These Lululemon Sports Bras Are Constant Best Sellers (& Here’s Why)

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Shopping for a good sports bra can be a real pain, and at a store like Lululemon, where the options are overwhelmingly endless, it can feel downright impossible. Sure, you could test all 50+ bras with some mediocre jumping jacks in the middle of your changing room (how fun…), but until you’re halfway through a five-mile run or just past the warm-up in your spin class, you really have no idea how each option will work for your body type. And if you’re only able to browse online? Forget about it.

To help you avoid any fitting room despair (or the hassle of an online return), here are the four best-selling sports bras Lululemon has to offer, plus one additional style our editors just can’t get enough of.

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lululemon best selling sports bras energy bra1

1. Energy Bra

Support: Medium

Size: B To D Cups

Best For: Yoga, Pilates, Spinning

If you’ve shopped at Lululemon, you’ve probably seen this strappy sports bra modeled by a mannequin or two (OK, or five). The Energy Bra is the yoga emporium’s OG undergarment and it’s one of only a handful of designs that have survived the test of time. Created to provide medium support, this item is an “all-sport bra” created from the brand’s custom Luxtreme fabric that’s stretchy and sweat-wicking, to ensure you stay cool and comfortable through even through the sweatiest of spin classes. As a diehard Lululemon fan, the Energy Bra is a staple in my fitness wardrobe; a go-to for yoga, Pilates or a jog around the block. It comes in multiple (read: 19!) unique colors and patterns that you’ll actually want to show off, plus the strappy back detailing adds major style points to any ho-hum gym outfit. If you’re new to the brand, this is a great piece to invest in because of its versatility and durability (a few of mine have even lasted for years). Plus, with over 2,000 positive reviews online, who could argue with all those satisfied customers boobs?

best selling lululemon sports bra run times bra1

2. Run Times Bra

Support: High

Size: B To E Cups

Best For: Running, Jumping Rope, Hiit

If you’re sick of running in a disappointing bra that’s either too tight around your ribs or too loose in the straps, then you need to give this trusted staple a try. Designed to keep your mind on your stride (rather than your bouncing boobs), the Run Times Bra provides “support, separation and coverage, with perforated paneling” to allow for sufficient airflow where you need it most—praise be. As the name implies, this bra was created to provide high support, keeping even E-cups strapped in and secured. It’s made with their signature Lycra fabric, so it’s designed to hold its shape no matter how many times you wash it, plus it has adjustable (and padded) straps to ensure a comfortable fit with every wear. We also can’t get enough of these moody colors for fall.

best selling lululemon sports bras enlite bra weave

3. Enlite Bra Weave

Support: High

Size: A To E Cups

Best For: Running, Hiit, Lounging

Can we just pause for a minute to appreciate this inclusive size range? From a 30C to a 40E, the Enlite Bra Weave is one of Lululemon’s most technically advanced products to date. Made with their (yes, signature) Ultralu fabric, this next-level workout must-have is beyond smooth, provides high support and delivers “comfort, movement management and a natural shape.” Though its original design was intended for running, our fashion director, Dena Silver, dubs it an all-around bra. “I can wear it for anything that involves running or jumping,” she explains, “but it’s also soft enough for yoga or daily wear (you know, when you just can’t with an underwire bra). It also has separate molded cups and does a good job of reducing uncomfortable bounce.” Her only complaint? “This one tends to stretch out over time and should be replaced every six months.”

best selling sports bras free to be elevated

4. Free To Be Elevated Bra

Support: Light

Size: Dd/e Cups

Best For: Yoga, Pilates, Walking/running Errands

As a new kid on the block, the Elevated Bra is the most recent design added to the Free to Be franchise (it arrived earlier this summer). Created specifically for women with larger chests, this iteration combines light support with high coverage for a fit that’s stretchy, sexy and perfect for all the beautiful DD/E cups out there. Silver, who typically wears a 32G in bras (though she tends to size down for sports bras), reaches for this one before breaking out her exercise mat. “I like this one for low-impact workouts, like yoga or Pilates, where I don’t want rib-crushing support but still want to be sure I’m strapped in.” She also can’t help but appreciate the playful design details. “Bras in my size don’t come with cute back straps, so that also might be why I’m particularly drawn to this one.”

best selling lululemon sports bras fine form bra

5. Fine Form Bra (editor’s Pick)

Support: Medium

Size: A To E Cups

Best For: Running, Cross Training, Hiking

OK, so this one isn’t technically a best seller, but it’s another one of Silver’s go-to’s and is backed by a ton of glowing online reviews. According to the product description, it was made to “let your boobs stay in their comfort zone while you push past yours” and provides high coverage with medium support for a fit that’s more like a gentle hug, rather than a suffocating squeeze. “I love that this bra has separate molded cups, so my girls never have that uniboob look,” Silver explains. “It does give me a little cleavage, which some women might not like, but I actually don’t mind since it doesn’t impact the level of support. I also really like that the straps can be made into a racer back with a tiny little clip. Most other brands make their clip pretty big which tends to get caught in my braid,” her running hairstyle of choice, “but so far, I've had no snags with this Lululemon style.”

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