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You’re used to seeing triple digits on your supermarket receipts—except, of course, when you shop at Trader Joe’s. (Two-dollar wine? Yes, please.) But did you know you could actually be saving even more? Here, six super-easy ways to lower your TJ’s grocery bill.

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You Can Enter a Raffle to Win $25 Worth of Free Groceries

Entry is free every time you shop with a reusable bag. And since find yourself browsing the aisles no less than once a week, the odds are in your favor. Huzzah!


FYI, Trader Joe's Sells Specialty Wines and Cheeses for Much Less

Why shell out big bucks to buy Jarlsberg from your cheesemonger when you can pick up a similar-sized wedge from TJ’s for half the price?


You Can Return Any Foods You Don't Like

Even if you eat the whole thing. Just return to the store with your receipt—and the packaging—and talk to the folks at the customer service booth to get a full refund, no questions asked.

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You Can Try Before You Buy

Yep, according to Bargain Babe, Trader Joe’s employees are allowed to open up any non-alcoholic product on the shelves you’d like to sample. For example, the Cinnamon Schoolbook Cookies. If you hate ’em (you won’t), better to taste-test them now before you have to waste money on a return trip to the store.


You Can Take Advantage of Additional Savings Thanks to Fearless Flyer Coupons

Just browse the store’s monthly mailer online before making the trip. There, you’ll find discounts and specials on a range of items—from salsa to succulents.


And Use Regular Coupons for Non-Trader Joe's Items

Manufacturer’s coupons—like the ones for your Annie’s Natural mac and cheese—are all accepted here. Cash 'em in and save even more!

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