140 Boy and Girl Baby Names That Start with ‘B’

Like Bella, Betsey, Bernard and Bodhi

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When it comes to choosing a name for your baby, things can get complicated, to say the least. Do you want something totally unique and straight out of a Wes Anderson film? Are you looking for something more traditional? Maybe you want something super quirky (but not too weird). The options truly are endless, and it can feel daunting choosing a name that will stick with someone for the rest of their life. To narrow things down, we suggest starting with a letter. If you're looking for the ideal name that begins with “B,” we did the hard work for you. (Psst: here are 100 baby names that start with “C”.)

The names on this list have been hand-selected from a variety of places (such as the Social Security Administration’s list of the most popular monikers) and includes some of our personal favorites. From Bernadette to Beckham, Brock to Bodhi, here are 140 classic, unique and seriously cool baby names that start with “B” for both genders.


Classic B Names for Girls

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1. Bethany

The official meaning is “house of welcome” or “house of figs.” It’s also a town near Jerusalem.

2. Becca

A riff on the Hebrew name, Rebekah, Becca is a cute moniker meaning “to bind, to tie.” Maybe she’ll be the glue that holds the family together?

3. Brianna

Meaning “noble,” the name Brianna is an Irish moniker that dates back to the 16th century. It can take on various forms and spellings (Briana, Bryanna and Breana, to name a few) and is thought to be the female form of Brian.

4. Beatrice

“Bringer of Joy.” What else could a new parent ask for?

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5. Bonnie

This name means “pretty girl.” How sweet.

6. Bridget

Also known as Brigid, it means “noble” or “exalted one,” so you bet she’ll be strong.

7. Belinda

Like a few others on this list, the name means “beautiful.” Only this one’s of Spanish descent.

8. Barbara

Perhaps it's not as common as it used to be (it landed the 976th spot for most popular moniker in 2022), but Barb will always and forever be a solid nickname.

9. Beverly

Of English origin, the name means “beaver stream or meadow.” So, not only will she love the environment, but she’s pretty much destined to love Beverly Cleary books.

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10. Beth

Usually short for Elizabeth, Beth does well all on its own.

11. Blythe

“Happy” is the meaning—pretty much says it all.

12. Bertha

This name of Old German origin was a big deal in the late 19th century and remained a popular choice up until the 1930s. Given its meaning of “bright and famous,” we think it’s eligible for a comeback.

13. Babette

This retro little number has a mixed Greek and French influences, meaning “God’s promise.” It’s considered a derivative of Elizabeth and Barbara. If you love a good classic, you’ll know it’s also the title of Babette’s Feast.

14. Birdy

Birdy is a spin on the German name Bertha, meaning “bright, famous.” Future movie star?

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15. Bette

From Bette Davis to Bette Midler, this name brings plenty of star power. It has Dutch, Hebrew and English roots, translating to “God’s promise.” It’s also a shortened version of Betty and Elizabeth.

16. Bernadette

Bernadette means “brave as a bear,” and if you’re familiar with the namesake song by The Four Tops, you already know it can inspire great passion.

17. Brenda

The feminine variation of Brendan, this Scandinavian name means “sword.”

18. Birdie

The name—which means “little bird”—is also shared by Jessica Simpson’s youngest child, a sign the popularity of this one will likely spike in the upcoming years.

19. Betsy

A diminutive form of Elizabeth, it means “God is my oath.”

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20. Beverlianne

Can’t pass on a double name. Beverlianne is a mashup of the British name Beverly (“meadow”) and French Anna (“grace”).

21. Brookanne

Another American baby girl name that combines two classics—the Old English and German name Brook (“small stream”) and the French name Anne (“grace”).

22. Becky

A popular variation of Rebecca, this name (of Hebrew origin) means “captivated or captivating.”

Unusual Names for Girls

23. Berti

German for “noble,” Berti is a cute, shortened version of the baby girl names Alberta and Bertha.

24. Brynlee

Another combo of two names, Brynlee means “burnt meadow.”

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25. Brenna

Pronounced BREN-ah it is of Gaelic origin and means "little drop of water.”

26. Bristol

This topographical name means “site off the bridge.” Let your imagination determine what said site looks like, but know that Bri and Tollie are seriously cute nickname options.

27. Bernadine

Similar to Bernadette, Bernadine means “brave as a bear,” a fine quality you’d want in any little girl.

28. Bellamy

Emerging as an up-and-coming girls' name, this one is a take on the super-popular Bella. And like its predecessors, it also means “beauty.”

29. Berri

Of Greek origin, the meaning of Berri is "light green semi precious gemstone.” It’s also a variant of the names Bernice and Beryl.

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30. Bhumika

This Indian name means “Earth.” (It’s pronounced bhu-mi-ka).

31. Badriya

Badriya is an Arabic name for girls that means “like the full moon.”

32. Brielle

This name—which is of French origin—means “God is my strength.”

33. Bari

Not to be confused with Barri—Bari is a gender-neutral spin on the Gaelic Barry, meaning “fair-haired.” In Hebrew and Arabic, the definition becomes “to select.”

34. Baila

With delicate features and a lightness of step, it’s like the name Baila was meant to be. In Spanish, it means “dance” and “ fair.”

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35. Bambi

A certain (doe-eyed) Disney deer made this Italian name famous, but we think it’s a cute pick for a little girl, too. It quite literally means “child.”

36. Bahati

This name has Swahili origins, a badass sound and a meaning of “luck or fortune.” It’s also the name of Adam Levine’s model wife.

37. Bernice

Greek for “bringer of victory,” Bernice is a name that destines your baby girl to shine.

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38. Brycen

This unisex name is a fancy version of Bryce, which is thought to come from a Celtic word meaning “speckled” (freckles).

39. Barri

With a name that literally means “victory bringer," this little girl is bound to be tough.

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40. Breigh

Similar to Brianna, it’s meaning is "high, noble or exalted."

41. Bathsheba

Hebrew for “daughter of the oath,” the Biblical figure Bathsheba was known for her beauty, and for being the mother of the famous King Solomon.

42. Benedictine

This Latin name translates to “blessed.”

43. Belen

Derived from Spanish origin, Belen means “house of bread” and, in terms of how it sounds, it’s basically the tougher cousin of Helen.

44. Briony

Briony, sometimes spelled Bryony, is a feminine name of Greek origin that means “climbing plant.”

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45. Benita

Pronounced beh-nee-tah, this Spanish moniker means “blessed.”

46. Babita

Of Greek origin, this b name means “stranger” (and is pretty cute when shortened to Babs).

47. Baldwina

Meaning “brave, bold friend,” Baldwina is a Swiss and German name that perfectly describes what you hope your baby will become. And it’s got plenty of variations—Baudouin (French), Baldovino (Italian) and Balduino (Spanish).

Cool B Names for Girls

48. Bianca

Equal parts soft and spunky—this name of Italian origin meaning “white” and “pure” reached peak popularity in the 70s and 80s and remains a timeless choice. 

49. Beckham

While this baby name means “homestead by the stream,” don’t mistake it for something too peaceful. If you think your little girl will have serious athletic potential, it’s also a nod to one of soccer’s most recognizable stars and the 2002 lady-led film, Bend It Like Beckham.

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50. Brinn

Or Brynn if you prefer, the name is sometimes short for Brynnlee and is also related to Brianna.

51. Briar

Meaning “shrub” or “small tree,” this name symbolizes growth, something which your daughter will inevitably take part in way too fast.

52. Braelynn

Braelynn is an American name invention (coming from the names Bray and Lin) is a topographical moniker that means “meadow” or “dweller near the moor.” It also topped the U.S. baby name charts in 2011 and there are four other ways to spell it, including Braylin, Braylen, Braelyn, and Braylynn.

53. Bailey

Courtesy of the English, this name goes way back and literally means “bailiff” or “steward.”

54. Bexley

The name made its debut on the U.S. Top 1000 in 2016 and is increasingly being adopted by parents looking for a novel name in the Kinsley/Ainsley/Paisley family. It has English origins and a meaning of “clearing surrounded by box trees.”

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55. Bindi

Meaning “butterfly” in the Australian aboriginal language of Noongar, Bindi has become a well-known name thanks to croc-hunting Steve Irwin’s daughter. Who knows? Maybe she’ll be just as adventurous.

56. Bronwyn

Here’s a suitable name for any striking beauty: the Welsh name Bronwyn, meaning “fair, white raven.”

57. Brooke

This b name means “water” or “small stream,” so your daughter may well turn out to be quite the swimmer.

58. Blakely

This one is a compound name consisting of two Old English words that, together, roughly translate to “black meadow” or “dark clearing.”

59. Brooklyn

This combo name (Brook + Lynn) is used for both boys and girls and means “broken land” or “pretty brook.”

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60. Blair

Also spelled Blaire, this moniker is derived from the Scottish Gaelic blàr, meaning "plain," “meadow” or "field."

61. Billie

A variation of Billy (which has become unisex), the name means “determination.” Not to mention, it's fairly common with celebs—Billie Holiday, Billie Jean King and Billie Eilish to name a few.

62. Brandy

Also spelled Brandi (like the actress), this American name speaks for itself—it literally means brandy.

63. Bobbie-Jo

Bobbie-Jo is an American name meaning “Jehovah shall add,” but it’s also a combo of the English and German Bobbie, meaning “bright fame,” plus Jo, which translates to “God is gracious.”

64. Blossom

Looking for a flower name? This one means "to bloom" and has gotten attention thanks to The Powerpuff Girls and Riverdale.


65. Beyoncé

Sure, you know Queen Bey, and although her name came from her mother’s surname, it also means “beyond others.”

66. Blake

This Old English name means “pale blond one” (we’re looking at you Blake Lively). It’s also a popular version of the longer name, Blakely, and a one syllable moniker that packs a punch.

67. Brittany

A favorite '80s name that was further popularized by Britney Spears (notice the alternate spelling option), the moniker means “from Britain,” which makes total sense since it's of English origin. We think it’s full of energy and attitude.

68. Belle

This French name means “beauty.” Looks like Disney did their homework when coming up with a name for its Beauty & the Beast heroine.

69. Bella

Like Belle, this name also has French origins and a meaning of “beautiful.” It’s also very popular, landing in the top 50 names for girls in 2018.

70. Buffy

Buffy is an English diminutive of Elizabeth that means “God is my Oath.” And dare we say, it slays? (Sorry, we had to.)

Classic B Names for Boys

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1. Benjamin

Landing the #9 spot on the popularity list last year, it means “son of the right hand.”

2. Blaine

The Scottish name began gaining wider recognition in the 19th century. It also means “yellow,” most likely referring to someone with blonde or light hair.

3. Brayden

Not quite as common as Benjamin, this b name still made it in the top 100 last year. It also has several different spellings—Braydan and Braydon included.

4. Bobby

Bobby is a classic nickname (it’s short for Robert) that is also a standalone name of English and German origin. It has retro vibes and a meaning of “bright fame.”

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5. Boris

This classic name has Slavic roots and a fierce meaning of “wolf” and “battle warrior,” plus a decidedly manly sound to match.

6. Brian

A timeless choice—Brian is a masculine name of Irish origin that boasts a lofty meaning of “high” and “noble.”

7. Billy

Though commonly used as a nickname for William, we like Billy all on its own as a moniker of Old German origin with a fierce meaning of “resolute protector.”

8. Bret

Here, the masculine version of Brittany with the same meaning of “from Britain.”

9. Buster

This funny throwback has British origins and a familiar meaning of “tough guy.”

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10. Burt

Burt is a less common spelling of Bert and a shortened version of Albert that means “bright” and “noble.” It was also the given name of a very famous mustached actor (Burt Reynolds) and a music industry giant (Burt Bacharach).

11. Barry

This timeless classic is a gender-neutral name of Irish origin that means “fair-haired.” 

12. Bart

Usually short for Bartholomew, Bart does well all on its own. It’s also been made popular by a certain cartoon character.

13. Bryan

This one is almost as popular as the other spelling of the name (Brian), according to the SSA.

14. Bradley

The official meaning of this b name is “from the broad meadow.”

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15. Blake

This Old English name means “pale blond one” and is unisex. It’s also a popular version of the longer name, Blakely.

16. Bryson

This unisex name, a fancy version of Bryce, is a patronym that’s thought to come from a Celtic word meaning “speckled” (freckles).

17. Bruce

The name Bruce is a boy's name of French, Scottish and English origin meaning "from the thick brush.”

18. Bennett

It means “little blessed one” and is of Latin origin. We like Ben or Bennie for short.

19. Bruno

Derived from German origins, Bruno means “brown.”

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20. Benedict

Or Benny, for short. This masculine name has Latin origins and a meaning of “blessed.”

21. Brandon

This name—which is of English origin—means “from the broom hill.”

22. Bernard

This boy’s name of English and French origin has a sophisticated sound and a strong meaning of “brave” and “strong bear.”

23. Barrett

Pronounced like Garrett with a “B,” this one is originally an English surname. It also means “trader.”

 24. Brady

If you’re more of a Miranda than a Carrie, Samantha or Charlotte, you can’t go wrong with this one, which means “spirited.”

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25. Brody

Courtesy of Scotland, the name literally means “second son.”

Unique B Names for Boys

26. Betserai

“Born to assist.” What more can new parents ask for?

27. Braxton

Fun fact: There were 2,379 Braxtons born in 2022.

28. Beau

Also spelled Bo, this French name means “beautiful” or “handsome.”

29. Bomani

Of African origin, Bomani means “warrior.”

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30. Baxter

This unique moniker has Old English roots and a long history as an occupational surname that means “baker.” As a modern given name, we’re getting too-cool-for-school vibes.

31. Brantley

This combo name (Brant + Leigh/Lee) means “fire” or “field.”

32. Bodhi

Of Indian origin, it means “understanding of true nature” and is pronounced bohd-hee.

33. Bowen

The name made its U.S. Top 1000 debut in 2011 and is of Welsh origin.

34. Babu

With a name that literally means “gentleman," your son is destined to have great manners.

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35. Boston

Looking for a geographic name? We recommend this one (Call him Bo for short).

36. Babafemi

It means “my father loves me,” so he’ll never forget.

37. Bronson

Bronson (not to be confused with Pierce Brosnan’s surname) is a boy's name of English origin that means “son of brown-haired one.”

38. Baker

Of Anglo-Saxon descent and later spreading to the Celtic countries of Ireland, Scotland and Wales, Baker is an occupational name meaning “baker of bread.”

39. Brecken

Meaning "freckled” or “speckled," Brecken is a fresh, Irish alternative to the similar-sounding (and super-popular) Beckett.

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40. Bodie

From the German surname, Bode, this longer version means “messenger.”

41. Bronx

One of the very first European settlers of the Bronx area of New York was Jonas Bronck. The area was called “Bronck’s land,” which is where the name comes from.

42. Blaze

This one means “flame,” so chances are he’ll be a little feisty.

43. Basim

It means “smile” aka what your happy baby will be doing a lot of.

44. Bongani

This African name means “grateful” or “he sings with joy” (fingers crossed your son turns out to have impressive vocal cords).

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45. Bogdan

This undeniably original choice has Romanian and Slavic roots and a fitting religious meaning of “gift from God.”

46. Bharat

Bharat is an Indian name with Sanskrit origins that date back to ancient Hindu scripture. It means “shining one.”

47. Belisario

This masculine name of Spanish and Greek origins is seriously fun to say and boasts a fierce meaning of “swordsman,” to boot.

48. Baz

This one-syllable winner has roots all over the world and just as many meanings. (“Fair-haired,” “royal king” and “falcon,” to name a few.)

49. Bojan

Bojan is a Slavic given name found throughout Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and beyond. It means “struggle” or “battle.”

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50. Baishan

Pronounced BYE-shawn, this name is a city in China and a moniker that means “knife” in the Apache language.

Cool B Names for Boys

51. Baylor

Like Taylor with a twist. This moniker means "one who delivers goods."

52. Bjorn

The Scandinavian moniker means “bear.” We guess that’s where Baby Bjorn got its name.

53. Benson

The English name speaks for itself—it literally means “son of Ben.”

54. Byron

Byron is an English name for boys that means “from the barns.”

baby names that start with byoung boy sitting in school

55. Brooks

Similar to the female version (Brooke), this name means “water” or “small stream.”

56. Barack

Of African origin, the name Barack means “blessed.” Oh, and there’s also a chance he grows up to become president.

57. Briggs

Meaning “dweller by the bridge,” the name is commonly used for boys and girls.

58. Braylen

Another combo of two names, Braylen is an American invention—coming from the names Bray and Lin—and has no specific cultural meaning (but it sure is cute).

59. Braden

Popular in both the U.S. and Canada, this moniker originated from the British Isles. It means "broad valley" or "broad hillside."

baby names that start with bcute little boy looking away

60. Briar

It's one of the newly popular nature-word names, charting in the U.S. for the first time in 2015 for both genders. Meaning “shrub” or “small tree,” this name symbolizes growth.

61. Brenden

Although very similar to Brandon, Brenden (or Brendan if you prefer) means “prince.”

62. Boone

The name simply means “a blessing,” which is exactly what your new son will be.

63. Bishop

Bishop means “overseer” or “guardian.” Makes sense.

64. Benicio

If you’re looking for something that symbolizes kindness, look no further than this Spanish name, which means “benevolent one.”

baby names that start with btoddler hiking

65. Beckham

Further popularized by David Beckham and his crew, the nickname Beck also works for this one.

66. Boyd

Though most commonly seen as a surname, Boyd is also a given name of Irish and Scottish origin that’s well-suited to a fair-haired boy; it means “blond.”

67. Bastian

Bastian is a shortened form of Sebastian that boasts a badass sound to match its meaning of “sublime.”

68. Bo

This unisex Scandinavian name meaning “to live, dwell” has ties to American actress (and total babe) Bo Derek, as well as the revered American guitarist Bo Diddley. 

69. Brock

Originally used as a surname, this moniker of British origin has tough guy vibes and a meaning of “badger.” (Let’s hope your baby doesn’t live up to that once he starts to talk.)

70. Blair

This gender-neutral Scottish name has a fierce sound and multiple meanings that include “battlefield,” “meadow” and “plain.”

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