We Tried Kindly, the World's First Plant-Based Bra—Here's How It Holds Up

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  • Value: 20/20
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  • Comfort: 19/20
  • TOTAL: 92/100

When it comes to being a friend to the planet, I would by no means consider myself a perfect eco-crusader—I have definitely been guilty of indulging in a styrofoam takeout box or disposable utensils from time to time. But I do make an effort to do my part wherever I can. I recycle as much as possible. I use metal straws (they’re so much better than paper ones, trust). And if I see something cute that also happens to be sustainable, bring it on. Enter: Kindly —the world’s first plant-based bra.

I first heard about this miracle creation from Instagram star Madi Messer, who sang its praises up and down in her Stories. The unique sustainable aspect paired with the fact that Messer has turned me on to several other brands I like (shoutout to Electric Picks!) had me intrigued. Add in my FOMO on the wireless bra trend that had all but taken over my social media feeds amid quarantine, and I knew I simply had to try it.

What Are Kindly Bras?

Kindly, which launched in August 2021, is a sustainable line of undergarments made with a unique blend of 88 percent recycled nylon, 12 percent spandex and elastic. As for the cup itself, it’s comprised of 80 percent Brazilian sugarcane—something that took the company three whole years to create, according to a recent press release.

That’s pretty cool when you consider the fact that microfibers (small bits of your clothes that get washed down the drain with every wash) from synthetic clothing—including your bras—have made the fashion industry the third biggest offender of the world’s pollution.

The four available styles, which largely come in earthy tones, are a nod to the sustainability factor. You can choose from a V-neck bralette, an X-back bralette, a wireless T-shirt bra and a full-cup T-shirt bra, all of which were created with post-pandemic comfort in mind.

First Impressions

They say never to judge a book by its cover, and I was certainly reminded of that after being introduced to the brand’s Kindly Yours wireless T-shirt bra. I won’t lie—at first glance, I was admittedly less than impressed by its appearance in the box. As someone who typically wears Victoria’s Secret Bombshell bras, which feature an underwire and a deep V-cut, I’m used to a more daring silhouette, and this appeared to have a lot more fabric than my go-to picks. It was also super plain—no lacy frills or scalloping here. Great, I thought. A grandma bra.

When I put it on, however, I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t quite as modest as it had originally looked. Sure, it wasn’t quite as revealing as my normal picks, but it wasn’t exactly ultra-conservative either, striking a nice balance between the two. Rather than coming up to my chin, as I had fully expected it to, it kept my boobs fully covered while still allowing for a little breathing room in the chest area.

I also noticed right away that the fit was exquisite. As a small-chested woman (I’m typically a 32A), I have pretty much accepted that unless I’m wearing a bralette (a style I’m not a huge fan of), there’s going to be a gap between my bra and my boobs. Except…there wasn’t. Despite being larger than my typical size (Kindly sizes range from 34A to 40DD, which is a bit more limiting than we'd like), this thing conformed to my body like a glove. I attributed this in large part to the extra clasp on the fixture. While most bras allow you to tighten them by up to three prongs, this one goes for four, allowing you to make it as snug as you like—and I like snug.

It was a totally different feel from a wireless brand like Lively, whose much-lauded The No-Wire Push-Up bra only served to accentuate my gap on one side, leaving me feeling completely asymmetrical. In fact, I’d go as far to say the Kindly fit better than any bra I’ve ever worn in my life. While I obviously can't speak to the reinforcement level for those with bigger cup sizes, I also felt more supported than I have with other wireless brands. The real test, however, would come after a week of wear.

The Test

I put this bra on straight out of the box immediately after receiving it. Ten minutes later, I forgot I was wearing it—and I didn’t think of it again until the end of the night, when I was taking it off. It was that comfortable.

This experience also marked another first for me. I am someone who is constantly tugging at my too-loose straps, despite tightening them (and re-tightening them) as far as they’ll go throughout the day. With this pick, however, there was none of that. The straps stayed right where they were supposed to, all day long, making the functionality a 20/20 for me.

Over time, I did notice that the clasp area dug into my side a bit when the bra was worn for extended periods, shaving a sole single point off the comfort score, but this is also something that could likely be remedied by loosening the fastener by one.

The best part, however, was the value. At $12 to $14 a pop, these Walmart-exclusive brassieres cost less than a good glass of wine. So why so cheap, you ask, when less-comfy competitors are charging three times as much? It's all part of the brand's mission to make sustainability available to all consumers.

The Bottom Line

This isn’t the prettiest bra you’ll ever buy, but it might just be the most comfortable—not to mention the best-fitting. Even if you're not typically a wireless fan, you might be pleasantly surprised. Beyond that, you’ll feel great knowing that an item you can wear each and every day is helping to better this great planet we all enjoy each and every day. Given the low price, it's the least we can do for Mother Nature to pick one (if not several!) up—and stat.

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