The 11 Best Pies in Miami for the Holidays (or Anytime, Really)

You could spend 24 hours mixing, rolling, assembling and baking the perfect pie… or you could let the pros take care of your holiday—and everyday—dessert needs. From good ol’ key lime and rustic pumpkin to vegan banana chocolate chip and sprinkle sundae (yes, in pie form), these 11 spots will satisfy your sweet cravings this Thanksgiving and beyond. Here’s where to find the best pies in Miami for the holidays (or, um, any day).

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Best Pies in Miami - A slice of pumpkin pie topped with whipped cream and spices sits on a white plate in front of a peach background. Behind the slice of pumpkin pie is the whole pie that the slice was cut from.
Courtesy of Fireman Derek's Bake Shop

1. Fireman Derek’s Bake Shop

  • Neighborhood: Wynwood, Coconut Grove and Fort Lauderdale
  • Other standout menu item: salted caramel

Ice cream with pie is a good idea. Ice cream in pie is a great idea. Owned by Derek Kaplan, a Miami firefighter turned pie maker, this bakeshop—which includes three locations, Wynwood, Coconut Grove and Fort Lauderdale—turns out flavors like the aforementioned sundae pie, coconut custard, key lime and the cult-favorite dark salted caramel. Good luck trying to trick your guests into thinking you made it yourself.

best pies miami madruga bakery
Courtesy of Madruga Bakery

2. Madruga Bakery

  • Neighborhood: Coral Gables
  • Other standout menu item: seeded baguette

At Madruga Bakery, Zak the Baker vet Naomi Harris creates about a dozen different breads along with beautifully designed pastries and cakes. We’re obsessed with her pies, though, especially the rum-scented pecan, browned butter pumpkin and oat streusel apple.

Best Pies in Miami - An overhead shot of over a dozen pies from Zak the Baker. They are each in their respective packaging with a corresponding label of the kind of pie it is.
Courtesy of Zak the Baker

3. Zak the Baker

  • Neighborhood: Wynwood
  • Other standout menu item: sourdough

Zak the Baker is filled with things we love: sourdough breads, chocolate babkas, croissants and cookies. Not to be overlooked is the bakery’s selection of pies, including a perfectly sweet strawberry rhubarb, chocolate caramel and traditional apple. We’ll take one of each, please.

best pies in miami bachour
Courtesy of Bachour

4. Bachour

  • Neighborhood: Coral Gables and Doral
  • Other standout menu item: berry shortcake 

Besides serving expert-level breakfast, lunch and brunch fare, pastry mastermind Antonio Bachour specializes in downright gorgeous and delicious pastries, including pies. With outposts across South Florida, the sweets selection is almost too pretty to eat. Yeah, your dessert dreams just came true here.

Best Pies in Miami - A selection of a number of pies from Rosetta Bakery. Some contain fruit, others chocolate. They are staggered at different heights and on display in front of a white brick wall.
Courtesy of Rosetta Bakery

5. Rosetta Bakery

  • Neighborhood: Across Miami
  • Other standout menu item: focaccia

You’re probably already familiar with this Italian café chain, whose baked goods keep us coming back year-round (think strawberry tiramisu and Nutella bomboloni). But have you ever sampled their holiday pies? Rosetta’s pies are like the Italian counterpart to your favorite American pies. Filled with chocolate or lemon cream and topped with every fresh berry imaginable, these sugar-dusted beauties are guaranteed to make you the most popular dinner host.

best pies miami joes stone crab
Courtesy of Joe's Stone Crab

6. Joe’s Stone Crab

  • Neighborhood: South Beach
  • Other standout menu item: stone crab

For more than a hundred years, this legendary South Beach restaurant has been the definitive place to feast on massive crustaceans served family-style. But no meal here is complete without a slice of the famous key lime pie, which is made fresh daily. The best part? You can get an entire pie to go. We can’t think of a better way to finish our meal than with a slice (or two) of this creamy, zesty beauty.

best pies in miami bunnie cakes
Courtesy of Bunnie Cakes

7. Bunnie Cakes

  • Neighborhood: Across Miami
  • Other standout menu item: chocolate chip vegan cupcakes

These drool-worthy treats are—wait for it—100 percent vegan. The bright-pink bakeshop has been turning out vegan treats since before it was cool. There are dozens of cake, cupcake and pie flavors—like guava, key lime and banana chocolate chip—that could easily go head-to-head with their butter-laden counterparts and still end up on top. The best part? These sweet treats are not only available for custom order but can also be found at local Whole Foods stores across South Florida.

best pies in miami contenti cupcakes
Courtesy of Contenti Cupcakes

8. Contenti Cupcakes

  • Neighborhood: Across Miami
  • Other standout menu item: chocolate raspberry cake

Don’t let the name fool you—there’s much more to be had at this mobile treats trailer than just cupcakes. Depending on the time of year, you’ll find buttery, flaky pie crusts filled with blueberries, grapes, strawberries and whatever other fruits are in season. One bite of the caramel apple or cherry will instantly put you in a holiday mood. Just make sure to place your order at least 72 hours in advance.

9. Fookem's Fabulous

  • Neighborhood: Coconut Grove
  • Other standout menu item: traditional key lime pie

This is Florida, so who says you can’t have a key lime pie on your fall holiday table? We love what they’re whipping up at Fookem’s Fabulous. It’s one of the tastiest, tangiest key limes you can find in Miami without venturing down to the Keys. Known for its sea salt graham cracker crust, Fookem’s offers a variety of key lime pie spin-offs beyond its signature pie, including guava, pineapple and coconut.

10. Knaus Berry Farm

  • Neighborhood: Homestead
  • Other standout menu item: cinnamon roll

You know—and love—Knaus Berry Farm for its legendary cinnamon rolls and strawberry milkshakes. But you may not realize that from November through April, Knaus also bakes some of Miami’s tastiest pies. Pecan, guava, apple, blueberry, cherry and even key lime—you name it, they bake it. The only catch is you’ll have to venture down South to grab one.

11. Flour & Weirdoughs

  • Neighborhood: Key Biscayne
  • Other standout menu item: sourdough bread

Known for sourdough loaves and fresh-baked croissants, Flour & Weirdoughs takes their bakehouse game to the next level during the holiday season. Leading up to Thanksgiving, place a preorder for one of their crave-worthy pies like lemon meringue, spiced bourbon pecan or dulce de leche with coconut. Mmm.

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