Magic freezer on the wall, who makes the best frozen pizza of them all? We set out to determine which grocery-store frozen pizza brands are better than all the rest according to the folks who actually keep them stocked and on hand at all times. Here are the top nine frozen pizzas to test for yourself.

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best frozen pizza digiorno

1. Best Thin Crust: Digiorno Thin & Crispy

“The most important factor in a thin-crust pizza is the crunch,” says news and trends editor Roberta Fiorito. “Without that, you’re just left eating cheese and sauce by way of a floppy bread napkin.” And while Fiorito is an admitted fan of most of DiGiorno’s frozen pies, she considers the thin-crust options to be the absolute best with the guarantee of cooking to a crunchy crisp.

best frozen pizza trader joes
Trader Joe’s

2. Best Flatbread: Trader Joe’s Flatbread Pizzas

Trader Joe’s has a lot of great stuff, but adding the flatbreads to your cart next time will be absolutely worth it. Associate food editor Katherine Gillen specifically recommends the burrata, prosciutto and arugula version. Because you add the prosciutto yourself after the pizza comes out of the oven, you can pretend that, yes, you are cooking dinner and not just slipping a premade pie into the oven and calling it a day…but that doesn’t sound so bad actually.

best frozen pizza ellios

3. Best Personal Pie: Ellio’s

Yes, the serving size suggests this rectangular pie could feed two, but since when does anyone stick to serving sizes on pizza night? Yours truly prefers the regular crust over the Sicilian style and specifically ranks the pepperoni as Ellio’s top option, but regardless of which flavor you choose, you can expect a sturdy, crispy crust that’s neither too thin nor too thick. Beyond taste, Ellio’s also scores major points for its compact size. A box of three takes up very little room in your freezer, and the pies can be cooked in a toaster oven, making them a particularly good option for anyone who is lacking in kitchen space (we see you, college students).

best frozen pizza stouffers


The Italians may have invented pizza, but the French certainly know how to rise to the culinary challenge. Or so say fans of this baguette-based pie. Similarly to Ellio’s, these are an excellent option for those who don’t have a ton of freezer space to spare or who like the ease of cooking in a toaster oven. As one PureWow editor says, “I love it because it cooks quickly but also makes me feel a little fancy, because it’s French, therefore it’s fancy.” She specifically recommends the deluxe style, which is topped with pepperoni, sausage, peppers, onions and mushrooms so you can feel good about getting at least one vegetable and a lot of protein in there.

best frozen pizza amys kitchen
Amy’s Kitchen

5. Best for Those with Food Restrictions: Amy’s Kitchen

These organic kosher pies are free of soy and tree nuts and come in gluten-free versions as well. As PureWow’s vice president of content operations, Lauren Gniazdowski, says, “Because they’re organic, I’ve convinced myself these are actually healthy and not just an easy option for busy evenings. Plus, the pesto one is really very good for being frozen.” While pizza might not be the healthiest dinner option, eating one made from organic ingredients and loaded with veggies really isn’t so bad.

best frozen pizza robertas
Roberta’s Pizza

6. Best Authentic New York: Roberta’s Pizza

New York City has the best pizza in the country (sorry, not sorry, Chicago), so it should come as no surprise that this Brooklyn restaurant’s frozen option made the cut as one of our favorites. Multiple editors rave about this frozen pizza tasting just as good as hitting up their local pizzeria, except you don’t have to change out of your pj’s. But don’t just take their word for it—Beyoncé and Jay-Z are also fans of Roberta’s and have been spotted dining there on multiple occasions. Roberta’s frozen pies are available in certain grocery stores throughout NYC, but for the rest of the country, you can order online and get them delivered.

best frozen pizza talia di napoli
Talia Di Napoli

7. Best Authentic Italian: Talia Di Napoli

Get that real Italian flavor without stepping foot on an international flight. The recently launched Talia Di Napoli sells frozen pies that are handmade in Italy from fresh local ingredients before being flash frozen and shipped overseas to your local grocery store. According to Sarah Stiefvater, our resident books and wellness editor, “The biggest issue with frozen pizzas is that they so often taste artificial and just leave me wishing I’d gone down the street to pick up the real deal instead. But these taste like actual pizza with real sauce and real cheese. They satisfy that pizza craving perfectly.”

best frozen pizza celeste

8. Best Microwave Option: Celeste

We eat frozen pizza because it’s incredibly easy to make on nights when we just can’t be bothered to whip up anything that involves more than one step (e.g., placing a pizza in the oven). But if you feel inclined to do even less than that, Celeste makes personal pies you can pop in the microwave and start eating in just two minutes. More important, however, is that you don’t have to sacrifice the crunch of the crust or the melty-ness of the cheese. Simply put, they’re incredibly easy and incredibly delicious (and a favorite of Matt Bogart, senior producer for Gallery Podcasts).

best frozen pizza tombstone

9. Best Family-Size Pie: Tombstone

Although they technically feed a family of four, Tombstone pizzas have also been known to satisfy the late-night cravings of two adults with a case of the drunchies (aka associate editor Abby Hepworth and her roommate). Luckily, you don’t need to be in a late-night hunger stupor to feel good about these full-size slices. The crust hits a perfect middling spot between super-crispy thin crust and overly fluffy, which is crucial for achieving the ultimate ratio of cheese to sauce to crust. Tombstone also offers half-and-half pies so parents of kids with opposing tastes can make everyone happy without going crazy.

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