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When it comes to complaints from women who work out, an ill-fitting sports bra is often high on the list (among many, many other gripes). Finding any style that’s really, truly supportive is tough enough. Add in a large bust and…forget it. But wait! Before you lose all hope, try one of these styles that was specifically designed for women with big boobs. Now you have no excuse to skip next week's jog or HIIT class.

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lululemon enlite bra

The Best of the Best: Lululemon Enlite Bra

It took a team of female engineers two years to develop this model, which is comfortable enough to wear all day long, doesn't give you that dreaded uni-boob look and comes in more than 20 sizes. This Lululemon bra is sleekly designed (the cute crisscross back might even make you ditch your tank top), supportive without being suffocating and never digs into your shoulders or rib cage. At $98 it’s not cheap, but if you’re a lady who works out even semi-regularly and wears a C-cup or larger, it’s well worth the splurge.

Buy it ($98)

sweaty betty sports bra
sweaty betty

The Best for Athletes: Sweaty Betty Ultra Run Sports Bra

This best-selling style might be called the “Run Sports Bra,” but it will work for any high-impact activity of your choice. With compression and encapsulation technology in place, the mesh panels also offer ventilation, to help keep you dry. On top of all those perks, Sweaty Betty’s model also has convertible straps, so you can choose to wear it as a racerback or as a U-back (the latter of which offers even more support!).

Buy it ($65)

new balance sports bra

The Best for Low-Impact: New Balance Shockingly Unshocking Sports Bra

For low-impact activities, like yoga or Pilates, opt for a bra that’s supportive without being restrictive. This one by New Balance features encapsulation and compression support (it has internal cups and lining to support each breast individually, while the outside shell offers compression). It’s also designed with adjustable straps in the front, making for an easy custom fit. According to one reviewer, “The ladies out there with C and larger cups can probably relate to my quest for a no bounce bra that still lets you move and breathe comfortably. This is it!”

Buy it ($48)

panache sports bra
bare necessities

The Best (And Most Comfortable) With Underwire: Panache Ultimate High Impact Underwire Sports Bra

Available in sizes up to 40GG, this exceptionally comfortable style contains your curves without being too constricting. Like a few of the other styles on this list, Panache’s model supports each breast individually, so your girls will never feel squished together. It also manages to marry comfort and function with silicone-encased underwires. The only bummer? Choosing between the seven different color and print options.

Buy it ($70)

fabletics sports bra

The Best Price: Fabletics Lenna High Impact Sports Bra

If you’re not already wearing Kate Hudson’s activewear line...well, what are you waiting for? This sports bra, in particular, is great for the DD+ crowd, and features all-way stretch and removable cups. One satisfied customer said: “As an aerialist who spends a silly amount of time upside down, the Lenna's coverage is great and the back is super cute!” The best part? Fabletics’s trial period: You can wear it for 45 days, and if it’s not performing to your standards you can return it for a full refund. (But we have a feeling you’ll want to wear it forever.)

Buy it ($22) 

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