The 20 Best Bakeries in Miami We Seriously Can’t Live Without

Few things give us more joy in life than biting into a warm and flaky croissant from Zak the Baker. Or a delicate guava pastelito from Versailles Bakery. Or freshly baked sourdough from True Loaf. Or a…well, you get the idea. Miami's bakeries are a delightful mix of traditional and modern, offering an array of scrumptious, globally inspired baked goods, from Cuba and Paris to Argentina and Italy. Whether you're in the mood for a Nutella croissant or a chocolate babka, all your carb-loving dreams are about to come true below.

The Absolute Best Key Lime Pies in Miami, Hands Down

1. Knaus Berry Farm

  • What to Order: the iconic cinnamon bun
  • Neighborhood: Homestead

From November through early April, Knaus Berry Farm takes the cake as one of Miami’s most beloved bakeries. There are homemade breads (dilly, raisin, mountaineer, honey wheat); cheesecakes; key lime pies and guava pies; fresh jellies in strawberry, guava and hot pepper, and from-scratch smoothies with fruit picked from the farm. But the real standout here is the oversized, ooey-gooey cinnamon buns that attract visitors from all across town.

15980 SW 248th St., Homestead; 305-247-0668 or

2. Max’d Out Donuts

  • What to Order: the O.G. (original glazed)
  • Neighborhood: North Miami Beach

From acclaimed pastry chef Max Santiago, Max'd Out marks Santiago’s return to Miami’s doughnut scene. The nostalgic spot serves up more than 52 sweet and savory recipes that rotate weekly, plus new flavors that debut every so often. Look out for the O.G. (original glazed), the cafe con leche and the sugared jelly. All doughnuts are made in-house with Santiago’s signature 24-hour raised brioche dough.

14871 Biscayne Blvd., North Miami Beach; 305-705-3425 or

3. dBakers

  • What to Order: chocolate dulce de leche cake
  • Neighborhood: Miami

When you need a cake for a special occasion, dBakers is the place to go. Made from scratch (with some orders available same day!), this cake creator can make pretty much anything—from dulce de leche or guava and cheese to lemon meringue or cotton candy. There are also cupcakes, cookies, macarons and brownies. The best part? You can swing by the bake shop and sample some of their sweet treats with a coffee.

3501 NE 2nd Ave., Miami; 786-310-8763 or

4. Fireman Derek’s Bake Shop

  • What to Order: s’mores pie
  • Neighborhood: Wynwood, Fort Lauderdale and Coconut Grove

By this point, you know all about Derek Kaplan, the prized Miami firefighter who traded his gear for baking supplies. Nowadays, the master pie maker churns out next-level treats in three locations across Miami and Fort Lauderdale—but there’s more than just pies to be had here. Think: jumbo funfetti cookie sandwiches, soft serve, triple-layer cakes and even savory treats like empanadas. But of course, his pies will always hold a special place in our heart. Our faves are flavors like s’mores, key lime, sundae and the infamous salted caramel pie.

Various locations;

Best Bakeries in Miami - A selection of colorful, interestingly shaped pastries from Bachour. Some are shaped like fruit or flowers and others are decorative.
Photo courtesy of Bachour Bakery

5. Bachour

  • What to Order: croissant
  • Neighborhood: Doral and Coral Gables

Besides serving expert-level breakfast, lunch and brunch fare, pastry mastermind Antonio Bachour specializes in downright gorgeous and delicious pastries at Bachour Bakery, which includes outposts in Doral and Coral Gables. No matter which location you visit, the sweets selection will likely be too pretty to eat. But don’t let that stop you—just look at how tasty everything looks. Yeah, your dessert dreams just came true here.

Various locations;

Best Bakeries in Miami - A photo of a bottle of wine surrounded by three baskets filled to the brim with croissants.
Photo courtesy of Flour & Weirdoughs/Facebook

6. Flour & Weirdoughs

  • What to Order: sourdough baguette
  • Neighborhood: Key Biscayne

The name of this bakery is enough of a reason to love it. Couple that with its message of “bringing bread back” — which is Flour & Weirdoughs’ way of fighting commercially produced bread with locally made loaves — and you’re sure to fall in love with this place. Take your pick of sourdough baguettes, whole wheat boules, fresh croissants (savory and sweet) and even a selection of veggie-forward sandwiches and wine bottles.

19 Harbor Dr., Key Biscayne; 305-361-9009 or

Best Bakeries in Miami - A photo of the kitchen at Sullivan Street Bakery. There are dozens of loaves of baked bread in baskets as well as machinery used to bake filling the space.
Photo courtesy of Sullivan Street Bakery/Facebook

7. Sullivan Street Bakery

  • What to Order: ciabatta
  • Neighborhood: Miami

New York City’s Sullivan Street Bakery made its way south with a location in Miami in 2017. Owned by master baker Jim Lahey, the operation opens to the public every weekend with a selection of the freshest house-made breads, pastries and Roman-style pizza. We like all of the carb offerings here, but you can’t go wrong with a crusty-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside ciabatta.

5550 NE 4th Ave. Miami;

Best Bakeries in Miami - A person holds a metal tin and plastic wrapped load of Michael's Mandel Bread.
Photo courtesy of Michael's Mandel Bread

8. Michael’s Mandel Bread

  • What to Order: original chocolate chip
  • Neighborhood: N/A (online)

It’s not a cookie. It’s not a cake. Whatever you want to call Michael’s Mandel Bread, all you need to know is it’s insanely good. Slightly crisp on the outside and super-doughy on the inside, studded with chocolate and laced with almond extract, this Miami-made mandel bread company ships nationwide. You’re welcome.

Best Bakeries in Miami - A photo of the back counter at Zak the Baker's. It features part of the coffee menu as well as dozens of loaves of bread.
Photo courtesy of Zak the Baker/Facebook

9. Zak The Baker

  • What to Order: sourdough loaf
  • Neighborhood: Wynwood

We hate to break it to you, but you haven’t had bread until you’ve eaten a slice of deliciousness from Zak the Baker. Luckily, this dough is served in dozens of restaurants, available for purchase at Whole Foods and always in stock at the flagship bakery in Wynwood. Plus, the bakery offers a spate of other freshly baked goods like chocolate babka, croissants, cookies and cinnamon rolls. Yum.

295 NW 26th St.; 786-294-0876 or

Best Bakeries in Miami - An overhead shot of four different types of donuts from The Salty Donut, each with their own set of toppings.
Photo courtesy of the Salty Donut

10. The Salty Donut

  • What to Order: brown butter + salt donut
  • Neighborhood: Wynwood, South Miami and West Palm Beach

The Salty Donut is worth a visit for one thing and one thing only: legendary doughnuts. With flavors like guava and cheese, maple and bacon, tres leches and Nutella, you’d be hard-pressed to go wrong. The best part? There are locations across the tri-county area to get your fix — Wynwood, South Miami and West Palm Beach. If you’re in Dallas and Austin, Texas; Charlotte, North Carolina; or Orlando and Tampa, Florida, there are shops there, too.

Various locations;

Best Bakeries in Miami - An overhead shot of various kinds of loaves of bread from Madruga Bakery.
Photo courtesy of Madruga Bakery/Facebook

11. Madruga Bakery

  • What to Order: Jewish rye
  • Neighborhood: Coral Gables

At Madruga Bakery, Zak the Baker vet Naomi Harris mills her own flour, which is then used to create about a dozen different breads, including sourdough, French and challah. Her team also crafts beautifully designed pastries and cakes, from cream fruit tarts topped with berries and edible flowers to chocolate cake with cherry jam.

1430 S. Dixie Hwy. #117, Coral Gables; 305-262-6130 or

Best Bakeries in Miami - A photo of different types of cookies from Cindy Lou's Cookies. Some have powdered sugar and others have M&M's on them.
Photo courtesy of Cindy Lou's Cookies

12. Cindy Lou’s Cookies

  • What to Order: Nutella swirl cookie
  • Neighborhood: Miami

There are good cookies and then there are cookies you would brave traffic for. Cindy Lou’s is the latter, offering a selection of gooey, delicious options (like butterscotch walnut and lemon cloud) that are guaranteed to be some of the tastiest you’ll ever try. But the best part has to be the passionate baker, Cindy Kruse, who can be found spreading her baked-goods gospel all over Miami.

7320 NE Second Ave.; 305-456-8585 or

Best Bakeries in Miami - A slice of chocolate cake from Breadman topped with both chocolate and white icing.
Photo courtesy of Breadman Miami/Facebook

13. Breadman Miami

  • What to Order: croqueta cake
  • Neighborhood: Miami

All the treats at this beloved bakery are worth trying (hello, gorgeous chocolate slice), but you can’t miss the signature offering: croqueta cake. Trust us, you have not lived until you’ve tried the perfect blend of sweet and savory all wrapped up in one unlikely package.

Various locations;

Best Bakeries in Miami - An aesthetic photo of pastries from Rosetta Bakery. Some are croissants and others are tarts.
Photo courtesy of Rosetta Bakery

14. Rosetta Bakery

  • What to Order: tiramisu
  • Neighborhood: Various locations

You’re probably already familiar with this Italian café chain, whose flagship space is in Miami Beach. At nearly a dozen locations, you’ll find a similar lineup of super-authentic fare (think strawberry tiramisu, Nutella bomboloni, creamy fruit tarts and filled croissants). Everything is baked by a pastry chef recruited from Italy. So yeah, this is as real as it gets (at least in Miami).

Various locations;

Best Bakeries in Miami - A basket full of bread in front of a black and white sign pronouncing La Provence bakery.
Photo courtesy of La Provence

15. La Provence

  • What to Order: almond croissant
  • Neighborhood: Miami

Nothing makes us feel more French than posting up at a bakery with a pastry or two. La Provence has six locations across Miami where you can nurse your café au lait and nibble on crisp baguettes and Hermès-orange macarons.

Various locations;

Best Bakeries in Miami - A photo of a pastry from Versailles Bakery. It is cut open on the side to reveal some jam inside. It sits on a white plate being held up by a hand.
Photo courtesy of Versailles Bakery

16. Versailles Bakery

  • What to Order: guava pastelito and Cuban-style flan
  • Neighborhood: Miami

Because honestly, where else would you get a guava pastelito that tastes this good? This renowned Cuban restaurant and bakery is located in the heart of Little Havana, famous for its Cuban pastries, sandwiches, and coffee since its opening in the early 1970s. Besides its bakery and cafe, Versailles operates as a full-service restaurant, serving traditional Cuban dishes such as ropa vieja (shredded beef), lechon asado (roast pork), and arroz con pollo (chicken and rice).

3555 SW Eighth St.; 305-444-0240 or

Best Bakeries in Miami - An overhead shot of tarts from True Loaf. Some are topped with cream and others are topped with strawberries.
Photo courtesy of True Loaf

17. True Loaf

  • What to Order: chocolate Nutella babka
  • Neighborhood: Miami Beach

This Miami Beach bakery makes straightforward, wholesome loaves of bread. From multigrain to olive, from honey oatmeal to cranberry walnut, what you see is what you get here: crispy, crunchy dough that’ll make you promise never to give up carbs. While you’re at it, pick up a pear and blueberry tart and iconic chocolate Nutella babka.

1894 Bay Rd., Miami Beach; 786-216-7207 or

Best Bakeries in Miami - A photo of croissants from B Bistro + Bakery. Some are Nutella and others are strawberry.
Photo courtesy of B Bistro + Bakery

18. B Bistro + Bakery

  • What to Order: pain au chocolat
  • Neighborhood: Coconut Grove

This is the place to go if you’re feeling fancy (and hungry). The bakery boasts an array of crave-worthy pastries—all freshly baked on-site—from buttery croissants and brioche rolls to delicate macaroons, petit gateaux and tarts. In addition to the bakery, B Bistro features a rotating menu of breakfast and lunch dishes, with a focus on hearty grain-based salads and open-faced sandwiches.

Various locations;

Best Bakeries in Miami - An ornate cake from Bunnie Cakes. It is colorful and made up with purple, teal and pink icing in the shape of flowers. It is also topped with other kinds of decorative florals. In the background are vases full of flowers.
Photo courtesy of Bunnie Cakes

19. Bunnie Cakes

  • What to Order: chocolate chip cupcake
  • Neighborhood: Doral

This drop-dead gorgeous cake is—wait for it—100 percent vegan. So is everything else at Bunnie Cakes. The bright-pink bakeshop in Doral has been turning out vegan treats since before it was cool. There are dozens of cake and cupcake flavors—like guava, key lime and banana chocolate chip—that could easily go head-to-head with their butter-laden counterparts and still end up on top.

8450 NW 53rd St., Doral; 786-577-3243 or

Best Bakeries in Miami - A photo of a strawberry Napolean pastry on a decorative floral plate situated on a wooden table.
Photo courtesy of Café Créme

20. Café Créme

  • What to Order: Nutella croissant
  • Neighborhood: North Miami Beach

No bakery list would be complete without the mention of this charming French cafe. Step inside, and you’ll immediately be transported to a Parisian brasserie. Expect to spend some time here—cozy up to a table, order a coffee and try their perfectly made baked goods, including the Nutella croissants. And the strawberry napoleons. And the cream puffs. You know what, just get one of each.

750 NE 125th St., North Miami, 786-409-3961;

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