelets will help you feel more connected. Every time you touch yours, your partner’s will light up to let him know you’re thinking of him. The same goes for when he touches his bond touch. Reviewers say it’s the perfect way to remind your partner you love them when you don’t have time to call or send them a text.

Buy It ($108)


40. Satisfyer Curvy 1+

For the Sexually Adventurous

OK, so technically this is a gift for both of you. Satisfyer’s Curvy 1+ vibrator can be synced with an app, meaning he can control the air pulses and vibration speeds with a swipe of his finger. It works from anywhere, and the app has a secure video chat function that allows him to watch your reaction as he changes the settings. Long distance couples, take note.

Buy It ($60; $45)

Our Place

41. Our Place Always Pan

For the Guy Who Makes Eggs Every. Single. Morning

The Always Pan is designed to replace eight pieces of cookware so that he can braise, saute, steam, sear, fry, boil, strain and serve food with it. No wonder Benji, 39, is hoping his wife will get him one for V-Day. Just note that most colors are expected to ship in early to mid February, so it may arrive a little after the holiday.

Buy It ($145)


42. Brooklinen Classic Bath Towel Bundle

For the Guy In Need of a Linen Closet Refresh

Another girlfriend recommendation, these towels were a major hit with Laurel’s partner Hunter. “We’ve been out of college for two years now but my boyfriend was still using his old ratty towels and to be honest, it was driving me nuts. I bought him this towel set for his birthday, actually, but it was kind of hilarious how excited he was about them. The first time he used them he couldn’t stop talking about how great it was to have nice towels and how he’d previously thought “nice towels” weren’t really a thing. You better bet I’m using this experience to convince him to upgrade his bedding now, too.”

Buy it (from $99)


43. J.Crew Eco Nordic shirt-jacket with PrimaLoft

For the Fashionably Focused

“My partner wore his favorite fall jacket until it was literally falling apart at the seams,” Chris, 39, tells us, “so a new coat was more of a necessity than a creative gift idea. I was so happy to stumble upon this J.Crew shacket which could easily work for both casual weekends and nicer dinners. It’s right up his alley and is comfortable and chic, a triple threat”

Buy it ($188)

Available in sizes XS to XXL


44. UGG Ascot Slippers

For the Guy with Cold Feet (Literally)

Since our partner started working from home, he’s made a habit of stealing our slippers to keep his toes warm at his desk. Our only hope of reclaiming them? Gifting him his own cozy pair for Valentine’s Day. These ones from Ugg are shearling-lined and have a durable rubber sole so he won’t slip on his way to the mailbox.

Buy It ($110)


45. Bitty Boomers Baby Yoda Mini Bluetooth Speaker

For the Star Wars Obsessed

Fact: Grown men love Star Wars. So if your partner is obsessed with The Mandalorian, you can’t go wrong giving him this mini baby Yoda speaker for Valentine’s Day. He can proudly display it on his desk without taking up precious space, and reviewers say the sound quality is pretty impressive considering the price.

$16 at Amazon


46. Bose Sport Earbuds

For the Podcast Listener

“My wife got me these headphones for Christmas, and I’m totally obsessed. They’re specifically designed for active use, so they never fall out of my ears while I’m running like my AirPods used to,” says Mark, 44. And the five-hour battery life ensures that they won’t die mid-workout (as long as he remembers to charge them, that is).

Buy It ($179)


47. Sneaker Lab SL Premium Kit

For the Man with an Impressive Collection of Kicks

If you’re married to a sneaker head, you know how much effort they put into keeping their sneaks in prime condition. This kit contains a sneaker cleaner, odor protector, premium hard wood brush and a sneaker protector solution to ensure his favorite pairs stay dirt- and odor-free.

Buy It ($25)


48. Bromeliad Pineapple Plant

For the Experience Plant Dad

Even if he’s a seasoned plant dad, chances are your boyfriend doesn’t have a Bromeliad Pineapple Plant yet. Bloomscape will help you change that. As long as he places it in indirect sunlight and waters it whenever the top layer of soil begins to feel dry, your BF should start to see the spikey fruit start to grow in just a few weeks.

Buy It ($79)

L.L. Bean

49. L.L. Bean Jumbo Checkers and Chess

For the Weekly Game Night Planner

Josh, 34, tells us that while he was reluctant to watch The Queen’s Gambit at first, he was hooked by the end of the first episode. And now that he’s finished with the series, Josh is dying to learn The Sicilian Defense chess opening. Fingers crossed that his wife is reading this so she can get him a chess set for Valentine’s Day.

Buy It ($99)


50. Lighttimetunnel Sleep Headphones

For the Man Who Like to Fall Asleep to Music

Sleep next to an insomniac? Try getting him one of these eye masks with built-in headphones. It’s designed to block out 100 percent of light while he listens to his favorite white noise or meditation track via Bluetooth. Over 3,000 five-star reviewers say it’s a total game-changer for people who have trouble sleeping.

$23 at Amazon

Harry & David

51. Harry & David Charcuterie and Cheese Assortment

For the Charcuterie Cutie

Featuring three types of Italian salami and three types of cheese, this delivery will make your charcuterie board fanatic a very happy camper. Just make sure you have crackers on hand when it arrives, since he’ll probably want to start cutting into it right away.

Buy It (from $90)


52. Sexy Truth or Dare

For the Couple Hoping to Spice Things Up

These sexy truth or dare prompts like “try taking off one piece of my clothing—your choice—without using your hands,” will definitely spice up your next at-home date night. “I got this for my boyfriend last Valentine’s Day and we still use it sometimes,” confirmed Molly, 30.

$15 at Amazon


53. The Ridge Metal Aluminum Cash Strap

For the Guy With a Duct Tape Wallet

He’s been using a rubber band to keep his cash organized for as long as you can remember, so it’s time for an upgrade. This slim metal card case should do the trick. It can hold up to 12 cards and has an external elastic strap to hold cash or his keys.

Buy It ($85)

Urban Outfitters

54. We’re Not Really Strangers Card Game

For a Different Sort of Game Night

If you feel like your communication has been lacking lately, get him this set of 150 cards designed to lead to meaningful conversation. Joe, 28, tells us that while he was dreading using the game at first, it really helped him and his girlfriend get out of a rut in their relationship.

Buy It ($30; $24)


55. Shaker & Spoon Subscription

For the Budding Mixologist

You two love trying out new drink recipes together, so he’s bound to get excited when he finds out you’ve signed him up for this monthly cocktail subscription. Each box comes with three original cocktail recipes, plus enough ingredients to make four of each drink. All he has to do is buy the liquor, and you’re ready for an at-home mixology session.

Buy It (From $40/Month)

Shari’s Berries

56. Shari’s Berries Dipped and Drizzled Strawberries

For the Classic Romantic

There’s a reason chocolate-covered strawberries are a classic Valentine’s Day gift: They’re delicious. This assortment from Shari’s Berries contains fresh strawberries covered in milk and white chocolate. And don’t worry about them getting overripe in the mail—customers say they arrive in perfect condition.

Buy It (From $33)

Juniper Books

57. Juniper Books The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Sets

For the Book Worm

Nolan, 33, tells us he recently invested in custom bookshelves for his living room and is now looking to fill them with all his favorite reads. “The Lord of the Rings is probably my favorite book series of all time. I already own copies of the books, but these sleeves are just too cool not to get to put front and center on my new shelves.” Juniper Books has lots of decorative book sets that will really pop, and for those who already own copies there is also the option to buy just the book jackets instead.

Buy it ($150)


58. RasurePrints LLC Solid Cork Push Pin Travel Map

For the World Traveler

Maybe you and your husband have a major case of the travel bug. While you probably haven’t gone too many places this year, this push pin travel map will help him remember all the cool places you’ve been together (plus a few that you’re hoping to visit one day).

Buy It (From $31)


59. Tangram Smart Rope LED

For the Guy Working on His Fitness

Help your better half crush his 2022 fitness goals by hooking him up with this smart jump rope. It displays jump count in midair, so all he has to focus his attention on is not tripping.

Buy It ($80)


60. ‘What I Love About You’ Fill in the Love Book

For the Sappy but Sweet Partner

With fill in the blank prompts like “you deserve the ____ award” and “you have the greatest taste in ____,” you can make this book as silly or heartfelt as you want. Either way, he’ll definitely be smiling as he reads through it.

$9 at Amazon

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