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We have a love-hate relationship with olive oil. We know it’s really healthy and tastes amazing drizzled on burrata. But it’s also expensive, and there are way too many different kinds to choose from at the grocery store. (Robust? Greek? Refined?) Worst of all, some brands blend or process their oil, so you think you’re getting Italian extra virgin, but you’re really getting a sub-par blend. So we’ll make it simple—here are five great bottles you’ll never go wrong with. 

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olive oil TJ
Trader Joe’s

Best Value: Trader Joe’s 100% Greek Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We adore TJ’s, but when it comes to olive oil, some bottles are definitely better than others. Case in point, this nine-buck bottle, which isn’t sketchy about its origin (Greece) and tastes like it costs way more. FYI, steer clear of the Trader Giotto’s oil, which says it’s “packed in Italy” but is actually a blend from several countries. 

Buy the oil ($9)

olive oil spray
Whole Foods

Healthiest Spray: 365 Everyday Value Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cooking Spray

Giving your pan a quick hit with olive oil spray before you sauté has made life so much easier—but nearly all of the sprays on the market contain propellants to help the oil come out of the can evenly. Whole Foods to the rescue. In this stellar spray, what you see is what you get: just olive oil. 

Buy the oil ($4)

olive oil lunga

Best Splurge: Lungarotti Olive Oil

OK. We’re not telling you to go out and buy a $50 bottle of olive oil. But if you were thinking of splurging on a bottle, or wanted to buy one as a gift, this delightfully sweet and bright Lungarotti is the way to go. The oil is cold-extracted from olives harvested in the Umbria region of Italy, and it comes with a DOP seal, meaning it’s guaranteed to be locally grown and packaged.

Buy the oil ($50)

olive oil california

Most Versatile: California Olive Ranch Everyday Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Grilling chicken? Whipping up a salad? Making an olive oil cake? This neutral, smooth oil is just as good for sautéing and grilling as it is for topping off a bowl of hummus. It’s made from a blend of olives from Northern California, but they’re pressed within hours after the olives are picked—you can really taste the difference.

Buy the oil ($10)

olive oil pomepin

Great For Grilling: Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Robust

No bland kebabs for you. Robust olive oils have a bolder, more pungent (in a good way) flavor than its mild or medium cousins. When you marinate your meat in this tasty, full-bodied oil before grilling or sautéing, the taste speaks for itself. Add some herbs and a squeeze of lemon and you’re set.

Buy the oil ($8) 

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