Trader Joe’s Tell-All: An Employee Just Answered Some Burning Questions and Shared Secrets on Reddit

Ever wondered why your favorite Trader Joe’s products sell out so quickly? Or why the employees are so damn nice (even with lines snaking out the door and that massive cowbell ringing in the distance)? Same.

In a recent Reddit Ask Me Anything, a TJ’s employee based in New York City opened the floor to questions about the beloved grocery store. And no surprise here, it was very juicy.

The Redditor, here going by the moniker semblanceofafeeling, was asked one thing a lot: “How are the employees always so happy? I can’t leave there in a bad mood, everyone seems so genuinely thrilled to be at work.”

Semblanceofafeeling credited good treatment of employees (good schedules, health insurances, above-average pay) as the biggest source of positive energy. And they said it’s not just a show, either: “We’re not told to lie, or fake it. While a lot of us have a ‘customer service’ face, mostly the personalities you see are… actually us. Our uniqueness and different personalities are celebrated instead of squashed.” Who ever thought grocery shopping could be so…heartwarming?

Moving on to Trader Joe’s products, many people wanted to know if their favorite items would be returning (feta spread, unfortunately no; coffee barbecue rub, yes!). And will stores order products by request if they aren’t carrying something but other TJ’s are? According to this employee, yes—if you ask enough.

Behold, though, the single most important question we found in the entire thread: “When will halloumi be in season?”

And the answer: summer, hopefully. (Noted.)

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