75 Bellissima Italian Baby Girl Names

From Alessia to Zita

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From its fountains to its films to its thin-crust pizza, Italy has a knack for making everything insanely beautiful. Naturally, the same goes for baby names. Give your little lady a moniker from this country and its romance language and set her up for una bella vita. Here, 75 beautiful Italian baby girl names.

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1. Luna

Fingers crossed this moon child will be happiest come nighttime. (Psst: Here are more names that mean "moon".)

2. Valentina

Meaning brave, strong and healthy. What more could a mama want?

3. Aria

Destined for show choir, this beautiful moniker means “lioness, air, noble and honorable.”

4. Amalea

Emily is a lovely name. But its Italian counterpart is, like, gorgeous.

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5. Caterina

Ditto for Katherine. This feminine name of Italian origin means “pure.”

6. Francesca

This spunky little thing will go by Francie for short. A feminine twist on the Italian name Francis, this moniker simply means “free.”

7. Abriana

The Italian female version of Abraham is anything but boyish.

8. Alessia

Meaning "defending warrior." (Alessia for president!)

9. Lia

Sounds the same as the American "Leah," but how pretty is this spelling tweak? With a meaning of “relaxed” and “gentle,” your beautiful babe is sure to be oh-so chill.

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10. Chiara

This gorgeous moniker has an even more gorgeous meaning: "Clear as light." Pronounce it “Kee-AH-rah.”

11. Editta

Loosely translating to "a rich gift," this gal is bound to have fabulous taste.

12. Rosa

Flower names may feel a  little played out at the moment…but not in Italian, guys.

13. Isabella

In addition to containing the Italian word for ‘beautiful,’ this soft sounding and oh-so feminine name has a meaning of “Devoted to God.” Isabella is also a favorite among royals and has enjoyed nearly two decades in the top 10 most popular girl names, according to Social Security Administration data.

14. Mia

This name of latin origin has a meaning of “moon,” or “star of the sea” when used as a shortened version of Maria. It also boasts a short, melodic sound that’s just downright happy. (Hint: You literally can’t say it without smiling.)

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15. Azzurra

This Italian word meaning “azure” (i.e., sky blue) makes a lovely color-inspired name for a little girl who’s full of life and beauty.

16. Elenora

Here, a popular Italian choice with Greek origins and a cheerful meaning of “sun ray.”

17. Franca

This energetic and strong sounding feminine name has a meaning of “free one” and a pretty badass vibe.

18. Terza

Italian through-and-through, this spunky moniker has a straightforward meaning of “third.” But meaning be damned—we think it’s pretty cute for first and second children, too.

19. Miuccia

Undeniably fun to say and perfectly suited to a future water lover, this feminine name of Italian origin means “of the sea.”

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20. Primavera

There’s a Boticelli painting, a tasty Italian pasta dish and a whole season of the year tied to this Italian name, which translates quite simply to “spring.”

21. Sofia

This Italian name has Greek origins and a meaning of “wisdom.” It’s also exceedingly popular in both Italy and the United States, where its alternate spelling, Sophia, has ranked in the top 10 since 2004.

22. Aurora

Disney fans will recognize this as the name of a certain sleeping beauty—but Disney princess ties aside, Aurora is an Italian name of Latin origin that means “dawn” and refers to the Roman goddess of dawn who was believed to ride a chariot of light across the sky each morning.

23. Gioia

This vowel-heavy, feminine name of Italian origin might look a little intimidating on paper, but its pronunciation is simple (JOY-ah) and its meaning, “joy,” is sweet as can be.

24. Ginevra

The Italian version of the Welsh name Guinevere, which comes from the legend of King Arthur, has the same meaning of “white phantom,” but with a softer sound and cheerier vibe.

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25. Vittoria

Drop the hard ‘C’ and you have a melodic, Italian take on a classic name of Latin origin that means “victorious.”

26. Giulia

Here, the Italian version of Julia—a fresh and unique spelling (for stateside babies at least) that boasts the same meaning of “youthful” and “dedicated to Jove.”

27. Martina

Martina is a name of Latin origin derived from the name of the Roman god of war, Mars…and yes, it means “warlike,” but if you say it in an Italian accent it has a decidedly approachable sound.

28. Constanza

This name of Italian origin exudes romance, drama and elegance. Plus, its meaning is “constant” and “steadfast,” so let’s just say it’s a well-rounded choice.

29. Allegra

A fitting moniker for a joyful baby with a love of song—Allegra is a feminine name of Italian origin that means “happy and lively,” as well as a tempo descriptor frequently encountered in musical compositions.

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30. Lucrezia

A feminine, Italian version of the Roman name Lucretius—Lucrezia has strong connections to nobility and a corresponding meaning of “profit.”

31. Mirabella

In Spanish speaking countries it’s Mirabelle (Encanto, anyone?) and in Italy it’s Mirabella—either way this pretty feminine name has Latin roots and a meaning of “wonderous beauty” and “admirable.”

32. Palmira

This feminine moniker of Italian origin has a humble meaning of “pilgrim” and a charming, rollicking sound—provided you roll the ‘r,’ that is.

33. Viviana

This Italian moniker has bright and energetic vibes, so it should come as no surprise that its meaning is “alive.”

34. Cecilia

Soft, melodic consonants combine in this Italian name that means “blind,” and owes its origin to the namesake patron saint of music.

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35. Romola

Fierce and strong—Romola is an Italian moniker meaning “of Rome” that’s derived from the names of the twin brothers, Romulus and Remus, who (legend has it) founded Rome.

36. Celestina

This whisper-soft, feminine name, the Italian version of Celeste, has Latin roots and a meaning of “heavenly.”

37. Viola

Here, a floral name of Latin and Italian origin that refers to the vibrant and beautiful violet and has a corresponding color-inspired meaning of “purple.”

38. Zita

Zita, the name of a Tuscan saint, is a particularly cute moniker that hails from said region and boasts a charming, diminutive meaning of “little girl.”

39. Pia

This adorable Italian name is derived from the Roman name Pius that, as you might guess, means “pious.” Fun fact: Pia is also the given name of a Swedish chess Grandmaster and the fifth woman ever to earn the title.

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40. Agata

The Italian version of the Greek name, Agatha, this peppy moniker has a pleasant and simple meaning: “good.”

41. Bianca

This fun-to-say Italian name has Roman origins and a meaning of “white” and “pure.” It also has some star power behind it, thanks to Bianca Jagger (Mick Jagger’s former wife) and actress Bianca Lawson of Saved by the Bell and Pretty Little Liars fame.

42. Cosima

Cosima is an adorable Italian name with warm, friendly vibes and a no-nonsense meaning of “order” and “decency.”

43. Lucia

This two-syllable Italian moniker (pronounced loo-CHEE-ah) has a cheeky vibe and an uplifting meaning of “light.”

44. Perla

Perla, the Italian version of pearl, is a pretty and oh-so romantic name with Latin roots.

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45. Gia

The given name of Gia Carangi—considered by many to be the very first supermodel—has Italian origins as the short form of the name Gianna and a shared meaning of “God is gracious.”

46. Augusta

This name has obvious Ancient Roman ties and a meaning to match its dignified sound: “great” and “magnificent.”

47. Silvia

Derived from the name of the Roman god of forests, Silva, this soft, feminine name has earthy vibes and a corresponding Italian meaning of “wood” and “forest.”

48. Stella

Here, a stellar (sorry, we had to) Italian name with a celestial meaning of “star.”

49. Patrizia

This peppy Italian name of Latin origin rolls off the tongue and boasts a loft meaning of “noble.”

50. Angelica

You don’t have to read between the lines to decipher the meaning of this Italian name of Greek and Latin origin. Psst: It’s “angel.”

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