35 Baby Names That Mean Star

Naming a child is no small feat and there are many factors to consider—the potential for unfortunate rhymes, mispronunciations and less-than flattering meanings. That said, if you opt for a baby name that means star, you’ll at least have that last part covered. (No negative connotation there.) Plus, names that refer to the celestial are especially fitting since, much like the sky, the birth of a baby is an event that inspires a deep sense of wonder. Here, a list of our favorite baby names that mean star to consider for your bright and shining little bundle.

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1. Stella

Quite a popular name but beautiful nonetheless. This name derives from Italian and Latin origins, and translates to ‘star.’ Babies with this name are destined for great things in life.

2. Realta

For anyone with a some good ole Irish blood in them, Realta is a beautiful baby name deriving from Old and Middle Irish and translating to ‘star.’

3. Astra

With both Greek and Latin origins, Astra is a lovely name with ancient roots. This baby girl’s name takes on the plural form of ‘astrum’ and symbolizes none other than, you guessed it, stars.

4. Galaxy

Meaning a billion clusters of stars held together by gravitational attraction, this rather unique name is destined for a bold baby. We love the shortened nickname, ‘Gal,’ too.

5. Nova

Another beautiful girl’s name that has deep, exciting and dramatic roots in astronomy. A nova refers to an explosion of a bright new star that eventually dims over time, but the appearance of a nova is a rare and extraordinary sight—fitting for a special newborn.

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6. Tähti

This Finnish name literally translates to ‘star.’ We also love how it rolls off the tongue.

7. Estrella

This feminine Spanish word means, ‘star’ and we absolutely adore the elegance and beauty exuding from the name.

8. Csilla

This sweet Hungarian name is another word for, none other than, ‘star’ and in the Hungarian alphabet, ‘c’ and ‘s’ together makes the ‘ch’ sound.

9. Sterling

This rich Middle English name derives from the word steorra or ’star’ and it is believed that early Norman pennies were stamped with star symbols on the coins.

10. Sirius

One of the brightest, burning stars in the sky. Interestingly, Sirius is known to be a binary star, as it has a dwarf star in its orbit.

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11. Castor

Not to be confused with the oil, this name is Greek in origin and refers to the brightest star in the Gemini constellation—a perfect match for late May and June babies.

12. Hoku

Hoku is the Hawaiian name for ‘star.' But we also love this boy name because it just sounds, well, happy.

13. Itri

This name means ‘star’ in Tamazight—a Berber language that’s indigenous to north Africa and spoken throughout Morocco.

14. Leo

Another star-inspired name that refers to a constellation and has an astrological match, of course. Summer babies may vibe with this one.

15. Orion

This handsome Greek name also gets its star cred from a constellation. (Hint: Orion’s belt is particularly easy to locate in the night sky—so much so that it can even help guide stargazers locate other constellations.)

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16. Sidra

Sidra means ‘star’ in Arabic; it also happens to be a soft and lovely name that rolls off the tongue.

17. Namid

This name owes its origins to the indigenous people of North America: In the Ojibwe language, this one means ‘star dancer.'

18. Vega

This one means ‘falling star’ in Latin and references one of the biggest and brightest stars in the heavens.

19. Seren

One of the most popular girl names in Wales (its place of origin), Seren means ‘star’—plain and simple—in Welsch.

20. Reeva

In Hindi, Reeva is a boy's name that means ‘one who guides people like a river or star.'

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21. Tarak

A Sanskrit boy’s name that means ‘star’ and ‘protector.'

22. Zeke

Although in Hebrew Zeke is a shortened version of Ezekial, the Old Testament prophet, in Arabic the name means ‘shooting star.

23. Danica

This girl’s name has Slavic and Latin origins; it means ‘morning star.'

24. Sutara

In Hindi, the name Sutara means ‘holy star’; It is most commonly given to girls.

25. Celeste

It’s no surprise that this one has an, er, celestial meaning: In French, Celeste means ‘heavenly.'

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26. Dara

In Khmer, this gender-neutral name means ‘star.’

27. Estella

The name of the unlikely heroine in Dickens’s Great Expectations, Estella is a pretty choice with Latin origin, and (yep, you guessed it) the meaning is ‘star.'

28. Aster

You might recognize this as the name of a flower, but it’s also Greek for ‘star.'

29. Sirius

This Latin name refers to the brightest star visible from earth.

30. Esther

A strong female figure from the Old Testament, this Hebrew name means ‘star.'

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31. Izar

This girl’s name meaning ‘star’ is of Basque origin.

32. Maristela

This feminine Spanish name means ‘star of the sea.'

33. Sol

A gender-neutral name with Hebrew, Spanish and Portuguese origins that means ‘sun’ (i.e., the closest star to earth).

34. Mina

A sweet Muslim girl’s name that means ‘starling’ and ‘heaven.’

35. Selina

This Greek name means ‘star in the sky.’