The 15 Most Comfortable Bras Our Editors Have Ever Tried

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Bra shopping can be a challenge. While there are plenty of brands out there, finding the best fitting and most comfortable bra requires some trial-and-error. Luckily, we found a few trustworthy selections that you can keep in your permanent rotation. 

How Many Comfortable Bras Have We Tested

As mentioned, there are a ton of bras on the market. But as fellow members of the boob brigade, we’ve been testing and researching for years—along with stifling through countless reviews to find the best of the best for our melons.

How Did We Test the Most Comfortable Bras

When it comes to finding the most comfortable bra, we’ve got a few nonnegotiables on our list of requirements. 

  • Style: We’re not talking about the color or fabric here. We’re looking at the overall bra design like finding one with underwire that doesn’t dig into your ribs or straps that don’t leave angry red (and sore) indents on your shoulders. Ask yourself, do you need the light hug of a bralette because you’re not leaving your house—let alone the couch—or would you prefer the serious oomph of a molded cup?
  • Size: Take your cup size (i.e, A to H) and bust measurements (32 to 42+) into consideration. Brands like Parade and Cuup offer extended sizes to meet everyone’s needs.
  • Color: For some, color might not be as important. However, if your wardrobe determines which bra you’re going to wear today, color (and prints) do matter. From a neutral shade under a white shirt to a vibrant magenta to match your pantsuit, keep hues into consideration. 
  • Material: Fabric will dictate how soft and comfy a bra feels on your skin. From cotton to nylon, reach for a bra that’s lightweight, breathable and supportive.
  • Return Policy: We don’t always think about this, but it can give you peace of mind during your bra search. Look for brands that offer free returns or exchanges, so you can spend more time finding the right bra for you without having to worry about additional fees.

What to Look for in a Comfortable Bra

The key word here is comfortable. At the end of the day, you don’t want to deal with shoulder pains or back aches because you wore an ill-fitting bra. To ensure you get the right fit, here are some tips to get you started.

  • Adjust the straps. You want the bra band to be leveled in the front and back. If the band is too low, tighten the straps. If the band is too high, loosen the bra straps. 
  • Look in the mirror. Your breasts should sit halfway between your shoulders and elbows. To gauge this, look at yourself in the mirror sideways. If they’re sitting too low, you might need more cup support. 
  • Put a shirt on. Grab a tight tank and look for any spillage in the cup area. If your breasts are pouring out, you should consider going up a cup size. If there are any gaps, you might want to size down. 
  • Check out the underwire placement. The underwire and center of the bra should lay flat against the breastbone. It shouldn’t dig into the skin or have any gaps. 
  • No loose hooks. If your closures appear loose or stretched out, it might be time to say adios to your bra. To make your bras last longer, always use the outermost hook to start, as your bra will stretch and loosen on its own over time.

The Most Comfortable Bras At a Glance

  • Why We Love It: four color options, soft material, scallop detailing
  • Sizes: 32A to 40DD
  • Does It Have Underwire?: No
  • Return Policy: no time limits on returns and exchanges, free returns in-store and online

Not one but two PureWow editors rely on this light-as-air bra. The brand claims it’ll feel like second skin and fashion editor Abby Hepworth agrees: “I wore a regular bra every day during the pandemic. And I honestly prefer the support this Aerie bra provides over the feeling of my boobs flopping around in a flimsy bralette.” 

It’s crafted with polyamide and elastane for extra softness—plus, the extra cup coverage and bralette style makes it the most comfortable fit on the list. “Even though the material is really soft and thin, it still feels supportive. The underwire and overall shape is just like my normal bras but this version is way more relaxed and comfortable,” says Rachel Gulmi, associate managing editor.

Most Customizable

2. Aerie Real Sunnie Full Coverage Bra


  • Why We Love It: seven color options, recycled material, adjustable straps/closures
  • Sizes: 32A to 42 DD
  • Does It Have Underwire?: Yes
  • Return Policy: no time limits on returns and exchanges, free returns in-store and online

Two words: Adjustable straps. For a comfy fit, this Aerie bra comes with adjustable straps and a four row hook and eye closure to support the girls. Made with recycled nylon and elastane, the fabric provides softness and stretchability along with underwire support for gentle shaping and coverage. “I LOVE all of Aerie’s bras across the board, but this one’s material is so lightweight and soft, and it lasts for a very long time,” says Hepworth. 

Flattering on Large Busts

3. Skims Sculpting Bralette


  • Why We Love It: nine color options, gentle underwiring, adjustable straps
  • Sizes: XXSM to 5XL
  • Does It Have Underwire?: Yes
  • Return Policy: 28 days return or exchange, free online returns

With more than 3,000 glowing reviews, this SKIMS bralette deserves a spot in your drawer. It's made from nylon and spandex that contours to your body while offering support and comfort for daily wear. Plus, it has adjustable straps, so you can get the fit just how you want it. “It's so comfortable, especially if you have bigger boobs and can't usually get good support from a wireless/bralette style. It doesn't squish your boobs into a uniboob but it also lends enough shape that I feel like I can wear it out of the house,” says Katherine Gillen, food editor. 

Great Full Coverage Bra

4. Spanx Bra Bra-llelujah Full Coverage Bra


  • Why We Love It: ten color options, 100 percent cotton, smart stretch straps
  • Sizes: 32A to 40DD
  • Does It Have Underwire?: Yes
  • Return Policy: 30-day Amazon policy, free returns on some colors and sizes

This Spanx pick features smart stretch straps, which give added support and comfort just like a regular bra minus the indents on your shoulders. It also has a smoothing back that prevents any lumps or bumps from peeking out and has an easy-to-use front clasp. As one PureWow reviewer states, “It doesn’t have any lace at all and is made from a smooth, seam-free material, so I knew I could rock it under close-fitting tanks and silk blouses (spoiler: it’s totally undetectable). And it has thicker straps than any bralette I’ve ever owned, which allows for a nice upward boost without digging into my shoulders or upper back. I basically haven’t taken this bra off since I got it—it’s that good.”

Great for Daily Wear

5. Parade Dream Fit Scoop Bralette


  • Why We Love It: 11 color options, 2 for $40 deal, recycled material
  • Sizes: XS to 3+
  • Does It Have Underwire?: No
  • Return Policy: 30-day return policy for refunds or store credit

If you’re looking for a simple and lightweight bra, look no further than this Parade bralette. Made of recycled fabric (including sustainable cotton linings) it has a soft, cooling and stretchable fit. The bralette also features adjustable straps and their signature airband (instead of underwire) for underboob support that won’t dig into the skin. For editorial assistant Delia Curtis, the switch to this bralette was easy as pie: “I’ve replaced nearly all of my bras with this bralette. They get the job done without underwire, but still keep everything in place, it’s comfortable and functional without the traditional sculpting that other bras do.” 

Best Strapless Bra

6. Wacoal Halo Strapless Bra


  • Why We Love It: two color options, bandeau style, removable straps
  • Sizes: 32B to 40DD
  • Does It Have Underwire?: Yes
  • Return Policy: 30-day return policy in store. 

Strapless bras are notorious for being uncomfortable. However, this Wacoal favorite is *the* exception. It’s crafted with silicone lining, so the cups stay in place and an inner side sling for larger breasts. Bonus: The bra also comes with removable straps, in case you need more support for an occasion. “I’m deeply obsessed with this strapless bra by Wacoal. It’s so comfortable and actually stays put, even for a full day of wear. And the lace doesn’t show through on light color clothing, which is great,” says Hepworth. 

Best Bralette

7. Knickey The Tank Bralette


  • Why We Love It: ten color options, scoop neckline, wide underbust band
  • Sizes: XXS to XXXL
  • Does It Have Underwire?: No
  • Return Policy: 30-day policy for refund, exchange or store credit

This no-fuss tank kicks discomfort to the curb. It’s designed with double-lined cups, a wide underbust band and adjustable straps so you can slip it on with no problems. Made of organic cotton, recycled nylon and elastane, this bralette is an all-time favorite for our director of affiliate strategy, Pamela Masin. “Their bras are so soft and I especially love this bralette because the straps are adjustable, which isn’t always the case for this type of style. Plus, the color options are so good,” she says.  

Best Triangle Bra

8. Knickey The Triangle Bralette


If you have yet to slip on a triangle bralette, your world is about to be rocked. While your girls might not be as lifted, they will still be kept securely in place. “This triangle bralette has a barely-there feel but has clasps in the back and adjustable straps just like a "real" bra,” explains Natalie LaBarbera, assistant commerce editor. It also has darted cups and a narrow underbust to give you just the right amount of lift.

Best Wireless Bra

9. Vibrant The Everywear Bra


  • Why We Love It: three color options, clean brand, full coverage
  • Sizes: 34B to 42D
  • Does It Have Underwire?: No
  • Return Policy: 30-day policy for exchange or refund

This all-purpose bra promises to keep things secure for your most casual days and your most intense workouts. Its teardrop design and wireless cup gives full coverage and gentle support. It also features padding in the back, adjustable straps and minimal lining. “It's incredibly comfortable and supportive without any underwire! Honestly, I was surprised because I've only ever worn bras with an underwire. But there's literally no difference in support—it actually feels so much better. Wires have cut into my skin before,” says Marissa Wu, associate SEO editor. 

  • Why We Love It: two color options, scoop neckline, wide underbust band
  • Sizes: 32A to 40DD
  • Does It Have Underwire?: No
  • Return Policy: No time limit for returns or exchanges. Free returns online and in stores.

There are wireless bras and then there’s this one by DKNY. “I appreciate its padding, which feels more like lining. The band is also thin and supportive but doesn’t give me that bra-band bulge. Also, the straps disappear under t-shirts, tanks and even silky shirts, and it has no underwire, which is my everyday-comfort baseline,” says Dana Dickey, senior editor. 

Best T-Shirt Bra

11. Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit Modern T-Shirt Bra

Calvin Klein

  • Why We Love It: 20 color options, scoop neckline, wide underbust band
  • Sizes: 30 B to 44DD
  • Does It Have Underwire?: Yes
  • Return Policy: 30-day Amazon policy, free returns on some colors and sizes

In search of a T-shirt bra that’s equal parts lightweight and comfortable? This Calvin Klein favorite boasts 6,000 five-star reviews and one PureWow editor loves its soft microfiber material and memory foam cups that offer a personalized fit. “I love this bra for when I must wear one. It has a comfortable band and the cups don't gap on me, either. I wear a 36D and feel like this bra gives me the support I need when I’m out and about,” says Olivia Kappler, commerce editor. 

Flattering on Small Busts

12. Kindly Yours Wireless T-Shirt Bra


  • Why We Love It: five color options, plant-based material, adjustable straps
  • Sizes: 32B to 40DD
  • Does It Have Underwire?: No
  • Return Policy: 90-day return policy

Kindly has been paving the way for sustainable bras that you need to add to your collection. Its blend of recycled nylon, spandex and elastic, along with Brazilian sugarcane in the cups, makes for a simple yet supportive piece to wear comfortably all day long. One PureWow editor said it best: “As a small-chested woman (I’m typically a 32A), I have pretty much accepted that unless I’m wearing a bralette (a style I’m not a huge fan of), there’s going to be a gap between my bra and my boobs. Except…there wasn’t. Despite being larger than my typical size (Kindly sizes range from 34A to 40DD, which is a bit more limiting than we'd like), this thing conformed to my body like a glove.”

  • Why We Love It: eight color options, soft cups, PureWow readers’ favorite
  • Sizes: 30A to 38D
  • Does It Have Underwire?: No
  • Return Policy: 30-day Amazon policy, free returns on some colors and sizes

You know how we feel about Natori’s cult-favorite feathers bra (if you don’t, read all about it here). But if you want to eschew all that lace and, okay, also the underwires, for something simpler and more straightforward, this soft cup style is a happy compromise. Featuring a flat elastic band at the bottom, it keeps everything in place in a very supportive way. “I love it! It fits amazing and it’s not only supportive but comfortable too—and it has an amazing fabric that is stretchy. I ordered the 30DD [even though] I’m originally a 28DDD, but the 30DD is my sister size, so I’m very happy that it fits so well,” says one shopper. 

  • Why We Love It: seven color options, removable pads, floral soft lace
  • Sizes: 32A to 44H
  • Does It Have Underwire?: Yes
  • Return Policy: 60-day policy for returns or exchanges

Sexy and comfortable are two words that seem mutually exclusive. This ThirdLove bra proves that theory wrong. Constructed from memory foam that’s covered in a thin layer of stretchy lace (a functional detail that also helps to eliminate gaping at the cup), this bra offers a hint of push-up with wires that will never poke out. Don’t believe us? Peep the 3,600 five-star reviews: “The fit is perfect, and the lilac color is light enough that I can wear this every day. Overall, it makes me feel really sexy and beautiful. This is my fifth Third Love bra and I’m obsessed.”

Best Scoop Bra

15. Cuup The Scoop


  • Why We Love It: 12 color options, adjustable straps, triple hook-and-eye ensure
  • Sizes: 30A to 44H
  • Does It Have Underwire?: Yes
  • Return Policy: 30-day policy for returns or exchanges

From the satiny fabric to the range of chic earth tones, this bra from Cuup is more than just Instagrammable. It’s also one of those pieces that you can just put on and forget about. The unmolded cups offer the utmost flexibility, so you can clasp it and just get on with your life. One buyer shares, “I have never had a bra that fits the way these do. They are made well, feel great and are flattering.”

How Your Bra Should Fit in Two Ways

Did you know that about 80 percent of people are actually wearing the wrong bra size? Yup, while we all wish that every bra had the same fit, the truth is not all brands are universal. One bra might fit you just right, but another can be off (even if they’re both the same exact size). For example, one PureWow editor found that the Victoria Secret’s bra fit best for her when she sized up versus an Aerie bra that needed to be sized down. 

It may feel like a losing battle, but we found two ways to help you find the right fit. First, consider your sister size that offers you three potential sizes. As mentioned, every brand is different but if you have your regular size and two other sizes (that are lower and higher than your usual) then you’re in good shape. 

most comfortable bras measuring chart for bra size

Another helpful idea is to measure yourself again. It’s probably been awhile since you assessed your bra size, so try doing it right at home with four easy steps

  • Measure your band. Use a measuring tape and wrap it around your rib cage (just below your breasts). Note: Pick the nearest even number in inches, and if you’re between inches go for the larger number. 
  • Measure around your bust. You’ll want to start at the fullest point of your breasts, which can fall right over your nipples. Again, pick the nearest even number in inches.
  • Subtract your band and bust measurement. This number will be your cup size. For example, if your band measurement is 34 and your bust measurement is 42, then your cup size will be 8. Once you figure out the cup size, it’ll correspond with the letter from the chart above (i.e., 1 for A cup to 10 for J cup).
  • Finally, combine the band measurement with your new cup size. This combination will be your bra size like 34C, 40DD, etc. 

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