14 Summer Baby Names for Your Little Ray of Sunshine

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You’re the mom who is happiest with her toes in the water and bum in the sand...and we have a strong suspicion your baby will be born of the same disposition. Pay homage to your happy season by considering a unique, celebratory, summer lovin’ moniker.

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1. 1. Isla

For a girl

Beach baby alert. (This pretty Scottish name means “island.”)

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2. August

For a boy

Warm demeanor. Hates wearing shoes.

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3. Brook

For a girl

How early can you get your boat license?

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4. Beckett

For a boy

It means “bee cottage,” which is the most summery thing we’ve ever heard.

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5. Tallulah

For a girl

An ancient Irish word for “leaping water.”

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6. Stone

For a boy

One tough cookie.

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7. Meadow

For a girl

Loves skipping, picking flowers and speaking her mind.

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8. Storm

For a boy

Never a dull moment with this one.

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9. Dahlia

For a girl

A vibrant late summer flower.

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10. Leo

For a boy

For your little lion man.

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11. Willow

For a girl

Ever the peacemaker.

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12. Fisher

For a boy

Born to be a Boy Scout.

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13. Idalia

For a girl

Greek for “behold the sun.”

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14. Summer

For a boy or girl

Subtlety was never your thing.

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