100 Baby Names That Start with ‘C’

From Cavin to Colette

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Choosing a name for your new baby is no easy feat. Pro tip: If you focus on options that start with a specific letter, it’s much easier to narrow things down. We’ve already rounded up our top picks for names beginning with “A” and “B,” and now, we've compiled a list of baby names that start with “C.”

This list has been compiled from a variety of resources (such as the Social Security Administration’s collection of the most popular monikers for boys and girls) and even includes top picks from our editors. Here are 100 “C” names to get you started.

Classic ‘C’ Names for Boys

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1. Carter

Of Irish, English and Scottish origin, this unisex name means “driver of a cart or wagon.” Makes sense.

2. Christopher

Landing the #56 spot on the popular names list, it means “Christ-bearer.”

3. Caleb

Of Hebrew origin, it means “whole hearted.”

4. Christian

Of English origin, Christian means “follower of Christ.”

5. Charles

We like Charlie for short.

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6. Carson

Another unisex name, Carson means “Christian” and is of American origin. No doubt made popular by television host Carson Daly.

7. Camden

This name—which is of English origin—means “from the valley of the camps.”

8. Colton

Or Colten if you prefer, it literally means “Cole’s town.”

9. Cameron

Commonly used for both boys and girls, this American moniker means “bent nose.” Other variations include Camryn, Kamryn and Kamron.

10. Colin

Commonly a surname, the name has Irish and Scottish roots.

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11. Clark

Also spelled Clarke, it’s derived from the English surname. Not to mention, its Superman’s alter-ego, which makes it even cooler.

12. Corey

Other variations include Cori, Koree, Korey, Corrie, Cory and Corie, to name a few.

13. Coleman

Courtesy of England, the name means “charcoal burner.” Might we suggest Cole for a nickname?

14. Cooper

Like Coleman, Cooper is also an occupational name, only this one means “barrel maker.”

15. Carlos

This Spanish moniker means “free man.”

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16. Cole

See #13 for the meaning of this name.

17. Charlie

Like we said before, this one can be used as a nickname for Charles. But it also does well all on its own.

18. Calvin

As in Klein (or Harris if your babe is into electronic music).

19. Callum

Courtesy of Scotland, it literally means “dove.” We love Cal for short.

20. Chaim

"L'Chaim" is a Hebrew toast to Life, so Chaim on its own means “life.”

Cool ‘C’ Names for Boys

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21. Creed

Yes, like Creed Bratton from The Office.

22. Cavin

It literally means “beautiful at birth.”

23. Cruz

Also the son of Victoria and David Beckham, Cruz means “cross.”

24. Caspian

The name is taken from the Caspian Sea and is of English origin.

25. Carl

Carl is the male version of Carley and (like Carlos) means “free man.”

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26. Clayton

Or simply Clay, if you’re looking for something short and sweet.

27. Chance

Commonly short for Chancellor, Chance can also stand alone.

28. Cordell

Cordell simply means “rope maker.”

29. Cash

Short for Cassius, this Latin moniker means "hollow."

30. Corbin

Like Cash, Corbin is of Latin origin. Only this one is used for both boys and girls and means "crow.”

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31. Cody

Originally an Irish surname, the name can also be spelled Codey or Codie.

32. Cohen

This religious name means “priest.”

33. Cleavon

Pronounced klee-von, the name is of African origin.

34. Crosby

We can thank famous singer Bing Crosby for the name’s popularity.

35. Cassidy

This unisex name comes from Ireland and means “curly haired.” Cassie has become a popular nickname for this one.

Unusual ‘C’ Names for Boys

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36. Casim

It literally means "the person who distributes" and has four variations including Kassim, Cassim, Qasim and Qassim.

37. Chante

It means “song” so fingers crossed he'll be musically inclined.

38. Cesar

Literally meaning “thick head of hair,” you’ll know if this one will fit right off the bat.

39. Cade

This unisex moniker means “sturdy.”

40. Cyrus

No doubt made popular by Miley Cyrus and her large family.

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41. Chandler

It means “candle maker”.

42. Cairo

This powerful (not to mention, unisex) name means “victorious one” and is of Arabic origin. It’s also the name of Tia Mowry’s daughter.

43. Case

“Bringer of peace.” Need we say more?

44. Cannon

The name Cannon means “clergyman” and is of English origin. It’s also a form of the name Cain, which means "wolf cub."

45. Calbert

This French name means “cowboy.” Yee-haw.

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46. Cassius

Refer back to #29 for nickname inspo.

47. Curtis

Also spelled Kurtis, this Latin name means “courteous or courtly.”

48. Caden

It means “fighter” so there’s a good chance he'll be able to hold his own.

49. Carmelo

Of both Hebrew and Spanish origin, Carmelo is also a saint's name and—in modern times—tied to basketball player Carmelo Anthony.

50. Crew

Crew is a name of Latin origin meaning “chariot.” The name became more popular in recent years after Joanna Gaines chose it for her youngest son.

Classic ‘C’ Names for Girls

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51. Charlotte

Landing the #3 spot on the popular names list, it means “free.”

52. Camila

Or Camilla if you prefer, this name literally means “perfect.”

53. Chloe

Not quite as common as Charlotte or Camila, this "C" name of Greek origin is still a classic choice. It means “verdant and blooming.”

54. Cynthia

Cynthia—which means "from Mount Cynthus”—can be shortened to Cindy, Cyndi or even Cyndy.

55. Caroline

“Beautiful woman.” What more can new parents ask for?

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56. Cora

It simply means “heart” which we’re sure she’ll have a lot of.

57. Clementine

If you’re looking for something in the citrus category.

58. Clara

Clara is the Latinized form of the name Claire/Clare. It means “bright” or “illustrious.”

59. Cecilia

It means “blind to one's own beauty.” Might we suggest Cece for a nickname?

60. Catherine

Courtesy of Greece, the name means “pure.”

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61. Camille

A slight variation on the name in #52, but keeping the same meaning.

62. Cybil

It means “soothsayer” so hopefully she sees a future of sleep-filled nights.

63. Celeste

Derived from the Latin caelestis, the name means “heavenly” or “celestial.”

64. Christina

Call her Chris or Chrissy for short.

65. Chelsea

This Old English name means “chalk wharf.”

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66. Celine

Yup, like Dion. Need we say more?

67. Chana

This Hebrew name is a popular variation of Hannah and means “gracious.” Chana has now remained on the top 1,000 list since 2008.

68. Ciara

We can thank famous singer Ciara for the name’s popularity in recent years. Similar to the male version (Ciaran), this name means “black.”

69. Carolyn

With a name that literally means “little womanly one,” your daughter is destined to be small but mighty.

70. Cathleen

Meaning “pure” or “clear,” Cathleen is of American origin. And you can’t go wrong with the nickname Cath.

Cool ‘C’ Names for Girls

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71. Camryn

Commonly used for both boys and girls, this American moniker means “bent nose.” Other variations include Camren, Kamryn and Kamron.

72. Charlie

Usually short for Charlotte, Charlie does well all on its own.

73. Carmen

The name Carmen means “poem” and is of Latin origin.

74. Cleona

Pronounced kleena or klee-ow-na, it’s a variation of the Gaelic name Cliodhna—a beautiful goddess in ancient Irish legend.

75. Cheyenne

Of Native American origin, Cheyenne has several different spellings—Cheyanne, Sheyenne, Shyanne, Shyann and Shianne.

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76. Callie

Originally short for Calista, Callie means “beautiful” and has several different variations, including Kallie, Caleigh, Calli and Cally.

77. Cherise

Also spelled Charise (or Cherice), this French name means “precious one.”

78. Chaka

This name means “life” or “energy center,” and has some serious cool factor thanks to the one and only Chaka Khan.

79. Catalina

Like Catherine, Catalina means “pure.” Only this one is of Spanish origin.

80. Cataleya

Cataleya is the name of a genus of orchids. It gained popularity as a baby name after it was used for the character played by Zoe Saldana in Colombiana.

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81. Carter

Of Irish, English and Scottish origin, this unisex moniker means “driver of a cart or wagon.” Makes sense.

82. Chantoya

A version of the Old French name Chantal, it means “stone” or “boulder.”

83. Cadence

It means “rhythm” so fingers crossed she'll be musically talented.

84. Carly

Further popularized by Carly Simon in the 1970s, Carly is the female version or Carl and means “free man.” Or in this case, woman.

85. Colette

Courtesy of France, this powerful "C" name means “victory of the people.” It can also be spelled with two “Ls” if you’re looking to switch things up.

Unusual ‘C’ Names for Girls

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86. Candela

A shorter version of Candelaria, a Spanish name derived from candle, Candela means “illuminated.”

87. Collins

Commonly a surname, Collins made the girls' top 1,000 list after the release of the film Blind Side, in which the daughter was named Collins.

88. Charmaine

This name—which is of English origin—means “song.”

89. Caprice

This moniker means “playful.”

90. Coraline

Like Caroline with a twist. This combo name (Cora+ Caroline) means “heart” or “maiden.”

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91. Carlita

Another female form of Carl, the Spanish Carlita also means “free man.”

92. Cyrah

Courtesy of Africa, the moniker means “enthroned.”

93. Carissa

Another combo of two names, Carissa (coming from the names Melissa and Cara) is of Italian origin.

94. Chaya

Pronounced kai-ya, the name is of Hebrew origin.

95. Cassandra

Of Greek origin, Cassandra means “she who entangles men.” It is also a character in Shakespeare’s Troilus and Cressida.

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96. Cassidy

This unisex name comes from Ireland and means “curly haired.” Cassie has become a popular nickname for this one.

97. Calliope

Literally meaning "beautiful-voiced," Calliope is also a Greek goddess who presided over poetry, song and the arts.

98. Claudia

The feminine version of Claude, this Latin name means “enclosure."

99. Concetta

It means “conception” and is of Italian origin.

100. Cara

The name Cara is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "dear friend.” Not to mention, it also has Irish, Italian and Portuguese ties.

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