100 Baby Names That Mean Star

Svetlana and Lintang have something in common

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Naming a child is no small feat and there are many factors to consider—the potential for unfortunate rhymes, mispronunciations and less-than flattering meanings. That said, if you opt for a baby name that means star, you’ll at least have that last part covered. (No negative connotation there.) Plus, names that refer to the celestial are especially fitting since, much like the sky, the birth of a baby is an event that inspires a deep sense of wonder. Here, a list of our favorite baby names that mean star (or have some adjacent celestial connection) to consider for your bright and shining little bundle, whether you’re looking for something sweet and familiar like Lainey or a more exotic moniker like Namid.

140 Boy and Girl Baby Names That Start With B

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1. Stella

Quite a popular name but beautiful nonetheless. This name derives from Italian and Latin origins, and translates to ‘star.’ Babies with this name are destined for great things in life.

2. Realta

For anyone with some good ole Irish blood in them, Realta is a beautiful baby name deriving from Old and Middle Irish and translating to ‘star.’

3. Astra

With both Greek and Latin origins, Astra is a lovely name with ancient roots. This baby girl’s name takes on the plural form of ‘astrum’ and symbolizes none other than, you guessed it, stars.

4. Galaxy

Meaning a billion clusters of stars held together by gravitational attraction, this rather unique name is destined for a bold baby. We love the shortened nickname, ‘Gal,’ too.

5. Nova

Another beautiful girl’s name that has deep, exciting and dramatic roots in astronomy. A nova refers to an explosion of a bright new star that eventually dims over time, but the appearance of a nova is a rare and extraordinary sight—fitting for a special newborn.

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6. Tähti 

This Finnish name literally translates to ‘star.’ We also love how it rolls off the tongue.

7. Estrella

This feminine Spanish word means, ‘star’ and we absolutely adore the elegance and beauty exuding from the name.

8. Csilla

This sweet Hungarian name is another word for, none other than, ‘star’ and in the Hungarian alphabet, ‘c’ and ‘s’ together makes the ‘ch’ sound.

9. Sterling

This rich Middle English name derives from the word steorra or ’star’ and it is believed that early Norman pennies were stamped with star symbols on the coins.

10. Sirius

One of the brightest, burning stars in the sky. Interestingly, Sirius is known to be a binary star, as it has a dwarf star in its orbit.

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11. Castor

Not to be confused with the oil, this name is Greek in origin and refers to the brightest star in the Gemini constellation—a perfect match for late May and June babies.

12. Hoku

Hoku is the Hawaiian name for ‘star.' But we also love this boy name because it just sounds, well, happy.

13. Itri

This name means ‘star’ in Tamazight—a Berber language that’s indigenous to north Africa and spoken throughout Morocco.

14. Leo

Another star-inspired name that refers to a constellation and has an astrological match, of course. Summer babies may vibe with this one.

15. Orion

This handsome Greek name also gets its star cred from a constellation. (Hint: Orion’s belt is particularly easy to locate in the night sky—so much so that it can even help guide stargazers locate other constellations.)

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16. Sidra

Sidra means ‘star’ in Arabic; it also happens to be a soft and lovely name that rolls off the tongue.

17. Namid

This name owes its origins to the indigenous people of North America: In the Ojibwe language, this one means ‘star dancer.'

18. Vega

This one means ‘falling star’ in Latin and references one of the biggest and brightest stars in the heavens.

19. Seren

One of the most popular girl names in Wales (its place of origin), Seren means ‘star’—plain and simple—in Welsh.

20. Reeva

In Hindi, Reeva is a boy's name that means ‘one who guides people like a river or star.'

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21. Tarak

A Sanskrit boy’s name that means ‘star’ and ‘protector.'

22. Zeke

Although in Hebrew Zeke is a shortened version of Ezekial, the Old Testament prophet, in Arabic the name means ‘shooting star.

23. Danica

This girl’s name has Slavic and Latin origins; it means ‘morning star.'

24. Sutara

In Hindi, the name Sutara means ‘holy star’; It is most commonly given to girls.

25. Celeste

It’s no surprise that this one has an, er, celestial meaning: In French, Celeste means ‘heavenly.'

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26. Dara

In Khmer, this gender-neutral name means ‘star.’

27. Estella

The name of the unlikely heroine in Dickens’s Great Expectations, Estella is a pretty choice with Latin origin, and (yep, you guessed it) the meaning is ‘star.'

28. Aster

You might recognize this as the name of a flower, but it’s also Greek for ‘star.'

29. Sirius

This Latin name refers to the brightest star visible from earth.

30. Esther

A strong female figure from the Old Testament, this Hebrew name means ‘star.'

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31. Izar

This girl’s name meaning ‘star’ is of Basque origin.

32. Maristela

This feminine Spanish name means ‘star of the sea.'

33. Sol

A gender-neutral name with Hebrew, Spanish and Portuguese origins that means ‘sun’ (i.e., the closest star to earth).

34. Mina

A sweet Muslim girl’s name that means ‘starling’ and ‘heaven.’

35. Selina

This Greek name means ‘star in the sky.’

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35. Selina

This Greek name means ‘star in the sky.’

36. Tala 

A melodic feminine name meaning ‘bright star’ to Pacific Islanders. 

37. Vespera 

A feminine version of Vesper, this Latin name means ‘evening star.’ 

38. Astrid 

This Scandinavian girl’s name means ‘divinely beautiful’ and ‘little star.’ 

39. Steren 

This cool and unique girl's name means ‘star’ in Cornish. 

Top Baby Names That Mean Star Kira
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40. Kira

Most commonly a girl’s name, Kira has both Japanese and Hebrew origins, and a meaning of ‘glittering’ and ‘beam of light,’ respectively.

41. Vanessa 

Originally a nickname for Esther, this moniker reached peak popularity in the late ‘80s and has a Hebrew meaning of ‘star.’ 

42. Cordelia 

A feminine name of Latin origin meaning ‘heart’ and one of the moons of Uranus. 

43. Hester 

This masculine version of the biblical name Esther has the same meaning of ‘star’ and decidedly vintage vibes. 

44. Roxana 

Roxana is an Old Persian name with a meaning of ‘dawn’ and ‘little star.’ It’s also pretty darn fun to say. 

Top Baby Names That Mean Star Tana
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45. Tana 

This spunky feminine name has Russian origins as a variant of Tanya and a meaning of ‘star goddess.’

46. Haul 

Like Paul with an H—this masculine Welsh name means ‘sun.’ 

47. Francisco 

A boy’s name of Spanish and Portuguese origin meaning ‘free man’ and one of the moons of Uranus. 

48. Ferdinand 

Ferdinand is a Germanic name with a fierce meaning of ‘courage’ and ‘bold voyager.’ It’s also another moon of Uranus. (Uranus has quite a few.) 

49. Shihab 

‘Shooting star’ and ‘meteor’ are the meanings of this Arabic boy’s name. It also makes more than one appearance in the Quran.

Top Baby Names That Mean Star Ymir
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50. Ymir

It might not have the most promising meaning—it’s ‘to cry and whine’—but this masculine name of Norse and Germanic origin (pronounced E-meer) belongs to one of Saturn’s moons and boasts a pretty cool sound, to boot.

51. Andromeda 

The name of a galaxy and a powerful feminine moniker of Greek origin that means ‘leader of humankind.’ 

52. Laniakea 

In addition to being the name given to a supercluster of galaxies that includes the Milky Way, Laniakea is a Hawaiian given name for girls that means ‘immense heaven.’ 

53. Samson 

Samson—a champion of the Israelites in the Old Testament—is a strong masculine name of Hebrew origin that means ‘sun child.’ 

54. Rigel 

This Arabic boy’s name means ‘foot,’ which refers to the bright blue star’s location in the constellation Orion.

Top Baby Names That Mean Star Ravi
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55. Ravi

This cute and charming boy’s name has Sanskrit origins and a meaning of ‘sun.’

56. Puck 

Yet another moon of Uranus—Puck is a gender neutral name of Germanic and Celtic origin that William Shakespeare gave to the mischievous sprite in his play A Midsummer Night’s Dream

57. Draco 

This ancient Greek name might not be popular among Harry Potter fans (Draco Malfoy, anyone?) but it also belongs to a constellation of stars resembling a dragon, which is pretty cool. 

58. Elrond 

This masculine name comes from the fictional elven ruler in Lord of the Rings and has a meaning of ‘star dome.’ 

59. Atlas 

A Titan in Greek mythology with a big weight to carry (i.e., the whole world) and one of the moons of Saturn. 

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60. Mab

Mab is one of the moons of Uranus and a female given name of Irish and Welsh origin with a meaning of ‘intoxicating’ and ‘joy.’

61. Portia 

Another name with notable Shakespearean ties—Portia is a feminine name meaning ‘an offering’ and (you guessed it) one of the moons of Uranus. 

62. Rosalind 

Rosalind is a feminine name of Old Germanic origin that means ‘horse,’ ‘soft’ and ‘tender.’ At the risk of sounding like a broken record, it’s also one of the moons of Uranus. 

63. Narvi 

Also spelled Narfi, this name belongs to a moon of Saturn, a character in Norse mythology and a dwarf in J.R.R. Tolkein’s legendarium. 

64. Phaedra 

This feminine name of Greek origin has a soft and melodic sound and a celestial-adjacent meaning of ‘bright.’  

Top Baby Names That Mean Star Ophelia
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65. Ophelia 

Ophelia—the tragic heroine from Shakespeare’s Hamlet and one of the moons of Uranus—is a feminine given name of Greek origin that means ‘help’ and ‘aid.’

66. Helene 

‘Shining light’ is the meaning of this name of French and Greek origin, which also belongs to one of the moons of Saturn. 

67. Electra 

Electra, a star in the Taurus constellation, is a Greek girl’s name that means ‘shining,’ ‘bright’ and ‘radiant.’ 

68. Bianca 

This peppy Italian girl’s name meaning ‘white’ and ‘pure’ is also one of the moons of Uranus. 

69. Belinda 

Belinda is a moon of Uranus and a girl’s name of unknown origin that boasts strong retro vibes. 

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70. Sterre

If you’re shopping for celestial names, this feminine Dutch moniker with a straightforward meaning of ‘star’ certainly fits the bill.

71. Altair 

This gender-neutral name of Arabic origin means ‘flying eagle’ and belongs to the brightest star in the constellation Aquila. 

72. Lucien 

Lucien is a soft and elegant masculine name of French origin with a meaning that evokes a starry sky: ‘one that gives light.’ 

73. Despina 

Or Des for short—this feminine name of Greek origin means ‘lady’ and belongs to one of the moons of Neptune. 

74. Ylli 

This masculine name is pronounced IL-y and means ‘star’ in Albanian. 

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75. Phoenix

This gender-neutral Greek name doesn’t only refer to the immortal bird, but also the constellation in the southern sky.

76. Nix 

One of the moons of Pluto and a variation of Nyx, the Greek Goddess of Chaos and personification of night. 

77. Sao 

Sao, a gender neutral moniker meaning ‘the rescuer,’ is one of the 50 daughters of the Greek sea god Nereus who has a moon of Neptune named after her. 

78. Utu 

This powerful masculine name belongs to the Sumerian Sun God. 

79. Vesper 

Vesper is a gender-neutral name of Latin origin that has a quiet sound to match its meaning of ‘evening star.’ It has also enjoyed a rise in popularity, thanks to Eva Green's character in the James Bond film Casino Royale.

Top Baby Names That Mean Star Novalise
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80. Novalise

Supernovas come to mind when we hear this name of American origin—and its meaning of ‘bright star’ is as breathtaking as the phenomena.

81. Norma 

A reference to a well-structured constellation in the southern sky—this feminine moniker of Latin origin translates to ‘the norm’ or ‘standard’ and was a darling of the Silent Film era. 

82. Sutara 

This Hindu name is associated with the lucky number eight and means ‘holy star’.  

83. Starla 

This feminine name has British and American origins and a meaning of ‘star.’ (Who could’ve guessed?) 

84. Phoebe 

A name with Greek origins and a starlit meaning of ‘shining one.’ 

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85. Lainey

This beautiful name of French origin means ‘bright’ and is impossible to say without smiling.

86. Hoshi 

Here, a Japanese girl’s name that quite simply means ‘star.’ 

87. Dia 

One of Jupiter’s moons and a feminine name of Spanish origin that means ‘heavenly’ and ‘day.’ 

88. Bituin 

This Filipino girl’s name has a cute, diminutive sound and a sweet meaning of ‘star.’ 

89. Europa 

‘Wide face’ is the meaning of this fierce feminine name of Greek origin, which has mythological ties that inspired the naming of both the continent and one of Jupiter’s moons. 

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90. Ara

This gender-neutral Armenian name means ‘king’ and ‘bringer of rain.’ It’s also a constellation in the southern sky.

91. Ersa 

Plucked straight from Greek mythology, Ersa—the daughter of Zeus and moon goddess Selene—is a name that belongs to one of Jupiter’s moons. 

92. Citlali 

Pronounced sit-lah-lee, this fun-to-say girl’s name meaning ‘star’ is of Aztec origin. 

93. Galatea 

A moon of Neptune and a feminine name of Greek origin meaning ‘one who is milk-white.’  

94. Juliet 

This star-crossed lover’s name has English origins, and a meaning ‘youthful’ or ‘Jove’s child’. For those asking, Jove is the older variation of the Roman God Jupiter. 

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95. Vedette

If you want your baby to be a star in every sense then this French name meaning ‘star’ or ‘leading actor’ is the way to go.

96. Bellatrix 

This Arabic name meaning ‘the leader’ is the first of the constellation’s stars to rise. In Arab legends, the star is nicknamed ‘roaring line,’ which we think is pretty fiery.  

97. Svetlana 

This sophisticated Slavic girl’s name means ‘light,’ ‘shine’ and ‘star.’ 

98. Lintang 

Lintang is a uniquely Indonesian boy’s name with a straightforward meaning of ‘star.’ 

99. Najm 

Najm (pronounced NED-jum) is the masculine version and Najma (NEDJ-ma) the feminine—both have Arabic roots and a meaning of ‘morning star.’ 

100. Pavo 

This Croatian name is the shortened version of Pavao, relating to Paul and has a Latin meaning of ‘peacock.’ It’s also a constellation in the southern sky. 

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