These 20 Unique Halloween Decorations Are Bound to Sell Out This Year

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If you're someone who always says they want to have the best-decorated house for Halloween, but then end up only putting out two carved pumpkins on the porch, we understand. But this year, we think it’s time to make good on our Halloween aspirations. Let's make a pact: Not only will we buy some of the best draw-dropping decorations, but we'll also shop early enough that no one can beat us to the punch. Shop these 20 unique Halloween decorations now before they sell out.

The 8 Best Halloween Decorating Trends of 2022 

unique halloween decor1

1. Lightshare 7-Foot Halloween Willow Tree

Go big or go home, are we right? This 7-foot tree looks incredibly realistic, and the purple and orange LED lights give off an eerie yet angelic vibe.

unique halloween decor2

2. French Bulldog Skeleton Halloween Decorative Prop

The one Halloween decor trend that we’re seeing *everywhere* this year? Skeleton animals of all kinds. The trend includes just about any creature you can imagine, and this quasi-cuddly tchotchke offers a frightening decorative touch that’ll keep your actual Frenchie from using it as a chew toy (hopefully).

unique halloween decor3

3. Creepy Hands Wall Candles

Taking “creepy” to the next level, these mountable candles make it look like zombies are emerging from your walls. Each order comes with one hand, mounting screws and one LED wax-like candle. Plus, the hands mount easily with a cutout for the included drywall anchors, and they can be activated with two AA batteries.

unique halloween decor4
home depot

4. Skelly 12-Foot Giant-Sized Skeleton With LifeEyes

There are skeleton Halloween decorations, and then there’s Skelly, the 12-foot-tall skeleton with piercing blue, LCD-screen eyes, who’s developed such a fandom he sells out almost instantly, despite his $299 price tag.

unique halloween decor5
Pottery Barn

5. Set of 4 Hanging Skull LED String Lights

Speaking of skeletons, this isn’t your ordinary set of string lights. This set of four skulls creates the illusion of hanging from mid-air, and each one lights up with an eerie glow that will easily knock someone's socks off. Oh, and did we mention that it has a six-hour timer feature?

unique halloween decor6

6. Universal 6-Foot Animatronic Halloween II Michael Myers

Yet another Halloween decorating trend that’s raging in 2022? Supersized skeletons, ghosts, werewolves and mummies. Indeed, every company, from Home Depot to Lowe’s to Sam’s Club noted demand for giant decor—and this 6-foot-tall Michael Myers is so realistic, we can’t promise it won’t send trick-or-treaters running for the hills when its hand-with-knife moves up and down as spooky "Hallo Ween" music plays.

unique halloween decor7
1800 Flowers

7. BOO for You! 3D Flower Ghost

Here, an adorably unique 3D flower ghost made from bunches of long-lasting white cushion poms. Its deep black eyes are made from chenille stems and add a creative touch for anyone who’s looking to take Casper the Friendly Ghost to the next level.

unique halloween decor8
Home Depot

8. Mummy Face Halloween Garage Door Decor Mural for Single Car Garage

If you want to take things to the next level, you can revamp your garage doors with this head-turning mural.

unique halloween decor9

9. Haunted Hill Farm 43-Inch Animatronic Doll

This is just what your lawn needs to turn heads this Halloween. This terrifying doll has a glowing head that will ask, “Don’t you want to play?” as he crawls across the floor. He’ll also say things like, “Come closer” and “I got a secret,” turning your house into a fright fest for anyone who dares to approach it.

unique halloween decor10
Neiman Marcus

10. Mackenzie-Childs Halloween Trick-Or-Treat Pumpkin Topiary

ICYMI, checkerboard patterns are *the trend* of 2022. Bring the look into spooky season with this trick-or-treat pumpkin topiary by MacKenzie-Childs. Not only does it include a trendy checkered base, but it’s stacked with a trio of hand-painted capiz pumpkins and accented with the words ‘trick or treat’ fashioned in twisted metal.

unique halloween decor11

11. Seasonblow 9-Foot Animated Fire and Ice Dragon with Wings

We bet no one on your street will have this fire and ice dragon inflatable. It has a blower that automatically inflates, plus it features two built-in LED lights and one flame light to create a flashing red effect on the dragon's abdomen.

unique halloween decor12
West Elm

12. Terracotta Skull Candelabra

The perfect centerpiece for your Halloween party, this terracotta skull candelabra is made in a clay finish, so it won’t ruin the rest of your home’s boho decor. Plus, it features floral embellishments that are just as trendy as they are festive.

unique halloween decor13

13. Plow & Hearth Posable Pumpkin Vine Arms and Legs Set

Equipped with two posable arms and legs that feature prongs you can easily stick into real or faux pumpkins, this wire set offers an easy (and eerie) touch to your front door’s vignette. Not to mention that it bends at the knuckles, wrists and knees to instantly give your pumpkin a creepy vibe and bring it to life.

unique halloween decor14

14. Inflatable Haunted House Castle with Skeleton, Ghost and Skulls

If you’re looking to make the ultimate entryway statement, this is how it’s done. This inflatable haunted house is sure to make a statement with an 8.5-inch display that inflates with an external blower (included), along with internal lights that create a glowing nighttime display.

unique halloween decor15

15. Lighted Halloween Fireplace with Cat Infinity Mirror

A fireplace with a cat infinity mirror? Sign us up.

unique halloween decor16

16. Tekky Toys Animated Haunted Toy Box

Pop-up toy boxes are a Halloween must-have. This one features a creepy clown, doll and teddy bear trio, plus spooky sounds and glowing lights.

unique halloween decor17
Home Depot

17. Light Up Halloween Animatronic Witch

Why settle for a basic witch prop when you can have one that lights up with glowing green eyes, says four creepy phrases and is touch-activated?

unique halloween decor18

18. Gemmy Projection Airblown Fire & Ice Mixed Media Jack O Reaper Giant

Into colorful, swinging lights? This inflatable is for you.

unique halloween decor19
Bed Bath and Beyond

19. Gemmy Misting Lab Beaker Tabletop Halloween Decoration

Perfect for anyone who wants to channel their inner Walter White, this misting lab beaker has a base shaped like an open-flame burner that creates an eerie green glow. What’s more, it features sound effects and illumination that activates with the push of a button, and a "Poison" warning label on the front for an extra punch.

unique halloween decor20

20. Zcaukya Halloween Indoor Decoration

Every house needs at least one giant LED light. This 2-foot spider web should be yours. (Bonus: It's weather-resistant.)


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