5 Food Micro Trends That Will Get You Psyched for the Holidays

It's not even Halloween, but we're already starting to think of the holidays—and we're not alone. Holiday and Christmas-related searches have been climbing since mid-September, and store aisles are already getting flooded with decor. As we scour the hottest products on the market, we noticed a few niche trends worth noting, so you can be ahead of the curve this season.

Hot chocolate is a holiday season staple, but this year, it's emerging in all kinds of forms—some inedible, like Glossier's collaboration with Swiss Miss, creating a balm that smells like the drink and leaves a subtle, chestnut brown tint to your cheeks and lips.

On the sippable front, Google searches are skyrocketing for caffeinated hot chocolate, as well as versions that include mushrooms and bone broth. As for us? Our alt take of choice is Serendipity's Frrrozen Hot Chocolate, which is available in classic, white chocolate, mocha and sugar-free varieties.

Fact: Nobody has enough oven space during the holiday season. There's a certain gymnastics to determining the ideal cooking schedule to get everything warm on the table on time, which is why we're predicting your microwave will become your new BFF.

While the device is typically relegated to mug cakes and reheating leftovers, new cookware—like Anyday's dish sets—aims to elevate what you can get out of the dorm-room staple. Still skeptical? Just try one of Momofuku founder David Chang's microwave recipes. (Or our 15-minute mashed potatoes, for that matter.)

holiday food microtrends: jar of eggo nog next to a waffle and garland

Serving cocktails for a crowd just got a whole lot easier. Eggo Nog, the frozen waffle company's take on classic 'nog, is already generating a buzz online, so you better believe it will turn heads if you bring a bottle to your holiday party. The brand partnered with Tennessee-based distillery Sugarlands Distilling Co. to create the strictly-for-adults drink, which boasts a 20 percent ABV. It's creamy, with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg and a rum base.

4. Non-Charcuterie Boards

Butter boards are all over your TikTok feed, but they aren't the only riff on an appetizer-served-on-a-block-of-wood this fall. We're seeing dessert-focused takes, like buttercream boards, cannoli boards and dulce de leche boards; as well as other savory options, like burrata boards and hummus boards. Pick the dip that works best for you, and be sure to offer plenty of knives for schmearing and spreading. (Bonus: These twists on charcuterie boards are often cheaper than buying up all kinds of artisanal meats and cheeses.)

Everyone's holiday to-do list feels miles long, and while you love your go-to dinner menu, sometimes you want to mix things up...and skip all that time spent at the grocery store. Why not give yourself the grace of a shortcut, ordering a holiday meal from a subscription service? You're still cooking it yourself, but you don't need to hunt down ingredients or wind up with a pantry full of seasonings you'll only use once a year.

Many brands are even offering add-ons, should you want an easy-yet-impressive app, side or dessert to bring to a party.

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