The 20 Best Bras for Small Breasts, Because Fit Matters At Every Size

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One might assume shopping for bras for small breasts is an easy endeavor (just pick up any low-support bralette and call it a day, right?), but it can actually be surprisingly challenging to find styles that fit small busts correctly. Regardless of size, all boobs still need to be supported and not everyone wants to wear or feels comfortable in minimalist bralettes, or overly padded push-ups, for that matter. Luckily, there are multiple brands out there that know just how to fit A and B cups (as well as AAA and AA). Here, five brands to know, plus the 20 best bras for small breasts. Oh, and if you need a refresher on how to determine your bra size, we’ve got you covered.

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Launched in 2017, Pepper is all about celebrating and catering to the AA, A and B cup crowd, and not just for those who fit a size 30 band—all styles are available in sizes 30 through 38. Because as founders Jaclyn Fu and Lia Winograd know, just because someone is petite doesn’t mean they necessarily have small boobs and just because someone is larger, or even plus-size, doesn’t mean they must have big boobs. As Fu explained in an interview with Shape, “Most bras are a disservice to women with small busts because they usually create a cup gap where the cups are too big and you can't fill them.” The site also has a fit guide and sizing quiz for those who want more guidance before buying. Pepper currently offers just three bra styles, but as it continues to get feedback and data from its customers, we can definitely expect to see more variation in the future.

pepper all you bra best bras for small breasts

1. pepper All You Bra

Best T-Shirt Bra for AA Cups

Pepper’s best-selling style, the All You Bra looks just like a traditional brassiere, in that it has molded cups and an underwire. But rather than scale down from a C cup (as many brands tend to do), the designers started from scratch and revamped the idea of a bra cup to specifically fit the needs of AA, A and B sizes, with shallower cups and mesh siding that helps lift and shape without any bulky padding. In fact, there’s very little padding in this guy; it has just enough coverage to prevent a nippy situation.

Available in sizes 30AA to 38B

pepper limitless wirefree bra best bras for small breasts

2. pepper Limitless Wirefree Bra

Best Yoga Bra

For those who want a wireless option to go from work to working out, the Limitless bra is the way to go. The stretchy material means it fits a bit more like a sports bra or bralette, but won’t feel bulky under T-shirts or light blouses. In fact, some reviewers mention wearing the Limitless as a sports bra for light activity like yoga or Pilates, while others call this their “go-to quarantine bra” because it’s comfortable, supportive and flattering.

Available in sizes XXS to XL

pepper laidback lace bra best bras for small breasts

3. pepper Laidback Lace Bra

Best Everyday Lace Bra for AA Cups

This lacey number fits the same as Pepper’s All You bra, but it features a touch of sexy lace instead of mesh. The flirty fabric lays flat so it won’t be visible or look lumpy under tops, meaning you can rock this beauty every day if you like, rather than saving it for date night.

Available in sizes 30AA to 38B


Another brand focused entirely on those with small racks, Lulalu sells only AAA, AA and A sizes. And, no, their designs don’t including any sort of excessive padding or bust-boosting technology. Instead, Lulalu celebrates small boobs for what they are and even has an A-Cup 101 landing page where shoppers can learn all about accurate bra sizing, different styles and how to properly care for their undergarments. Similar to Pepper, band sizes range from 30 to 38.

lulalu ava wireless push up bra with mesh lace best bras for small breasts

4. lulalu Ava Wireless Push Up Bra With Mesh Lace

Best Wireless Push Up

Draped mesh, a slight push-up and a dainty bow make this one of the prettiest everyday bras we’ve ever seen. The molded cups gently bring your gals up and in, to create the illusion of natural cleavage without chunky pads. And while you can definitely sport this beauty under your regular tees and sweaters, more than one reviewer mentions how nice the grided mesh looks under sheer blouses or peeking out from low-cut tops.

Buy it ($59)

Available in sizes 32AA to 38A

lulalu mia convertible racerback bra best bras for small breasts

5. lulalu Mia Convertible Racerback Bra

Best Bra with a Front Closure

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an A cup or a DDD, sometimes the struggle to get those back clasps hooked is just too much. Or they just don’t feel comfortable against your skin. This easy T-shirt style hooks in front, making it much easier to put on and take off, but it also comes with convertible straps that can be crossed in the back for a racerback style, as well.

Available in sizes 32AAA to 38A

lulalu cora strapless bra best bras for small breasts

6. lulalu Cora Convertible Strapless Bra

Best Strapless for AAA Through A Cups

Even those on the smallest end of the spectrum deserve a well-fitting strapless option for a little extra coverage and support. This convertible style does just that, with a no-slip band and slightly padded cups. As one reviewer notes, “Great fit, very comfortable. This is the first strapless bra I've ever found for my bra size (36AA) that is not stuffed with padding. Definitely worth the purchase!”

Available in sizes 32AAA to 38A


Negative is a minimalist lingerie and sleepwear brand that’s all about paring things down to the bare necessities, which means you won’t find any lace, extra straps or padding here. Negative puts an emphasis on luxurious fabrics and high-quality details (like silky soft grosgrain straps) making its undergarments some of the comfiest we’ve ever worn. And while the brand isn’t specifically focused on smaller breasts, reviewers rave about the impeccable fit and construction at all sizes. The site also has a Bra Cheat Sheet to help you figure out exactly which style will fit your needs, including highlighting the best options for A and B cups.

negative sieve non wire bra best bras for small breasts

7. negative Sieve Non-wire Bra

Best Minimalist Design

This simple wireless bra may not look like much, but it has a surprisingly high level of support and offers subtle shaping that helps bring natural-looking cleavage to those with smaller chests. It’s also Negative’s top-selling bra, with more than 1,600 glowing reviews. Per one size 32B shopper, “I am obsessed. It keeps the shape and holds everything up nicely but still feels like I'm not wearing anything. I hate wire bras and this gives all the benefits of one [with] none of the discomfort.”

Available in sizes 30A to 38G

negative whipped triangle bra best bras for small breasts

8. negative Whipped Triangle Bra

Softest Material

The fabric of this low-cut wireless design is seriously as comfortable as your favorite lived-in T-shirt. And while some reviewers wished it offered a bit more shaping or that the fabric was double lined, the Whipped Triangle is an excellent choice for a barely-there bralette.

Available in sizes 30A to 40B/38D/36DD

negative sieve demi cup best bras for small breasts

9. negative Sieve Demi Bra

Most Splurge-Worthy Mesh Bra

This underwire style is made from the same soft, supportive mesh as the wireless style above, just with more structure. The benefit here for smaller busts is that the fabric cups stretch to fit your breasts, unlike traditional molded cups which all too often create gaps for A and B sizes.

Available in sizes 32A to 38DDD


Josie Natori’s original concept for her namesake brand was to create lingerie that could fill the gap between the ultra-sexy and frumpy styles she found in department stores. Since its launch in the late ‘70s, Natori has expanded into super-comfy sleepwear, everyday lingerie and even a ready-to-wear line. Like Negative, the band doesn’t focus exclusively on smaller sizes, but it has developed a cult following for incredible attention to detail regarding fit and luxe-feeling fabrics. It was also one of the first big brands to offer a wider range of “nude” shades for its everyday collections.

natori bliss perfection contour underwire bra

10. Natori Bliss Perfection Contour Underwire Bra

Bra With the Greatest Range of “Nude” Hues

Speaking of those nude hues, this T-shirt bra comes in six skin tone-inspired shades, as well as six other color options. It’s accrued almost 400 reviews on the brand’s website and has a 4 .7-star rating with almost all mentioning just how comfortable this bra feels, despite the underwire construction. And while it does come in a wide size range, the smaller cups and band sizes aren't simply scaled down. Per one reviewer, “This truly lives up to its name. I wear a 32B and have a small frame. There is no gaping in the cups, the straps stay in place, and the band is soft and comfortable. I’ve struggled with Victoria Secret bras and department store bras, but after trying several styles, nothing fit as well as the Natori Bliss Perfection Contour Underwire.”

Available in sizes 30A to 38G

natori feathers bra

11. Natori Feathers Bra

Best Plunge Style

The Feathers bra has been one of Natori’s best-selling styles for over 10 years. The plunge cut brings your breasts in from the sides to create natural looking cleavage, even for the smallest busts. The site does suggest this style runs small, so be sure to follow the size chart before you order, and despite the fact that the band size starts at a 30, those who wear a 28 might find it fits just fine.

Available in sizes 30A to 38DD

natori bliss perfection contour soft cup bra

12. Natori Bliss Perfection Contour Soft Cup Bra

Best Bralette with Contoured Cups

Halfway between a comfy bralette and a more structured style, this wireless style is super comfortable but will still give you some lift and shape. It also has a hook-and-eye closure at the back which gives a better custom fit, especially over time as the band naturally stretches out. “I was worried that my small chest would be flattened with a design like this, but instead this bra provided definition,” reads one recent review, while others comment on how surprised they were to find how good this bra looks under tee and tight tops.

Available in sizes 30A to 38D

The Little Bra Company

The Little Bra Company was made for those who are both petite and small chested (although the site makes sure to note that “petite” here refers to anyone with a notably smaller frame or ribcage, not just those under 5’4”). There are a ton of different styles to choose from—simple T-shirt bras, lacey lingerie-inspired numbers, sports bras—as well as the option to shop specifically for close and wide set cups. Pro tip: Be sure to check out TLBC’s size guide before you buy, as you may wear a slightly different size here compared to other brands.

the little bra company elizabeth best bras for small breasts
The Little Bra Company

13. The Little Bra Company Elizabeth

Best Sports Bra That Can Double as an Everyday Bra

It’s a common misconception that small breasts don’t need support in the way that larger sizes do, but gravity works its charms on everyone…especially if you add in rigorous exercise. The Elizabeth cushions your breasts while offering light compression, for support that doesn’t feel constricting. In fact, multiple reviewers mention treating this bra like a bralette and wearing it on days when they want something comfier than underwire, but not as loose as a traditional bralette.

Available in sizes 28A to 34C

the little bra company ethel best bras for small breasts
The Little Bra Company

14. The Little Bra Company Ethel

Prettiest Everyday Lace Bra

On the opposite end of the spectrum is this gorgeous eyelash lace-covered underwire. The lace lays flat enough that you can absolutely sport this beauty under a regular top or pick up a pair of matching panties for a special occasion. (Valentine’s Day is just around the corner…)

Available in sizes 28A to 30C

the little bra company sasha smooth best bras for small breasts
The Little Bra Company

15. The Little Bra Company Sascha Smooth

Best Convertible Strapless Bra

Per one review, “This bra is flattering and stays up all day. I'm a 32A in regular sizing, and it's so hard to find strapless bras that don't show through clothes and don't flatten me out. I'm typically a 30C in TLBC sizing, and I did have to size up to my sister size 32B, so keep that in mind. Other than that, it's a very (rare) flattering strapless bra.” One thing to note: This convertible works just as well when worn with the straps.

Available in sizes 28A to 32D

More Best-Selling Bras for Small Breasts:

calvin klein lightly lined t shirt bra best bras for small breasts

16. Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit Lightly Lined Memory Touch T-shirt Bra

Best Everyday T-Shirt Bra

This light-padded Calvin Klein classic has something of a cult following, including almost 3,000 people who left five-star reviews at Amazon. It comes in a huge range of colors, is made from supremely comfortable memory foam and can often be found on sale. It has just enough padding to prevent a headlights situation, and there is some nice shaping, thanks to the underwire. As one size 34A reviewer says, “One of the major issues I run into is a lot of bras try to accommodate for small sizes by giving us obnoxious pillowcase padding, but that isn’t the case here. There’s light padding with a complimentary lift that makes me look like a small B. The texture is very smooth, and it runs true to size. It adds very subtle cleavage.”

Available in sizes 30B to 44DD

thirdlove 24 7 classic t shirt bra best bras for small breasts

17. Thirdlove 24/7 Classic T-shirt Bra

Best For In-Between Sizes

The reason some women can’t find cups that fit quite right has less to do with the quality of the bra and more to do with buying the right size. ThirdLove puts a big emphasis on measuring (there’s a short quiz online to help you get started) and has an extensive blog chock-full of information about body types, proper washing techniques and more. They also offer the option to buy in-between sizes like A ½ or B ½. The 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra is one of the brand’s absolute top sellers and comes in a wide range of “nude” hues, as well as a few fun color options.

Available in sizes 30C/32B/34A to 42G/44F/46E/48D, with half sizes in cups A through D

aerie real good lace strappy triangle bralette best bras for small breasts

18. Aerie Real Good Lace Strappy Triangle Bralette

Prettiest Bralette

Sometimes you really just want a bra you can show off, and this delicate option from Aerie certainly fits the bill. The straps are adjustable (unlike so many bralette styles) and the light padding is removeable, for those who’d rather not deal with it. The size XXS is roughly equivalent to a 28B or 28C bra and an XS should fit a 30B, 30C or 32A. Oh, and did we mention it’s made from recycled materials? That’s a nice bonus for those looking to make their top drawer a little more eco-friendly.

Available in sizes XXS to XXL

arq wide strap bra best bras for small breasts

19. Arq Wide Strap Bra

Most Comfortable Bralette

We’re not going to lie, the super simple scoop-neck design of this pullover bralette may have given us some training bra flashbacks at first, but once you slip into the stretchy organic cotton material, you’ll forget all about the itchy white styles of your youth. The fabric offers a surprising amount of support and is thick enough to not appear see-through but not so thick that it will look bulky under your clothes. The XS should fit band sizes 28 and 30, a S sizes 30 and 32 and a M 32 and 34, and all sizes are made with enough stretch to comfortable fit cup sizes A through D.

Buy it ($34)

Available in sizes XS to XL

cuup the balconette best bras for small breasts

20. Cuup The Balconette

Best Gap-Free Balconette

Similar to Negative, CUUP is a no-frills lingerie brand that decided it was better to toss the old measuring system out the window entirely and start anew with input from a wide range of testers. (There are now 40 size options to choose from.) The balconette cut, plus the semi-sheer mesh, makes this everyday bra a surprisingly sexy option. And because the material is so flexible, the cups can mold to your breasts exactly, essentially eliminating any risk of gapping.

Available in sizes 30A to 38H

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